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  1. DancingWellies

    Questions about Lower School auditions

    Remind him that the kids who get knockbacks have more experience and resilience than those that seemingly sail through. The ability to pick yourself and carry on is as important as the performance and technique. Our DD got finals for both WL & Elmhurst year 7, auditioned again in year 8 for Elmhurst and got to finals, still no place. Tried again in year 9 and got in. It's been hard but that work ethic has helped her catch up. It's also surprised me how high the drop out rate from year 7 entries has been so that's no guarantee of success either. It's not over until it's over or they give up.
  2. DancingWellies

    Assessments / reports

    From personal experience of a similar situation my advice is don't over think it, this is the world of ballet, not peer reviewed science. Speak to the teacher, sooner rather than later, it's their job to teach and support if improvement is needed. Don't forget you are also paying for this. It was one of the academic staff we connected with initially but with their help things went from very arms length to some much constructive critique and more personal attention which rapidly improved DDs dancing. Still got this years appraisal to get through so things might still come up. Year 7 its still very early days, plenty of time to improve, mature and progress. Engage with the school., they can feel very remote, judging and intimidating, I don't think this is intentionally in most cases but it will get in the way unless you make that first contact. Final thought, knockbacks can make the most resilient dancers of the future, it's not all about sparkle, dogged determination is also a vital skill to cultivate.
  3. DancingWellies

    Elmhurst auditions for 2019 entry

    GAB dancer, our DD auditioned for years 7 & 8 and got to finals both times. Auditioned for the extra auditions for year 9 and got a place so it does happen. Personally I've been surprised by the drop out rate with people leaving dance, moving to other schools so there's potentially more places than you'd expect although it does vary depending on size of year group. Some years are in the high teens others nearer 12 (for the girls).
  4. DancingWellies

    What do people do when dance classes clash with school?

    We were very lucky, DD was at a grammar school who couldn't have been more supportive. They seemed to support excellence of any type, a friend of DD was at a similar level ice skating and was also encouraged. The grammar school were fine with auditions etc. Contrast that with a local primary who refused permission for a pupil to miss school for an international martial arts competition, she'd attended the previous year so why did she need to go again? All depends on how small minded your school is.
  5. DancingWellies

    National Youth Ballet Final Auditions 2018

    It's taken me nearly 40 mins to do Elmhurst to the big roundabout near New Street in rush hour!
  6. DancingWellies


    Yes Elmhurst flooded, doesn't sound good. Not sure yet if all the students will be back on Sunday.
  7. DancingWellies

    Travel to and from vocational school

    Well done to your DD. There's a lot to take in now, especially with an offer later in the year. Don't try to over plan things in advance. As for coming home each weekend, take it as it comes. They're home more often than you think with leave outs, half term etc. Leave outs go fast enough, other weekends when they leave after RAD go by in a flash. The kids need downtime, bond with their class mates and become part of the school. There are planned activities most weekends so they dont get bored. The biggest adjustment now is probably for you. Most ballet parents end up devoting a lot of their lives to organising and transporting DCs to classes, someone else will do that for you now. Boarding is all part of the vocational school experience and training. The kids that go home each weekend do miss out to an extent and are 'different' to the others. Anyway welcome to the rollercoaster, the ride's just beginning!
  8. DancingWellies

    Serious injury and excessive training in young dancers

    Vocational students do around 25 hours, with proper physio and medical support. So yes students doing more does seem excessive and I doubt more necessarily equals better.
  9. DancingWellies

    Questions about Lower School auditions

    Years 8, 9, 10 places can be very limited, it will depend on leavers, bed spaces, MDS availability and whether they want you. Elmhurst had extra auditions last summer as they hadn't filled all their places despite high numbers auditioning. I know there is at least a couple of free beds in one of the boarding houses. To be honest it's best not to try and rationalise it, it'll melt your brain, the odds are against getting in later up the school but for some it does happen, it's like a lot of things, right place, right time and it'll come together. From experience keeping at it can also help, they do notice and track some of the candidates they don't initially place.
  10. DancingWellies

    Questions about Lower School auditions

    It varies, girls current year 9 there are 11 pupils, boys also 11, year 8 girls there are 17 which is very high.
  11. DancingWellies

    Questions about Lower School auditions

    Big fat A4 letter if it's a yes, small skinny one for no.
  12. DancingWellies

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Ispend828, that's the sort of number I had in mind. There seem to be around 25 to 30 in the lower year groups. It wasn't a precise figure we were given on induction, more of you've done very well to get a place as for everyone of you here today there's at least 10 who didn't was the context. It's also clear they will only take people they want as evidenced by last year's late auditions after they hadn't awarded all the MDS funding in the normal auditions.
  13. DancingWellies

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    We were told at Elmhurst for every succesful student there were at least 10 who applied.
  14. DancingWellies

    How did it all start?

    Baby ballet followed by local lessons with a great teacher. At 7 she saw Elmhurst on the telly and told her mother she was going there, we laughed good naturedly and carried on. DD didn't stand out until she was 8 or 9 when she started doing well in exams. At 10 it was suggested she should audition, nice idea but waste of time I thought. When she got finals at both WL and Elmhurst it came as a bit of shock. She didn't get a place but went on to make the most of some other great opportunities. She's now at Elmhurst! Still in shock.
  15. DancingWellies

    Questions about Lower School auditions

    2nd auditions are more fun, trying to work out the result from the size of envelope as the postman walks up the drive. From memory Elmhurst respond fairly quickly. Good luck to everyone, we went through this three years on the bounce, made it even sweeter when dd got a place.