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  1. Hi DS reached finals for Elmhurst Yr 7 last year, he auditioned again this year for Yr 8 but didn't reach finals. He attended the Hammond boys' day last week and we received an email inviting him to audition as the vocational staff confirmed he showed real potential for full time vocational training. Obviously the wording of the email has really cheered DS up but I'm sure they probably send such emails out to a lot of the boys. He was also unsuccessful for a YBSS scholarship this year so has had his fair share of knocks. We know it's a tough industry and I am in awe of his resilience and passion, but it's such a young age to deal with this. Fingers crossed this time is his time. How do you help your dcs cope with rejection?
  2. My son is 11. He is very lucky to be in a class of 6 boys. He has a normal mixed ballet class plus a boys only ballet class each week. There are 2 older boys and several younger boys in his dance school - I think in total there's about 16 boys from littlies to older students. He is also a BBO scholar and attends their Junior Male Ballet scheme in Manchester once a month. We have the Intermezzo boys dance belt age 12 - it's a thong back style but he now feels odd dancing without it. He's going to Elmhurst summer school tomorrow to experience that after making finals but not getting a year 7 place. Eta - I think his tap shoes are capezio. Black leather lace up. It would never have occurred to me they were girls.
  3. Thanks everyone. We will look at York Scholars next year. Realistically Manchester is too far away for a weekly lesson but we'll revisit it all next year. In the meantime we've just heard he's got a place at Elmhurst summer school so he's got that and his Scholars classes to look forward to
  4. We were just looking at options really as the scholars class is only once a month, and the residentials are twice a year. I think we are lucky with our dance school, but other than that I have little experience of the ballet world. It 'appeared' at DS Elmhurst audition that many if not all were associates. We didn't know about JA until auditions for yr6 so with so few places available that was a no. We haven't auditioned for MA because London is too far, so are looking closer to home. We just want to be doing the right thing by DS. It's a mine field, and while DS has always loved dancing, his thoughts on this being a potential career have only come about over the last year or so.
  5. Hi, We're very lucky in his set-up that he has 5 other boys in his class, does a boys only ballet class and attends a boys scholars class once a month plus residentials that cover a wider range of styles. He also does jazz and tap which would clash with the associates class. So just putting him into the scheme would take him away from what he is already doing and unless it is an amazing scheme with exemplary teaching I'm not sure this would be the correct move for DS if that makes sense.
  6. Hi Does anyone have a dc currently attending York scholars, would you recommend It? I understand there has been a lot of change so am looking for reassurance that it is still a good scholars scheme. DS is very ballet focussed and I see they only do 1hr of ballet with another hour each of Jazz and Contemporary. Is the ballet training worth it? DS could have an extra hour at his current school. Thanks
  7. Does anyone know if any summer schools are still accepting applications? Elmhurst states apply by 9th March to secure discount but no mention of any other closing date. DS isn't old enough for Northern Ballet CAT summer school as he's only 11.
  8. Hi I am wondering how much studio time DC have each week and whether all are in associates/scholar's schemes? DS (11) currently dances at a BBO school and does 1.5hours Grade ballet plus 1 hour of boys ballet a week, plus 2 hours of Jazz/Modern and 1 hour of tap each week. He also attends BBO Scholars for 3 hours of ballet once a month and attends the Scholar's intensive weekend and will be attending Dance Days next week. After hearing about his unsuccessful final audition for Yr 7 at Elmhurst DS's ballet teacher has offered more ballet, but I don't know in what capacity - ideally she would put him in the class above and below him as she does this with some students - but I suspect after he does his grade 3 exam at the end of April they will begin working on a show and standard grade classes are put aside until after the show which will likely be in October. I don't know if this is enough if he is hoping to re-audition next year. His dance teacher is happy for him to audition for RBS associates and BBO scholars and I think she will support YDS but she has had students attend NB in the past and doesn't recommend it. She also doesn't like pushing them too much at this age as in her 50years of teaching she says she's seen to many children burn out and lose their love for dance. I cannot fault the standard of teaching, he gained a very high distinction in his last exam and most students in her school achieve at least a high-merit and I know she is highly thought of within the BBO but is what he is doing enough?
  9. Sorry to hear about your DS, our DS is in the same position. He's dealing with it well and looking forward to continuing at his current dance school but some Feedback would be great so we know what to work on for next year. It categorically states no further correspondence though so I guess we'll never know. We are so proud of him making it to finals on his first audition too. Did he just audition for Elmhurst? We were late to the audition process so had missed the other 3. Am wondering if there is anything else we could look at for September but I fear we are too late now. Thankfully he has his BBO scholars classes and his dance teacher has offered to increase his ballet time so hopefully that will all help towards trying again next year. Good luck to your DS in his future endeavours.
  10. Sadly DS had a no letter for Elmhurst. He's upset at the moment but has already said he'll keep trying. We've told him it's just not his time yet.
  11. Postman has been here too and no Elmhurst letter so another wait...
  12. Does anyone know how the results come out for Elmhurst finals? Email or post? I was half-way back up the M1 before I remembered I was going to ask someone. We had letters inviting to finals so I am assuming it will be letters again. Thanks x
  13. Thankfully he wasn't down for long. He woke up absolutely fine on Sunday so attended his Scholar's class and then practised again after school tonight. He'll have an enforced night off tomorrow though as we'll be driving down to Birmingham and it will be pretty much straight to bed when we get there! I wondered about feedback too. I've seen mentions of feedback from WL finals but does anyone know if you can get feedback from Elmhurst? I am sure this is more stressful for the parents than it is DC, DS just loves to dance whenever/wherever he can. Hope your DS has a great day tomorrow x
  14. Thanks. I suspect I'm jumping the gun with slapped cheek (over thinking again), I teach reception which is where our cases have been and he's in another building so less likely to have contracted it. It's more likely the cold his sister has had and he seems to be much brighter this afternoon so looking promising. He had flu before his preliminary audition and did ok so fingers crossed.
  15. Argh, DS has come down with a virus and has his Elmhurst final on Wednesday. He's not really 'ill' but wiped out with a low grade fever - we've had slapped cheek doing the rounds at school so I suspect it will turn out to be that in the following days. Anyway this close to the audition he is panicking because he doesn't was to lose conditioning and seize up. I have no real knowledge of the ballet world. We kept him off his tap and jazz class today so he could rest, but he has his ballet scholars' class tomorrow. Should I send him? I think he should go as it's the last 'lesson' he'll have before his audition and he'll have a couple of days to recover, but equally don't want him to overdo it and then struggle at his audition. What sort of preparation should he be doing this close to the audition? All I get from his ballet teacher is "practise, practise, practise" and points he needs to remember. He's been doing 1-2 hours a day up to now of stretches, conditioning and dancing. I suspect I may be overthinking this, normally he just dances through stuff but this audition means so much to him I want to give him the correct advice. Thanks in advance x
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