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  1. Yasmine Naghdi has posted a picture of herself in her Odette tutu on her Instagram stories!
  2. Who is Osipova’s ‘go to’ partner if not Hallberg? Maybe that’s why they put her with Ball.
  3. My review of the night is up, if anyone is interested in reading https://aliceinballetland.wordpress.com/
  4. Leticia Stock really is tremendous. Time for a promotion to Soloist?
  5. 5 stars in the Independent! https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/theatre-dance/reviews/swan-lake-royal-opera-house-ballet-review-liam-scarlett-marianela-nu-ez-a8357406.html
  6. Will write more tomorrow, but just wanted to say that Muntagirov was absolutely exquisite, especially in Act 3. Nuñez was technically perfect but sadly I didn’t get much of an emotional connection. I loved the lavish sets and costumes, and a special mention to Bennet Gartside and the lovely Akane Takada.
  7. Thank you!! I may go straight home afterwards then!
  8. Probably a silly question, but do the dancers come out at the end after the first night, or is there some kind of party afterwards?
  9. So Francesca, Alexander and Akane will all be performing tomorrow?? So excited! I will also be at the bottom of the escalator!
  10. OK - I'm going! My bank balance is very disappointed in me, but I am very excited! I'm in Amphitheatre A82 - it says 'view obstructed by tier ledge' but the view actually looks pretty good. Can anyone confirm?
  11. I have a surprise opportunity to go tomorrow. Pros: it's opening night! And I'm not due to see it for almost a month...cons: it's on a work night, and I'd have to travel to London, and could do without the expense. Thoughts??
  12. True, although Macmillan may have been drawing inspiration from Odile in Swan Lake?
  13. I adore the black dress. I think its colour does symbolise a ‘loss of innocence’.
  14. aliceinwoolfland

    Ballet costumes you covet?

    I really like the girl’s cream dress in The Invitation, and Clara’s Nutcracker dress. Manon’s act 1 dress is also really dreamy.
  15. aliceinwoolfland

    Ballet costumes you covet?

    Ooh what a great thread! I agree with Manon’s black dress, and also Titania’s dress in the Dream....Alice’s lilac dress with puffy sleeves that she wears at the beginning, and Margeurite’s white fringed dress.