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  1. I don’t think anyone would have accused you of that. We can love Nuñez and Bonelli while acknowledging that Naghdi and Ball, who made a superb debut, could really benefit from an extra performance. 😊
  2. Yes, I wonder why Hayward got three opportunities and Naghdi only one? (Not that I’m complaining as Hayward is my favourite dancer) 😍
  3. Sad for Lauren that she didn’t get to do Giselle this year, but excited for the surprise Marianela performance!
  4. I have to agree re Kish. A bit disappointed that he’s been paired with Naghdi for Swan Lake.
  5. Some nice GIFS of Francesca and Yasmine dancing together from a previous performance
  6. ENB - article in The Times

    It’s not surprising that they’re unwilling to put their names to the claims given the hostile and fearful working environment they describe. I can see how such a situation could easily arise, especially with Rojo’s cult status and her questionable relationship with one of her employees.
  7. Opera glasses

    I have a pair of antique mother of pearl opera glasses from Paris. Not sure how much they cost as they were a gift found in an antique shop but I find buying old is often cheaper than buying new, and they look so lovely! I wonder who originally owned them... https://www.oxfam.org.uk/shop/memorabilia-and-ephemera/memorabilia/antique-mop-brass-opera-glases-in-original-case-hd_101077286?pscid=ps_ggl_shopping&gclid=CjwKCAiAk4XUBRB5EiwAHBLUMct6ZXKb8OKeNJcClwJIA_3RuW6mW3t5C5DcxegANHMAtlE5aPsUEBoCSYQQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CLjIjfCboNkCFY8EGQodLE4FFw
  8. I didn’t see Naghdi but I look forward to seeing her in Swan Lake! Felt so privileged to see both Hayward and Takada this season. Both feather light and so exquisitely vulnerable.
  9. Just wanted to add that Francesca Hayward and Alexander Campbell were both lovely and spent lots of time at the stage door talking to fans I got pictures with both of them, and they both signed my programme (alongside Kevin Emerton and Mayara Magri).
  10. I agree capybara, I thought Takada was incredible. Hayward was also absolutely breathtaking, but Takada and Ella as a combination moved me to tears. I didn’t get to see Naghdi but am excited to see her in Swan Lake! I wonder how she’ll portray Odile?
  11. In my panic to get tickets this morning I accidentally bought 2! Asking for cost price (£15) plus £1.50 to cover postage and PayPal seller fees. Can also hand over in person on 9th Feb, outside the Royal Opera House before the performance of Giselle I am attending, for £15 cash.
  12. New to this forum and very excited - managed to get 2 amphi tickets to see Hayward and Osipova in Manon Also got a ticket to see Yasmine Naghdi in conversation!