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  1. Dancing17

    Access to vocational training

    It was specifically Access to Vocational Training schemes where there are no fees and they come out with courses equivalent to A'levels/are able to do A'levels alongside their training. Tring fees are
  2. Dancing17

    Access to vocational training

    She does have a strong ballet bias but would prefer an all-round course possibly heading down the MT later down the line.
  3. Dancing17

    Access to vocational training

    My DD has been lucky enough to have participated in many associate schemes over the years (so I assume she was an OK dancer!) waving off numerous friends as they joined their vocational schools. Being in the very fortunate position of both parents being employed we were not eligible for any funding to go down this route and sadly we did not have enough disposable income to fund things ourselves - a common echo on this forum! My DD has always taken this with good grace with the caveat that when she gets to college age we could explore this route again. However with it becoming increasingly harder to find local lessons for her and her fear of being further behind her friends at vocational schools I have started to explore 6 form options and that is when I stumbled across some Access to Vocational Training courses. So far I have only found 2 - one at Italia Conti and the other at Urdang. Does anyone have any experience of this? I am keen for her to take 3 A'levels or equivalent as I am acutely aware that the dance world is highly competitive and should she decide to go on to university then 3 A'levels will be required. Any advice or referrals would be appreciated.
  4. I gather LSC are rolling out their Associates programme for 14-18 year olds to the Midlands (Hereford). Does anyone have any experience of their London one or have a DC participating in this new one? We mIssed the auditions this year but wondered if it is something worth watching for next year. Any information anyone can provide would be appreciated.