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  1. aliceinwoolfland

    The Royal Ballet: Mayerling, Autumn 2018

    Has anyone seen McRae in Mayerling and liked him? I could only afford to get one ticket and picked him due to scheduling, and am regretting it based on the comments 😕
  2. aliceinwoolfland

    Which Role Would You Dance?

    I would love to dance as Woolf in Woolf Works.
  3. aliceinwoolfland

    Osipova interview in the FT today

    Still says subscription only
  4. aliceinwoolfland

    Fan Letters To Dancers

    I once wrote to Francesca Hayward and drew a picture. Didn't get a response but she was probably very busy! I'm sure she read it and hopefully appreciated it
  5. ^ I agree - there’s nothing particularly funny about ‘punching down’.
  6. I spoke to someone at the ROH shop several months ago and he said it was supposed to be released already but had been delayed for some reason.
  7. Oops, my mistake!
  8. A shame that Naghdi and Hayward only have one show each when they are so popular. I feel that Hayward especially could have done with two given her lack of big roles in this season. Also, I know she is the most experienced principal with a luminous RB career, but it’s a bit frustrating to always see the same line up - Nunez and Muntagirov - and they also do most opening nights. They’re not always the best pairing, I don’t know why they’re exempt from KOH’s preference for mixing up couples, and I don’t think Nunez is best suited to every role in the RB’s repertoire.
  9. I am concerned that Campbell isn’t getting the big roles because I am worried he might go elsewhere! I was genuinely quite shocked that he wasn’t initially cast as the principal lead in Giselle, Manon or Swan Lake, and I’m disappointed he hasn’t been given the opportunity to dance Rudolf.
  10. I can’t wait for Woolf Works to come back!
  11. aliceinwoolfland

    News: Royal Ballet Promotions 2018/19

    10 female first soloists and only 4 male first soloists. Very disappointed that Clarke has not been promoted. I personally would’ve promoted him above Heap but I’m aware that I am only a layperson here and do not have KOH’s insight or outlook!
  12. aliceinwoolfland

    RB Promotion Predictions for 2018/19?

    I think Choe is way past the stage at which she would be promoted and I don’t think she has the pizzazz of a principal. I also think she is really happy as a first soloist and I doubt she will be leaving the RB anytime soon. I also don’t think Hamilton is quite principal material at the RB. Out of all the current female first soloists I would hope for Magri/Stix Brunell to eventually reach principal level. I also have a big soft spot for Claire Calvert.
  13. aliceinwoolfland

    RB Promotion Predictions for 2018/19?

    I sincerely hope that Fumi Kaneko is promoted from soloist to first soloist!
  14. Congrats to the happy couple!
  15. aliceinwoolfland

    Audience Behaviour

    Douglas Allen - I go to the ballet to enjoy myself, not to distinguish myself as unvulgar and uncommon 😂