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  1. I was only in England for a very short time, but had the opportunity to see English National and Royal Ballet at the MacMillan celebrations. I count myself blessed for having seen that performance. Although The Judas Tree was difficult to watch, Song of the Earth quickly became a favorite of mine! The performance was a ballet highlight of my year!
  2. Thanks for your review. I really want to see Pite's Emergence, but just have not found the opportunity.
  3. fromthebalcony

    Life Peerage for Deborah Bull

    Thank you very much. That is quite a big deal then.
  4. fromthebalcony

    Life Peerage for Deborah Bull

    Excuse this American's ignorance, and I suppose I could research it, but what exactly is a "life peer?" Is it simply a title or does some other reward go along with it?
  5. fromthebalcony

    ENB Promotions, Joiners and Leavers 2018

    I think it must also present a challenge financially to have living situations in both cities.
  6. For me, Emma is the prize in that deal.
  7. Interestingly, Harlequinade is used quite often at competition for younger dancers. I think of Simkin performing the variation at Varna. It appears at YAGP quite a bit also. MAB, I agree with you about Adams' contemporary work and about Garrett. I am hoping to get back to London this fall, and I hope to see some of these dancers once again. I will certainly be asking for performance suggestions in terms of both London companies.
  8. I agree with you that choreographic choices need to be more equal. It is difficult to compare a male dancing Ali to a male dancing the role in William Tell. I liked Garrett also, but I just do not think he was well-suited to that role and did not really show his capability. Perhaps it would be better if they were to all do a Bournonville pas or all do a more virtuoso pas in order to do a better comparison. Also agree on Precious Adams. Harlequinade was not a good choice for her.
  9. I mentioned it because I am fully aware of Alexandrova as a dancer, that's all. I had not heard of him, not that I am all that familiar with all of the Bolshoi dancers. Nothing else intended.
  10. Yes, very bad camera work. Very impressed with Daniel McCormack, but I didn't like his contemporary piece by Trey McIntrye. I like a lot of Trey's work, but not that one.
  11. I would actually like to see more companies do something like this. It gives younger dancers a chance to work intensively, and could potentially give older dancers a chance to coach or choreograph.
  12. I was always under the impression that it was the jury themselves who nominated the dancers. Videos are sent of each of the performances for which the dancer (and each choreographer) is nominated, and the jury votes ahead of time. The gala is just a show and award ceremony. What I do not know is if the jury is permitted to vote for their own dancer. I was not familiar with Lantratov. It turns out he is Alexandrova's significant other. http://www.vaganovatoday.com/vladislav-lantratov-and-maria-alexandrova-bolshoi-power-couple
  13. Agreed! Once again, agreed.
  14. fromthebalcony

    Performances in the U.S.A.

    I really loved the ballet and both casts!
  15. No, obviously not. My point was that I do empathize with him. Again, dancers give up much of their lives to dance for a living, and it is sad they cannot afford to live where they work. There have been plenty of threads here on dancers' salaries. For some, it is difficult to even make ends meet. I do not agree with much that Polunin has to say, but I understand this lament.