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  1. I'm sure many of you have already seen it but ROH are using Yasmine Nagdhi dancing the slow variation - seen on Tuesday's screening, to advertise the Encore screenings of the performance. She is so utterly beautiful in this variation her control and her smile as the music quickens. I shared it on FB and quite a few of my friends normally uninterested in ballet actually 'liked' it. I think ROH used the best excerpt here 😍
  2. I booked to see Naghdi on the 28th - booking annual leave, bought train tickets, so how will I see her on Opening Night and 3 more performances?
  3. I've never seen this before. Thank you Richard for posting it. It's wonderful. I have long been a fan of Romany - I notice her every time she's on stage - as I do Isabella Gasparini. This production of La Bayadere has brought (belated) attention to her beautiful dancing, first on WBD and then the video last night, which is great. Hopefully her hard work will be rewarded and this year finally she will be promoted to soloist.
  4. But apart from Darcey. I absolutely loved tonight's performance - the whole company were fantastic. I was looking forward to seeing Yasmine Nagdhi dance my favourite variation - I've never seen anyone perform it so well since Viviana Durante. And after seeing Corrales, who I liked - and McRae, I wanted to see Muntagirov, and he didn't disappoint. Of course the corps were fantastic, despite the stumble in act 1. But for me the highlight of tonight's performance was Marianela Nuñez - my God she was utterly beautiful. I really preferred her Nikiya than Osipova. Osipova suits Gamzatti much more. In my opinion anyway. I just hope there will be a DVD.
  5. Please bring back Deborah Bull. No matter what RB is performing, who is dancing, if it happens to be raining?? - Darcey will always manages to talk about herself. 🤪
  6. So I've just experienced two glorious nights of ballet. All the performances different but all wonderful in their own way. On Monday watching Corrales make his debut in a principal role was memorable, at the age of 22 dancing with two of the most famous and accomplished ballerinas in the world he more than held his own. You could see that he was slightly nervous in certain parts - but who would blame him?! He is a huge talent. What can I say about Osipova and Nunez? They were all that be you expect of them. I now want to see them in the opposite roles. Last night was different in that we had a mature McRae dancing with two young ballerina's, the opposite to Monday night. McRae partnered well, although I agree about the messy flashy jumps that he did instead of the iconic double tours en menage. Corrales did them. I also wondered why Corrales wore a turban throughout but McRae didn't. I think I prefer without. Takada demonstrated some amazing balances and there were some lovely moments to her performance. But my heart wasn't engaged - there was no connection between her and McRae - I did not believe it was a great love. For me the star of the night was Naghdi - she was fantastic. Her interpretation was right - I felt for her but not too much, she did poison Nikiya after all. Her absolutely assured and breathtaking technique was astounding. I can't wait to see her Nikiya one day. That girl can do anything and is the most exciting young ballerina in the RB. Now home to Liverpool - what a great two nights!
  7. I did buy a programme -but didn't notice the sign. I only knew of the changes when the dancers appeared (or didn't) on stage.
  8. I really hope not! I bought a ticket to specifically see Yasmine Nagdhi. Yes! I've booked time off work, booked & paid for trains - thankfully I'm staying over at a friend's otherwise I would have booked a hotel too. I really like O'Sullivan, but it was Naghdi I was wanting to see. So unfair! Nothing I can do now. Not happy!
  9. I really hope not! I bought a ticket to specifically see Yasmine Nagdhi.
  10. It was on the RB's Artistic Administrator's feed on Instagram earlier on. I asked her if Hiraku had retired and she confirmed she had.
  11. Just read on Instagram that Hikaru Kobayashi is to retire. Maybe I've missed this but I've not seen any announcement. Apologies if this has already been discussed. A lovely dancer in my opinion - good luck with her future plans.
  12. Well maybe now KoH will commission a full length ballet from Marston - her fans have been requesting this, or hoping, but if she's 'good enough' for ABT, NBoC and earlier this year SFB then he may be tempted (fingers crossed). I've had enough of WM.
  13. I'm sure there are lots of people who would like to debate this. It's a difficult and sensitive subject for some. Automatically a lot of people get defensive. A lot of people are worried to speak in case they are accused of being elitist or worse racist. I was quite interested in the news item. I am always happy to see ballet mentioned and I am even more interested when the subject of race and colour is discussed. Because ballet is perceived as elitist and white, and generally speaking it is. This is reflected in the predominantly white audience and mostly white ballet companies. Black ballet dancers and mixed race dancers are rare. Only two mixed race ballerinas in The Royal Ballet - are you kidding me? It's 2018, no wonder it's on the news! That is hardly a good reflection of our multi cultural society. And the RB knows this otherwise they would not be doing the outreach work with youngsters that was mentioned. It's not about assuming people can't make up their own mind - it's about introducing people to an art form, encouraging both children and adults to participate and enjoy it. And what's wrong with that. Why not support this initiative and interest. The more people interested in ballet can only be positive surely. On a personal note as a mixed race girl growing up in 70's Liverpool - I can assure you that I was always the only 'coloured' girl in every single ballet class I took. We were rare. The visiting ballet companies were always white except for the occasional Asian and the audiences were 99% white. Thank God for the DTH. It was lonely. And sometimes it still is. This is my experience. So I welcome acknowledgement of the status quo - it wasn't a perfect report but it was mentioned, and it will generate discussion which hopefully will encourage those with the power and means to create change. Which can lead to a more diverse audience, and kids of all races attending ballet class.