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  1. Hello Nala, thank you for asking. He just got a ‘no’ for WL and the email asked him to re-audition for WL next year. I think that is a standard response, apart from waiting list. He had tonsillitis the week of the audition and the finals day was rescheduled for him, so he did half a day. He didn’t enjoy the audition at all, he found the seriousness of the whole experience really overwhelming and felt this reflected in his dancing on the day. He said he wasn’t nervous, just that his dancing was joyless. He was sad for a while this evening, as he felt that he hadn’t really been able to show them how much he loves ballet; but a Cadbury’s Creme egg brought him to his senses. 😁
  2. For the boys finals they picked double the amount boys for available places. There were 14 boys in each audition group, two in each group were auditioning for Y8 places. Each group auditioned for 2 1/2 hrs. One morning, one afternoon. There are 12 Y7 places available and 2 Y8. Your audition schedule will give you an indication of girls numbers by how many audition groups there are. Boys only had Group A + B. It will either be two or four groups, as over two days, so either 28 or 56 girls.
  3. Thankyou valentina, knowing that there is ‘waiting around’ is very helpful. And I wouldn’t have thought about snacks 🙄 just lunch.
  4. Hello all, might I ask, those of you with children, boys if possible, who have been through the White Lodge final auditions, what the day actually consists of? i would like to give my son some idea of what to expect as he doesn’t cope well with just ‘going into something’ with no idea at all of what to expect. I know there will be ballet 😁, but that is all I know, but how does it differ from the Preliminary audition if at all? Someone has said there is an exam, my son is Home Educated so I would really find it useful if anyone knows what this means in application. Thank you.
  5. Thank you very much. Your words are lovely and very true to what I k ow as a parent to child with additional needs.❤️ I know with all my heart that ballet has changed the course of my sons life, it has positively affected everything he does and so much of who he is becoming. His SEN is absolutely insignificant in his ballet classes, when he is learning, when he is performing, in his dance exams. He is a more resilient, emotionally well balanced boy because of it. He brings his own spirit of uniqueness to ballet. Nothing about ballet has been a negative for him. He is very much in the moment, loving his life whether he stays doing ballet or not, he has had a more enriched life experience because of it whatever the outcome. I hope that those in higher up places can see further than his SEN. 🤞🏻🤞🏻❤️
  6. For us WL was never going to be an option until I was asked by my sons JA teacher why he wasn’t auditioning and found out he could be a day attendee and that his teacher felt it was important he should have the opportunity to audition and suggested I contact RBS and chat with them. I did, hence the finals outcome. My sons place would be on a full bursary, and he has SEN which would have to be fully supported. RBS are aware of all this and said, let him audition, let’s see what happens, then we can have a conversation about what happens next. He is currently Home Educated, has been for three years, so the educational support package from RBS would have to be really, really good if they want him, and for us to give up what he currently has access to. I have been assured by the RBS powers that be, everything is about the child’s dancing potential and ability, so we shall see. For my son he is very happy to be spending a day at White Lodge doing what he loves, and it is for me to weigh up the pros and cons afterwards should he be offered a place. I have many misgivings and concerns about the whole process of auditioning. For now though I just want my son to enjoy this experience alongside his dancing peers.
  7. Thankyou MAK. He has had an absolutely phenomenal year. Everything he has auditioned for he has been offered. 18 months ago it all started with a local EYB audition, and he hasn’t looked back since. He will be happy either way with the finals outcome, we weren’t planning to apply for WL, but his JA teacher said it would be a missed opportunity. If it’s a no he will be over the moon if he is offered MAs. He is having such a wonderful time at the moment. I on the other hand find it all very stressful. 😩
  8. Today my beautiful boy received an invitation to the White Lodge finals. I am so proud of him. Good luck to anyone else who is waiting.
  9. Hello all, i want to to thank everyone for the lovely advice and support. everything that you have all said has been very useful. I haven’t felt scared or worried by the advice, I understand it was given with the best of intentions from each ones own experience. My son was ok after 3 days resting and a trip to the nurse who feels he just overstretched it. His hip felt tight for two days after, but no further pain and yesterday felt normal. He went to his 1:1 Ballet class last night and did some gentle movement with no issues at all. I am waiting on an a callback from the osteopath who was recommended to me that works out of LSCD. My son is also an associate there. I am being super cautious, luckily though he is not his usual bouncy self due to this horrible virus that is doing the rounds. i checked his height today, he has grown 3cms in the last 9 months, plus he has hypermobile joints, so there are many possible contributors.. I think however His ‘overstretching’ out of competitiveness with other children in his class, and the huge emphasis placed on flexibility in his ballet work, most definitely informed what happened; it has given me the opportunity to chat with him about just working within his own abilities and that that will always be good enough no matter what the outcome of auditions.. Hard lesson for a 10 year old perfectionist though. Thank you all again.
  10. Thank you. The pain is in the movements to the front and with his leg in retiree. I found an osteopath mentioned in the tags above that is actually the resident osteopath on the London CAT training where he is an associate, so I will ask if she can see him this week. I am also going to ask RBS in the morning if it’s possible for him to attend a different audition date. If not he can try again next year. I shall let him rest until he has been seen by a professional and I know exactly what has happened and what he can and can’t be doing.
  11. Thanks everyone. He is Home Educated, so luckily I can have a quiet week. He had no pain today, but says the whole area feels very tight. We went to the cinema this afternoon and he has no pain at all walking. My main worry is that I know in an audition like the one on Sunday he will push himself to the limit of his capabilities, even if it hurts. I don’t want him to do that. He spoke today about feeling under immense stress (like a build up of exam pressure) which has taken all the enjoyment out of his ballet atm. He said even his associates teacher is different from usual which is making him sad. I explained to him today that they will be feeling lots of stress too. i have a physio number I am going to phone in the morning. The injury has been a bit of a wake up call for me and has alerted me to how much pressure he is feeling, and worryingly how hard he has been pushing his body in classes.
  12. Thank you. The reality of a GP apt for what would be a non-urgent condition is a four weeks wait where I live. I do intend to ring in the morning regardless. I will have a look at the tags.
  13. Hello all, my son injured his hip in his JA class yesterday. He ‘heard’ a sound, then excruciating pain, then pins and needles hip to thigh for a few seconds. Dance teacher checked it and he carried on with class unable to do pirouettes, developpes, grand battements. Teacher didn’t tell me, he did about two hours after we got home. Today it is tight, but no big pain, just twinges if I press in. He has his preliminary audition for MA/WL on Sunday, I am at a complete loss as to know how to proceed with this next week, dance classes, daily exercises etc. audition attendance. Sorry for my ignorance, all I know for sure is I want him to be ok, I don’t care about the audition, he does obviously 🙄, but is there anything I should be doing other than making sure he rests up?? How long before he goes back to class etc, next class his on Tuesday afternoon. Should I let RBS know. I also as an aside feel really upset that the teacher didn’t let me know. 😔 Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated, I don’t want to make any mistakes as it’s his hip and dancing is his absolute passion. Thankyou.
  14. Hi glissade, RBS actually ask in the audition preparatory guidelines, that whilst new shoes are not necessary, clean ones are.
  15. Yaaayyy!!! A yes for my son (10) wk1, non-residential, he said it’s the best Christmas present 💝 ever. He hasn’t stopped pirouetting since I read him the email. What’s so funny is I’d forgotten all about it, so was as happy as he was when I read the email. 😁
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