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  1. OMG!!!!! What a royal "Spartacus-cum-Prince" he will be, partnering the fine and delicate Miss "Sugar Plum" Naghdi . She'll hit the roof 😂
  2. Maybe right after the 31st May Fundraising Reception there could be a special celebration on Opening Night of "Firebird"?
  3. I just wish those journalists once and for all would stop using such cliche vocabulary! How often have we not read that the ROH is "elitist" (SO not!), and now young journalist Oliver Wainwright reports back using "awkward" or "unprepossessing" (SO not!). He certainly writes from his own point of view but that's not mine. I cannot afford to eat there nor drink expensive wine or champagne at any of the bars but that doesn't stop me going. There are always free jugs of water for the thirsty and no one has ever objected when I sit down eating my own home-made sandwich, or wearing an "out of fashion" dress. It's such a relaxed and enjoyable venue.
  4. Yes her dedication from the moment she went on to train with a private teacher is hugely admirable but she's not the only one who has had great dedication and/or had to overcome difficult odds. Any dancer, and especially those who reach the Principal rank or First Soloist level, need a tremendous amount of dedication and have had to overcome difficult odds (but most didn't/don't talk about it in the press repeatedly). She's not unique in having to overcome numerous battles in order to achieve a professional level. She entered the company at a time when there were not that many exciting dancers at Soloist and First Solist level. Around that time McGregor also came on the scene and cast her in his early ballets. Her flexibility was amazing yes but that does not make a great classical dancer. In the meantime the Company took on a steady stream of very talented dancers coming out of the RBSchool who rapidly climbed the ranks and many simply have the edge over her. I liked her in McGregor's work, I really enjoyed watching her a few years back in Mayerling, she was great in "Judas Tree" but, as Jamesrhblack said, I really don't engage with her at all, and at times it was/is painful to see how she struggled/struggles dancing the classics (Symphonic Variations is just one of several examples). I'd go and see her in a McGregor work but not in a classical work. The question remains: did she or did she not benefit from her two year stint in Dresden? Did she come back a better classical dancer? In the meantime there are younger Principals above her, First Soloists and Soloists who are far more impressive to watch in my opinion.
  5. Yes. I can easily see Akane Takada and Fumi Kaneko as new Juliet's, plus the six established Principals who have previously danced Juliet that makes a cast of 8 Juliet's.
  6. With 24 performances of Romeo & Juliet Principals Cuthbertson, Nunez, Osipova, Lamb, Naghdi and Hayward should ideally be given 3 performances, as well as Takada and First Soloist Kaneko . Naghdi (when still a Soloist) danced her Juliet debut having to content herself with only one public performance (and what an unforgettable performance that was) but in order for an artist of that level to further develop this role they should at least be given 3 performances, which doesn't leave much room for any other First Soloist to debut.
  7. Xandra Newman

    More problems at New York City Ballet

    I understand how you feel Bruce Wall “The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.” ― Charles Bukowski
  8. Xandra Newman

    More problems at New York City Ballet

    I am in total shock! Is this the 21st century ? Is this the USA's supposedly prestigious ballet company...WHAT next???? "The lawsuit also includes a conversation where a company donor suggested they "violate" female dancers and "abuse them like farm animals."
  9. Xandra Newman

    More problems at New York City Ballet

    How can a ballet company sink sooooooo low, omg Really disgusting what's going on at NYCB, and all that awful behaviour was allegedly tolerated and not acted upon by those in charge? Shocking to say the least and a very very sad reflection of our times. Closer to home things don't seem to be any better at the Paris Opera Ballet! https://www.dancemagazine.com/paris-opera-ballet-lawsuit-2587608650.html https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2018/04/16/558714/Paris-Opera-harassment-survey The UK ballet company ENB also had its fair share of criticism recently. Luckily dancers affected at the ENB, NYCB and POB companies had the courage to speak up and bring all sorts of unacceptable behaviour into the public domain. Good for them they no longer accept to be silenced nor grin and bear when choreographers and/or directors behave, speak and treat dancers in a totally unacceptable manner. Why would those hard working dancers accept anything less but the highest respect, why would they accept working with choreographers and directors who are rude, abusive, disrespectful, condescending, insulting and belittling towards the dancers? Why would they accept having to work in a climate of fear, and of intimidation when they want to speak out? I can only imagine what professional dancers in the past must have put up with.
  10. Xandra Newman

    Royal Ballet - Mayerling - Autumn 2018

    Oh I so agree! Any world class ballet company can not NOT have Swan Lake in their repertoire! It is the ultimate classical ballet and the roll of O/O the greatest test for any principal ballerina to pass.
  11. Xandra Newman

    Social Media

    I only follow those dancers on IG who are modest, discreet or funny and who don't show off their private life and/or how flexible they are! One dancer in particular I find really tiresome on Social Media and the ego boosting annoys me (it has put me off booking for any performance when that dancer is on) and I no longer follow that IG account. I don't mind if they tag a leotard or dance shoes etc.
  12. Thank you so much Jam Dancer for reporting back from Tokyo. Let's hope and keep fingers crossed we'll get the Naghdi/Ball partnership for the worldwide Romeo& Juliet cinema relay in June 2019. If you say she is even more radiant and more confident and...it promises something for their next R&J!
  13. Just spotted on social media, an event at the London Palladium: https://lwtheatres.co.uk/whats-on/ten-a-decade-of-dreams/ A star-studded, fund-raising variety show marking the 10 year anniversary of breast cancer charity Future Dreams. It is not often a night at the theatre makes a huge difference to other people’s lives who need your help and support
  14. Yes great news to see Laura Morera is fit and well to dance.
  15. http://royalelegancenight.com/english/programme.html Any (Japanese) poster(s) attending the performance in Tokyo tonight, or on Friday/Saturday?