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  1. So, just out of interest Sim and sorry for asking, but if it's a cultural thing do Americans give standing ovations for just about anything? I mean, even when a performer or a performance is mediocre or bad do they still stand up? Do they usually go berserk during a performance or get very loud?
  2. Another BA comment...must have been some Rose Adagio! "I didn't take out a mortgage but I certainly agree with you,PeggyR, that it was well worth the manipulation of my schedule and extra expense to see Yasmine Naghdi on Saturday night! What a beautiful dancer she is: impeccable, strong classical line, expressive port de bras coming out of a lifted back, graceful, gracious, joyful, wonderfully musical. She was completely natural and interacted with her parents and the four Princes - who all looked genuinely happy to be there with her. She was extraordinary. The audience was berserk by the the end of the Rose Adagio." 
  3. That's a great idea capybara! It's so nice to be able to read how RB Principals guesting abroad have been received. Since Yasmine Naghdi is the first RB Principal to have been invited by SFB as a guest ballerina to dance in a full-length ballet it is great to know she was exceptionally well received by the audience.
  4. No it is not fairly common over there just as it is not fairly common at the ROH Why would it be common in San Francisco? Only exceptional performances are awarded with a standing ovation. Why would it be any different in SF?
  5. Shouldn't the RB Press ensure that dancers are correctly accredited in photos appearing in newspaper articles? That all reports about the RB, in newspapers and articles, are correct? The accuracy of reporting is gradually getting worse and worse! Are all these so-called critics/reviewers totally ballet ignorant? Do they not check with the RB Press before publishing an article? What exactly is the function of the RB Press? What is Mr Ashley Woodfield (Head of RB Press I believe) responsible for?
  6. Another poster on BA raves about her Rose Adagio too, and she got a standing ovation and loud cheers from the entire audience. Must have been a remarkable performance!
  7. BRAVO Geoff, Mary and David! I hope the new ROH Management - who made a total mess of everything - will get to read what you said! It's all too horrible and very very sad at a time when The Royal Ballet and its superb dancers are at an all time high!
  8. Thank you for posting this link Bruce! I really enjoyed listening to this interview, she speaks with such clarity, it is fascinating to hear her talk about her early training years and the years progressing through the Company ranks. She also mentioned in this interview how she taught herself Helgi Thomasson's version of "Sleeping Beauty" whilst simultaneously preparing for her Kitri debut in Covent Garden. Reading the various comments via your link an audience member commented on her Rose Adagio saying: "...Naghdi set the Golden Standard...". How I wish I had been able to witness that! SFB hardly ever invite a Guest dancer and she's the first invited RB Principal to dance with them in a full-length ballet. The RB was in USA in 2015 but did not perform in San Francisco, it must be fascinating for the audience to have the opportunity to see the RB style of classical dancing.
  9. Yes What's On and Booking Periods have disappeared now...
  10. Yes, and it is a very impressive quality to possess. When I met Yasmine Naghdi by the Stage Door after her Saturday evening debut as Kitri she told me she was due to fly out to San Francisco the next morning and she had just under a week to learn the new Sleeping Beauty version and with a new partner. Hats off to her as this has often happened throughout her career.
  11. Ballet fans seem to be a hard-to-please bunch I think the majority of the SFB fans must have been very pleased to be able to see their Principal Joseph Walsh dance his debut as the Prince, thanks to Yasmine Naghdi flying over and stepping in, learning Helgi Thomasson's "Sleeping Beauty" at short notice. She enabled Walsh to dance his debut and they had the extra bonus of seeing Naghdi dance!.
  12. Yes, why....? I have now read all the SFB/SB comments from the beginning and some SFB fans were not very happy that the Director of SFB had invited Naghdi as a Guest to dance with Walsh in his SB. They felt she deprived some the SFB soloists of an opportunity to have a chance to dance Aurora.
  13. Thank you for this link Odyssey! Great to be able to read the reaction of the SF audience. Sounds like Yasmine was a great success last night and impressed the SF audience who gave her and Joseph Walsh a standing ovation. Not surprised to read: "...she brought the house down with her Rose Adagio..." and "...a Gold Standard Rose Adagio.."
  14. https://www.sfballet.org/season/casting She's dancing on Wednesday 13th and Saturday 16th evening performances.
  15. ...and another one (posted by Joseph Walsh) showing Helgi Thomasson rehearsing Joseph Walsh and Yasmine Naghdi. The SFBallet also interview their dancers before the start of a performance. On Opening Night Yasmine will be interviewed in front of the San Francisco audience. https://www.sfballet.org/explore/meet-the-artist Oh if only SF wasn't so far away ... I would love to see Helgi Thomasson's "Sleeping Beauty". Looking forward to their London visit end of May, they are a great company. I very much enjoyed watching the SFB when they last performed at Sadler's Wells.
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