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  1. TwoLeftFeet

    LRBS - London Russian Ballet school

    thank you so much I really appreciate it
  2. TwoLeftFeet

    LRBS - London Russian Ballet school

    Swanprincess would you have any idea at all how many hours a day ballet is studied?
  3. Brand new Capezio black practice tutu 10391 with tags. Size says Adult S *however* this is clearly not accurate as my 15 year old daughter is a Adult Petite and this doesn't come past her knees! I would say it would be more the size of a child age 8-10. £30 plus postage. I can email or text pics - they are too big in size to post here. https://www.capezioeurope.com/practice-tutu
  4. TwoLeftFeet

    ENBS 2019 Summer School

    Meant to say, the email was the result of video audition.
  5. TwoLeftFeet

    ENBS 2019 Summer School

    Just got a result email - check your boxes ladies and gents
  6. TwoLeftFeet

    Ballettschule Theater Basel & John Cranko Schule

    http://en.john-cranko-schule.de/admission/ here is the link to the admission process of the school. Their website is very explanatory and is in English. Other tabs will tell you more information. I don't know anything about the other one sorry.
  7. TwoLeftFeet

    Height for girls in Year 11 - restricted?

    Thank you all so much for your advice and support. We took her to be measured yesterday - the last time we did it was in August last. She measured 159cm - 5 feet 2.6 inches!! I actually cried with relief and I still can't quite believe it. Heres hoping for at least another inch before we try auditioning again at the end of the year.
  8. TwoLeftFeet

    Height for girls in Year 11 - restricted?

    I haven't seen minimum heights for schools mentioned on the forms or indeed websites, although I certainly have when it comes to Company applications. The forms for Europe that we filled out did ask for height and weight both for DD and heights for us as her parents. I would love to know if there are any 5'1" ballet dancers accepted to UK schools so that we can focus on applying to those schools... anyone?
  9. So, having ventured out there into the ballet world for the first time, applying to two european schools via video, we have been told that DD is too short. Its not something that had even entered our minds before that - gutted doesn't come close to the feeling. She is 15 years old and is 5 feet 1.5 inches and is a UK size 4 in street clothes. We chose Europe to apply to because of the low fee aspect. I have to wonder at this point if we are going to get the same answer from every school that she applies to?? For those of you who are lucky enough to have DDs starting out or finishing Year 11, first year of Elmhurst, ENBS, Royal conservatoire or indeed ANY of the UK schools - do they have a height restriction or do they accept shorter dancers? Or are there any other schools anywhere that will accept shorter dancers? Getting desperate here and haven't even told my DD why she will not be looked at... she'll be heartbroken
  10. TwoLeftFeet

    Late-starters: Here's some encouragement

    Oh thats fantastic news, very well done to her and her family. My daughter was almost 13 when she started, so there is hope yet... thank you for sharing
  11. TwoLeftFeet

    Ballet schools with Boarding facilities (Upper Schools)

    Thank you for sharing that. Does she have far to travel to her dance school?
  12. TwoLeftFeet

    Ballet schools with Boarding facilities (Upper Schools)

    Thank you all for your responses. Its quite a small list. I know that every 15/16 year old is different and that some will cope far better than others and some are much more independent than others. My own DD I don't think would cope well without the boarding/residential facility. Its very worrying for me that there are not more options. Homestay is definitely next on the list and I don't think it would be so bad if she had someone from her class doing that with her, but since I can't guarantee that I'm not sure what to do.
  13. TwoLeftFeet

    Ballet schools with Boarding facilities (Upper Schools)

    Thanks for the response arabesque1, I thought first years stayed in chalets onsite?
  14. TwoLeftFeet

    Ballet schools with Boarding facilities (Upper Schools)

    Thank you Anna C. Yes, Upper Schools with boarding facilities provided on site. Definitely for 1st year. My parent mind is saying definitely for year 2 also, but by then maybe DD might have other ideas once she knew the area and her classmates.
  15. I would be most grateful if you could help me compile a list of ballet schools with boarding/residential facilities please, for overseas students. DD will be 15 turning 16 in October this year and living outside the UK. Elmhurst Ballet West