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  1. I very much enjoyed the live stream tonight. The Munich company gave a very good account of themselves in each piece. Ashley Bouder was fantastic, I thought, in Rubies. Alina Somova danced with cool precision and allure in Diamonds, just about coping with the brisk tempi in the final segment! A special mention for Vladimir Shklyarov who is really dancing on top form at the moment (appearing in The Little Humpbacked Horse last night at the Mariinsky and presumably flying to Munich this morning) - it was a great pleasure to see again his elan and musicality. I look forward to watching the performance all over again tomorrow!
  2. Well, Capybara, we had one Act only: some might say the best of it. The company are taking the full-length version (of which we saw the final act) to Washington.
  3. Assoluta: I think you miss my point - my issue is emphatically not with the dancer herself - see my first post for my comments on her excellent training and obvious potential, but rather with some of the roles she is being cast in. I am not clear from your comments if you have in fact seen her dance Diamonds with Parish? I was not at all disappointed in having seen her dance this role; after all those of us who are fortunate to be able to travel from time to time to see ballet abroad will want to see as many performances as we can; ultimately it is always the experience of seeing a dancer live on stage which enables the viewer to gain the greatest appreciation of an artist and their work. I would not reject an opportunity to see Khoreva because she is "a juvenile dancing a mature role"; in fact I am going to see her dance Nikiya in June, amongst other performances of La Bayadere. Another "juvenile" and contemporary of Khoreva's I saw dance was Maria Illushkina in Emeralds: this was in my opinion a far more successful casting decision, where her youthful allure fitted better with the role.
  4. At the Mikhailovsky Theatre on Sunday, there was an announcement as the lights dimmed that La Sylphide was suitable for children over the age of 6 years! Rather late to be exiting the theatre with very small children in tow!
  5. No doubt there are certain roles where a "child-like aura" can work well. I do not think that Diamonds is one of them for the reasons I alluded to above. I don''t think opera glasses would have caused me to change my opinion. My personal opinion is that Khoreva is being pushed too far and too fast: she makes her debuts in Bayadere and Paquita in the summer. I think she would do better to be allowed to consolidate her performances in a few carefully chosen roles, rather than being pushed constantly into very demanding lead roles. Her body makes beautiful shapes and she is technically accomplished, BUT she is no where near finding the inner life in her role in Diamonds, and I somehow doubt she will find it in NIkiya either. Not at this stage, in any event.
  6. I have the great good fortune to be in St Petersburg with friends for 4 performances at the Festival and 2 at the Mikhailovsky. I hope to write in more detail later but In response to Buddy’s post about Khoreva’s performance in Diamonds I must beg to differ. There is no question that she is a beautifully trained young dancer with huge promise. But - and it is a big but - I felt she was seriously miscast. For me she looked like a child dancing a woman’s role: she simply does not have at this stage the poise and gravitas that the role demands.
  7. I don’t think my post suggests that the Mariinsky are ascribing any responsibility to KO’H. That would be speculative. I believe Osipova’s name disappeared from the Playbill and Evseyeva’s name appeared instead.
  8. Quite: pulling out of the Mariinsky Festival with barely 3 days' notice is not impressive. Her scheduled DQ with Shklyarov was the only sold-out performance of the Festival, with many Muscovites (and a few people from the UK!) attending.... The message seems to have been conveyed to the Russian fanbase that Kevin O'Hare declined to release her because of her RB commitments this week. All in all very unsatisfactory.
  9. Not strictly Royal Ballet news, but Osipova has pulled out of her DQ at the Mariinsky on Thursday.... to great consternation and disappointment.... so not only the RB afflicted by last minute changes...
  10. Sadly - but perhaps inevitably - Lantratov also withdrew from the scheduled performance at the Mariinsky of the Legend of Love after Alexandrova's injury. He said he had insufficient time to prepare the performance with another dancer. Hopefully, he might make it over for the Gala even if Alexandrova does not.
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