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  1. Hi Dancing Feet - could you let me see a photo or a link to the style and colour please? Thanks
  2. Thank you Balletdancer360 - do you have a link to which one and colour? What price are you looking for? Thank you
  3. Looking for Petite Adult leotards in good condition. Particularly interested in high leg cut, Claudia Dean, Yumiko and Wear Moi. thank you.
  4. Meadowblythe, I also would be very interested in hearing your take on the schools that provide the best guidance as we are beginning our search for an upper school. Jane, I'd love to know what school your DC attended. So many red flags all pointing to a career that involves a lot of struggling to even be seen. Its getting harder and harder the more I read to know what the right decision to make is, however, in saying that, its better to go in with your eyes open. Thank goodness for this forum and for all who post their experiences good and bad so that those coming up behind know full well what to expect.
  5. Would anyone's 14/15/16 year old DD going for the first two weeks of the summer school like to chat/make friends with my DD. She is 15 and doesn't know anyone going - it might make things a bit easier if she knew someone also going on the first two weeks. Shes quiet and shy, loves books and animals! PM if interested
  6. thank you so much I really appreciate it
  7. Swanprincess would you have any idea at all how many hours a day ballet is studied?
  8. Brand new Capezio black practice tutu 10391 with tags. Size says Adult S *however* this is clearly not accurate as my 15 year old daughter is a Adult Petite and this doesn't come past her knees! I would say it would be more the size of a child age 8-10. £30 plus postage. I can email or text pics - they are too big in size to post here. https://www.capezioeurope.com/practice-tutu
  9. Meant to say, the email was the result of video audition.
  10. Just got a result email - check your boxes ladies and gents
  11. http://en.john-cranko-schule.de/admission/ here is the link to the admission process of the school. Their website is very explanatory and is in English. Other tabs will tell you more information. I don't know anything about the other one sorry.
  12. Thank you all so much for your advice and support. We took her to be measured yesterday - the last time we did it was in August last. She measured 159cm - 5 feet 2.6 inches!! I actually cried with relief and I still can't quite believe it. Heres hoping for at least another inch before we try auditioning again at the end of the year.
  13. I haven't seen minimum heights for schools mentioned on the forms or indeed websites, although I certainly have when it comes to Company applications. The forms for Europe that we filled out did ask for height and weight both for DD and heights for us as her parents. I would love to know if there are any 5'1" ballet dancers accepted to UK schools so that we can focus on applying to those schools... anyone?
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