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  1. Did you hear anything back? I have not been able to call as I am at work during their opening hours.
  2. Yes you are right, last year the signing in sheet on the day had a tick box for MA and WL, we only ticked MA as that is what we had applied for, we were new to it all and hadn't considered the WL audition at that stage. So this year had decided to go for both realising it was the same audition in any case. The signing in sheet didn't state MA or WL this year. I will call them today, I have called before and they are very helpful, just not sure I want confirmation that I messed up! I was so sure we had applied for both and DD says we did too, we did the form together. Either way though as someone already said, you can be called for WL even from an MA audition and we haven't heard so it is not meant to be. Still be good to know we are not waiting for an email until March and I can stop checking my inbox!
  3. Hope you hear soon, I hope we both ticked the box !
  4. Thanks MAK and did you apply for both or just MA? Sorry all the questions, I know I could just phone and get the answer!
  5. Thank you Dancer123 I just looked and no messages in there. The only thing I can see is that I paid a higher audition fee this year than last year, she only auditioned for MA last year - does anyone remember if the fee was different this year or does that mean I paid for WL and MA?
  6. Lottiebb did the letter sent by email inviting you to audition say white lodge and / or mid associates? That is what mine says. I have looked on line and can't access the form to view what we ticked and didn't tick ! Feeling like whatever will be will be now, guessing we would definitely have heard for WL by now. That is really good news Ms Sunshine, well done to your daughter for keeping at it and going back and trying, hope she enjoys the finals x
  7. Thank you, I think it is likely that as we have not had any answer at all that we are only on the list for MA and not White Lodge, as it seems results for the group for WL have definitely gone out.
  8. Thanks I just checked and the letter says the audition is for both, but I guess that is a standard letter and doesn't confirm if I did not tick the box. Not sure how to check now, guess I will just have to sit and wait!
  9. Thank you, I will check back in my inbox for last week to check I did not miss it x
  10. Thanks Mak, I thought for both, maybe I didn't tick the right box and it was just for Mids! She only applied for Mids last year, I thought we had put both this year but if others have heard and we haven't then maybe I made a mistake. I have just logged in and can't access that part of the application to check.
  11. Well done to everyone who auditioned and congratulations to those that have had good news, such an amazing achievement. We are still waiting for London 1 results (Year 9 on 20th Jan) has anyone heard from this audition group yet?
  12. Well done to everyone who was offered a place, we have our tickets booked and look forward to seeing the final show. It was a no letter for my lovely, whilst she was upset she is determined to try again next year and I think this is partly because of the positive experience offered by the LCB team and the wording of the 'no' letter is so positive too. Well done all and have a wonderful time leading up to the production.
  13. Same, our post has been and there is nothing, no email either.
  14. Just found this on an email regarding final auditions. Results from this final audition will reach you by Wednesday 28 November. Looks like we might have to wait another few days!
  15. My daughter thought they said Thursday for results, we have not heard anything and I can't find reference to a results date on the website, hopefully we will all know tomorrow. Good luck everyone! The audition experience was so positive and enjoyable.
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