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  1. Nunez and Naghdi, whose impressive Odile balance I saw during the London run, never did it in a showy way as others have said too, it was never a case of "look at me how long I can hold my balance", unlike Tamara Rojo here in the clip above. Rojo completely breaks all the magic. Nunez and Naghdi "play" with the music and give their long balance a meaning, as if to say "I am Odile and I am the powerfull one here", it somehow blends into their characterisation.
  2. I am frankly sick and tired reading his/her patronising "my dear", his/her tone, his/her arrogance, his/her labelling me as "fascist" (see his/her 3rd or 4th locked Topic!), his/her attack on Matthew Ball ("he should not be a principal, he is just a soloist"), on Yasmine Naghdi ("...sunny disposition but should not be a principal, she's a tat too hyperextended"), on Francesca Hayward (" vastly overrated and deeply insipid mediocrity of Hayward"). Whatever... Yes absolutely!
  3. Xandra Newman

    Matthew Ball

    You seem bitter and prejudiced and you clearly have an agenda. Disappointed by the recent promotions? Your posts of yesterday were too transparent ...and I bow out of this unproductive post.
  4. Xandra Newman

    Matthew Ball

    I'd say you are the one who is blinded to all her qualities and you clearly seem to have a spiteful agenda! Your posts of yesterday were nothing short of offensive and good the moderators locked your posts!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Xandra Newman

    Matthew Ball

    ....and who else do you not see fit to be a Principal at the RB who is already a Principal? ...and who do you see fit to be a Principal who is not a Principal? ...and what's your agenda exactly? ...and what's your issue with Naghdi being a Principal? Too hyperextended??? That may be your taste, but you are in a minority! Just read the review by the esteemed Dancing Times critic Jonathan Gray who wrote in his Swan Lake review "...Naghdi is possibly the finest classical dancer of her generation as well as one of the most musical...."
  6. I greatly enjoyed this Season, trying to remember all the great moments... Hull New Theatre: "Tarantella" with Francesca Hayward/Alexander Campbell, "Sylvia" with Yasmine Naghdi/Xander Parish, "Dying Swan" Calvin Richardson, "Swan Lake" pd2 Fumi Kaneko/Reece Clarke "The Dreamers Ever Leave You", by Robert Binet @PrintWorks danced by two couples Yasmine Naghdi/Ryoichi Hirano and Francesca Hayward/Alexander Campbell "Kenneth MacMillan, A National Celebration": interesting mix of various companies, my highlight "Elite Syncopations" (Stop Time Rag and Bethina/Concert Waltz) danced by Yasmine Naghdi, partnered by Ryoichi Hirano. "The Nutcracker": Yasmine Naghdi and Fumi Kaneko's superbly danced Sugar Plum "Giselle": Yasmine Naghdi and Matthew Ball's very moving and accomplished debut "Manon": Francesca Hayward, Marcelino Sambe with Yasmine Naghdi as Mistress. "Swan Lake": Marianella Nunez (her Odile)/Vadim Muntagirov, Yasmine Naghdi (Odette/Odile)/Nehemiah/Frederico Bonelli.
  7. Xandra Newman

    News: Royal Ballet Promotions 2018/19

    The first Odette in the new Swan Lake???
  8. Xandra Newman

    News: Royal Ballet Promotions 2018/19

    I am not surprised. She joined the Company in 2009 and is still in the Corps de ballet. She was doing rather well over the past two Seasons I thought but I can understand she wants to move on now. I wish her well in the future.
  9. Xandra Newman

    News: Royal Ballet Promotions 2018/19

    That's because Salenko cancelled her performance with McRae in Japan and therefore the promotions to principal had to be hastily announced as Hayward was replacing Salenko. Last year it was announced after the Australia tour.
  10. Xandra Newman

    News: Royal Ballet Promotions 2018/19

    With Cesar Corrales joining the male First Soloist rank as well as William Bracewell I guess it was a bit too much to add Reece Clarke to the First Soloist rank . He is a dancer I always enjoy watching but the AD knows his dancers best of all and therefore he must have judged that Clarke was not quite ready yet to join that rank...
  11. Xandra Newman

    News: Royal Ballet Promotions 2018/19

    I remember last year they waited until the dancers had returned from their end-of-Season break and the new Season was about to start. The Royal Ballet announced promotions for the 2018/19 Season and to add the dancers to their new rank when the new Season hasn't even started is misleading.
  12. Xandra Newman

    News: Royal Ballet Promotions 2018/19

    http://www.roh.org.uk/about/the-royal-ballet/dancers They surely rushed to add the newly promoted dancers to the current list! ( they will only join their new rank officially at the start of Season 2018-19).
  13. Xandra Newman

    News: Royal Ballet Promotions 2018/19

    Anna Rose O'Sullivan was only just promoted to Soloist last Season. Rushing dancers in their career is often detrimental to their progress. Talent needs time to develop.
  14. Xandra Newman

    News: Royal Ballet Promotions 2018/19

    ...and with Corrales also joining the First Soloist rank the RB is now filled with world class dancers. The RB is already one of THE most exciting companies in the world to watch, just imagine when all the current young Principals (some First Soloists and a few dancers further down the ranks) will have come to full maturity! Congratulations to Mr O'Hare for nurturing his most talented dancers out of the corps de ballet into the highest rank of the Company. Credit too to the former Director of the RBS, the late Gailene Stock, who equally nurtured this current generation of outstanding dancers.
  15. Xandra Newman

    RB Promotion Predictions for 2018/19?

    Congratulations to those dancers who received a promotion. All listed were predicted so no surprises there for me. I didn't think of Teo Dubreuil but after four years as an Artist and two years at the ENB he too deserved his promotion to First Artist. Six new corps de ballet members. Really surprised Reece Clark did not get a promotion, he's such a gorgeous dancer. Isabella Gasparina, whom I felt deserved promotion to Soloist, remains in the corps de ballet as First Artist. Congrats to Matthew Ball on his promotion to Principal. He is still very young indeed, as Mr O'Hare said in The Times, but he has great potential and so many of us love his partnership with Naghdi. Thank you to ALL the dancers who worked so hard throughout the Season and gave us so much pleasure. Wishing all the dancers a successful tour to Madrid!