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  1. dancenthusiast

    Good luck/Audition Results 2019

    Thanks for the stats dance fanatic, it is good to get an idea of numbers. We were a no for year 9 place from London 1! Just on way home from work, so my daughter will know soon! Think she be OK though when I tell her there appear to be very few yeses!
  2. dancenthusiast

    Elmhurst auditions/results 2019

    Thank you. My daughter has only recently started auditionning for things, but I'm glad to say she has taken it well and looking forward to whatever comes next. She did gain a place on the extended programme this year with Elmhurst. Does anyone know how and when they assess them for a place if they wish to continue next September?
  3. dancenthusiast

    Elmhurst auditions/results 2019

    We were a no for Elmhurst too today. My daughter was applying for year 9, but I think very few places anyway. Good luck to everyone else who auditioned. X