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  1. Why not Frederico Bonelli if Vadream is unavailable?
  2. Yes the snake was hardly ever visible, looked more like a worm, they should use a far bigger specimen so the whole audience can see the snake!
  3. Yes seems like they are in a pickle With Hayward now absent other principals will have to take over her two shows (I think she had two shows), so they'll need to decide who will dance one or both of those shows and with whom. With Kevin Jackson seemingly out, Naghdi is "left "stranded" as her previous Prince, Matthew Ball, is also out. It would indeed satisfy many of us to see her dance Sugar Plum with Muntagirov but will he/can he add shows to partner Naghdi in her two scheduled shows?
  4. Who is the other cast please?
  5. My guess is there's only 1 cast for Symphony in C and the ROH website omitted to add the cast on the 22nd November performance page (...) Dancers Lauren Cuthbertson Marianela Nuñez Akane Takada Yasmine Naghdi Vadim Muntagirov Ryoichi Hirano Alexander Campbell Valentino Zucchetti
  6. https://www.roh.org.uk/events/6vwd4 Sharon on the 28th, because of the cast change, O'Sullivan replaces Naghdi in "Unknown Soldier" because Naghdi is taking over all of Hayward's 4 shows (Incl. Opening Night). Naghdi is dancing Infra and Symphony in C on the 28th.
  7. He's due to perform with Naghdi in under 4 weeks, and they'll need to rehearse as well since he has never partnered Naghdi before...this means he'll have to very quickly recover from his ankle problem/injury! (?) What if Jackson doesn't recover in time? Who will partner Naghdi?
  8. There's Takada and Naghdi who have already danced Sugar Plum for a couple of Seasons. Why can't we see one of them as Sugar Plum for a change.
  9. I have just realised: are we AGAIN getting Nunez and Muntagirov for the cinema relay, this time in Nutcracker? I'd really love to see other Principals in the cinema relay, why does it always have to be Nunez and Muntagirov? We just got to see them in La Bayadere.
  10. It's not so unusual I must say that Principals applaud each other at curtain call. I have seen other Principals applauding each other at the end of their performance. It's nice indeed.
  11. There are several very loyal, reliable and hard-working dancers in the Corps de ballet, and they are all great examples to the younger corps dancers! Tara-Brigitte Bhavani (16 years in the corps), Nathalie Harrison (15), Romany Pajdak (14), Demelza Parish (13), Gemma Pitchley-Gale (13) and Lara Turk (11) - they are the "Principals" amongst the Corps de ballet dancers.
  12. Having seen last night's cinema relay as well as the Takada/Naghdi/McRae trio I entirely agree with you Richard. I prefer Takada's Nikiya to Nunez's - great as she is!!! - but Takada's Nikiya was far more the real thing (she was a "child of the jungle"). I am not an Osipova fan, finding her too "wild", sloppy and unclean in her classical technic, and her over the top Bolshoi-style dancing is simply not my thing. Naghdi's Gamzatti, compared to Osipova's Gamzatti, was elegant, classy and regal, no show-off, and the fact that Naghdi put her own interpretation into the role - showing a human/feminine vulnerability behind the bitchy and revengeful character of Gamzatti (not dancing a text book Gamzatti) - made me appreciate and love the Takada/Naghdi duo more. Their performance was one of great finesse, it was not a "look-at-me" performance. Nunez and Osipova of course are two big internationally recognised names, they dance as the two queen bees of the RB but pure refinement, balanced characterisation, as well as elegance certainly came from the two younger Principal ballerinas Takada and Naghdi. The RB should be very proud of their Corps de ballet, who were just stunning and they easily match the famous Mariinsky Theatre Corps de ballet. Choe/Naghdi/Takada were 3 special and very fine Shades in the Osipova/Nunez/Muntagirov cast.
  13. So looking forward to the cinema relay. What a cast line up! The Royal Ballet clearly showing off their top ballerinas for all to see.
  14. It's not the first time Luke Jennings (seemingly) takes every possible opportunity to be strangely critical of the RB. Does he have a hang up somewhere? His reviews over the past few years have been strange to say the least. I used to enjoy reading his reviews in the past, found them balanced and intelligent but in recent years there is always a bitter undertone in his critic. I no longer read his reviews.
  15. It's normal you see their ribs no, they don't have an inch of fat, and especially when they push their upper torso forward it's very easy to reveal the ribs. You won't see ribs on a fat High Priest