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  1. I was in Boston this past weekend to see their Nutcracker. Did not get to see Misa dance, but ran into her. She mentioned that Jeffrey Cirio invited her to the gala. I am so glad they will get to dance together once again. I would love to see this. One of my other favorites is on the list - Maria Kotchetkova. I would guess she is dancing with Daniil. She, Daniil, and Jeffrey will be missed in NY by this audience member. Daniil will be dancing some limited performances, but only in things I have seen him dance before.
  2. Very excited to be visiting London in January. I will be seeing Alina Cojocaru for the first time dancing with Jeffrey Cirio! I would like to see another show, and was leaning toward Joseph Caley (I love him on stage.) However, I will see Joe and Alina in Manon the following week, so perhaps I should buy tickets for another Swan Lake couple.
  3. Yes, I am sure it is the point. That does not make it desirable.
  4. Well, I remember when they did it in Boston. The dancers said it was fun once it got to stage (and, of course, the music is great), but that some of them felt (mostly women) that it was not especially challenging, and almost a bit demeaning. I enjoyed watching it, but I did think the women were more like backdrop go-go dancers in much of the piece. https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-itm-001&hsimp=yhs-001&hspart=itm&p=christopher+bruce+rooster#id=6&vid=694470b82d7909abf265c606e5f8f5fa&action=view
  5. What was the audience reaction? It is a fun ballet to watch, although I know many dancers who complain about dancing it.
  6. fromthebalcony

    NYCB: Jewels & All Balanchine

    The All Balanchine program features four of my favorite ballets. Symphony in C should not feel in disarray, so hopefully it was just an off night. Please do give it another chance.
  7. Irmgard - I was lucky enough to be in London for some of these performances this time around, and you summed up many of my thoughts on each dancer. Several differences of opinion: I did not enjoy "Vera" as much as everyone else has mentioned. I thought the choreography was a bit juvenile, but it was danced lovingly by Costa and Garrett. "Second Breath" never grew on me. I think the concept was amazing, but it grew tiresome in many of the sections. Certainly, Liam Scarlett has a real talent for pas de deux choreography. The final pas of "No Man's Land" was stunning. I love Joseph Caley. He has understated elegance in all he does. For me the piece of the performance was Khan's "Dust." While Streeter and Rojo seemed more outwardly emotional, Cirio and Takahashi danced it with such internal pain and struggle, I was reduced to tears. I must remark that Reimair was a striking portrayal of the "first man." For this regular U.S. ballet attendee, it was really a treat to see such a wide range of ballets in one performance, albeit all on the same topic. I hope to get to the Coliseum in January, but I am certainly heading to Chicago for Khan's "Giselle." How I wish we could see more of his work here.
  8. fromthebalcony

    Peter Frame, dancer & teacher RIP

    The news of Paul Taylor's death was very sad for us here, but the news of Peter Frame's death was devastating to many of us. Taylor, of course, is well-known by all. Peter, not as well known, was a beautiful dancer. Probably even more important was the legacy he left so many students at SAB, CPYB, and BAE. We are all grieving the loss of one gone way too soon.
  9. I was only in England for a very short time, but had the opportunity to see English National and Royal Ballet at the MacMillan celebrations. I count myself blessed for having seen that performance. Although The Judas Tree was difficult to watch, Song of the Earth quickly became a favorite of mine! The performance was a ballet highlight of my year!
  10. Thanks for your review. I really want to see Pite's Emergence, but just have not found the opportunity.
  11. fromthebalcony

    Life Peerage for Deborah Bull

    Thank you very much. That is quite a big deal then.
  12. fromthebalcony

    Life Peerage for Deborah Bull

    Excuse this American's ignorance, and I suppose I could research it, but what exactly is a "life peer?" Is it simply a title or does some other reward go along with it?
  13. fromthebalcony

    ENB Promotions, Joiners and Leavers 2018

    I think it must also present a challenge financially to have living situations in both cities.
  14. For me, Emma is the prize in that deal.
  15. Interestingly, Harlequinade is used quite often at competition for younger dancers. I think of Simkin performing the variation at Varna. It appears at YAGP quite a bit also. MAB, I agree with you about Adams' contemporary work and about Garrett. I am hoping to get back to London this fall, and I hope to see some of these dancers once again. I will certainly be asking for performance suggestions in terms of both London companies.