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  1. Natalia has spoken of her admiration for Fonteyn in a few interviews before, so I highly doubt she was trying to criticize her as a dancer. It seems to me she was actually criticizing whoever was responsible for re-staging this ballet, believing it not to be authentic/true to Ashton's original choreography and what he intended for Fonteyn (I have seen a few people question the validity of it as well).
  2. True. I don't think O'Hare will stage it anytime soon, anyways.
  3. Just based on the reviews of Akane and Francesca, I'm thinking they would be perfect for La Sylphide (along with Osipova). I need this to happen in the next couple of years.
  4. I'm really curious to see how Morera will approach Giselle. Such an underrated but beautiful ballerina.
  5. Both sound marvelous. I'm incredibly jealous now. I figured Yasmine would take a more "Romantic" approach, which will serve her well in Swan Lake. I imagine Francesca danced like a feather -- very light and bouncy. I also think Ball will be challenged by Osipova, who is quite theatrical and very emotive. Hopefully that will prove to be another partnership in the works.
  6. For those who saw both performances, how would you describe the difference between Yasmine and Francesca in Giselle? (Style, interpretation, dancing etc.).