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  1. The casting for The Firebird/A Month in the Country/Symphony in C has gone up on the ROH website. Great news as Edward Watson is set to make his comeback partnering Yasmine Naghdi as The Firebird on Opening Night. The 2nd cast The Firebird is Mendizabal/Kish and 3rd cast is Heap/Hirano. https://www.roh.org.uk/mixed-programmes/the-firebird-a-month-in-the-country-symphony-in-c
  2. As reported on Social Media it seems David LaChapelle has also distanced himself from Polunin: he unfollowed Polunin's IG account.
  3. Audiences do standing ovations at the ROH I've been part of several standing ovations in the past!
  4. There is a 2nd topic on "Polunin (not) to guest POB".
  5. Xandra Newman

    Polunin (not) to guest in POB

    As Sergei Polunin had the Russian president Vladimir Putin tattooed on his chest, Polunin must be a great admirer and supporter of Vladimir Putin (if not who in his right mind would do such a thing!). To me Polunin made a clear statement. For no money in world would I buy a ticket to watch Polunin "dance" knowing he is a walking bare chest advertising board for Putin. Such a shame. I loved watching him in his early days when he was as the RB, so much talent, so much to offer and so much to give to ballet lovers all over the world. It was not to be... and now he simply ruined it all (for me). According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sergei_Polunin Polunin expressed his support for Putin in November 2018 and for Donald Trump in December 2018. Says a lot about Sergei Polunin.
  6. Xandra Newman

    Polunin (not) to guest in POB

    Really fast! Good for Opera de Paris and Ms. Aurelie Dupont to take a stance against people like Polunin (no matter how high he jumps....) We need good examples as the world is already full of stupidity! So happy to read they cancelled his guesting. A person like Polunin doesn't deserve it.
  7. Xandra Newman

    Royal Ballet - Don Quixote - Spring 2019

    Yasmine Naghdi danced Mistress in Manon, partnered by Marcelino Sambe.
  8. Xandra Newman

    Polunin (not) to guest in POB

    I don't believe anyone has taken over his account (if so he would have acted immediatly which he didn't!). It is all very much in line with his previous deluded, immature (frankly dumb) tweets and posts. He should not be given any further attention and POB should cancel his guesting. He is a total disgrace! To tattoo Putin on his chest....really?? For POB, or any other company, to allow him to guest is to approve of all he stands for, all he says and has said. It is people like Polunin who fuel hatred, intolerance and racism through their social media accounts. Who does he think he is? I have NO respect for him whatsoever, I don't even feel sorry for him. PS. When not so long ago the RB generously offered him a "2nd chance" (Marguerite&Armand) and announced it on the ROH website, he arrogantly walked out of the arrangement to perform. It seems as if he is playing a game with them all: "yes I'll guest....no I won't perform..."
  9. Xandra Newman

    2019/20 season wish list

    99.99% of the time I find myself agreeing with you Floss but based on what you said would you also say Nunez was miscast in Monotones II, as they have a rather similar physique and lyrical style?
  10. Xandra Newman

    2019/20 season wish list

    No Lizbie . Naghdi is a Principal ballerina and at the top of the company alongside the other (young) Principals Takada and Hayward whom I also very much enjoy watching (I enjoy seeing the younger ones more) but Naghdi happens to give me the greatest pleasure whenever I watch her dance and she springs to my mind easily. I adore her classical physique, her technical facilities, her musicality and intelligence she brings to her roles; Takada and Hayward have their own remarkable abilities. I also love watching Kaneko, Brunell, O'Sullivan, Magri, Gasparini etc
  11. Xandra Newman

    2019/20 season wish list

    In 2015 Yasmine Naghdi, Emma Maguire and Tristan Dyer danced Monotones 1, Marianella Nunez/Valerie Hristov/Edward Watson danced Monotones 2. I believe it was also danced in 2012/3 (?). It is a very challenging ballet requiring hyper-flexibilty in order to achieve the necessary sculptural moulding of physical shapes, combined with very firm, slow control of all the muscles. Not so sure about Monotones I (Takada, Magri, O'Sullivan perhaps). Since Naghdi has already danced Monotones I in 2015 (and prior to 2015 with Romany Pajdak if my memory serves me right), I'd love to see Naghdi/Muntagirov/Bracewell dance Monotones II for a change.
  12. I do hope Cheryl Cole's PR team read this, and make Cole aware what a complete and utter fool she has made of herself saying she was at The Royal Ballet . Boy I laughed! A few days at a Summer School HAHAHAHAHA
  13. I guess the reason why Naghdi didn't dance the Rose Fairy this year could be because she also had her scheduled performances as Irina soon after she danced all her SPF performances.
  14. It seems Yasmine Naghdi doesn't dance the Rose Fairy any longer She danced it as a Soloist, and as a First Soloist for the worldwide Cinema relay, but she only danced the Sugar Plum Fairy during the current run.
  15. .....Revenue from bars and restaurants is critical... Well I hope Mr. Chairman realises that the price for food and beverages is out of reach of many, incl. myself! I was shocked when looking at the price of the various offerings in their new "Open Up"/ canteen space. On top of the cost of transport, the cost of buying a ticket I will not spend on any of their offerings. His customers being elitist????