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  1. Christmas television?

    Some great films - really love On The Town.
  2. Christmas television?

    If they must do a repeat why not show the Dowell/Cojocaru/Putrov version of Nutcracker for goodness sake. How lazy are the BBC not to mention inconsiderate to it's viewers?!
  3. Thank you Man for the encouragement and yes I will go. 😊
  4. I preferred SB to RS - I was quite disappointed with RS, and I wondered if my expectations were to high. I haven't seen Cinderella and I'm thinking of saving my money and just watch it on TV rather than buy a theater ticket....
  5. Dance on Sky Arts

    Have just read that Les Patineurs is on at 14.50 today. Hopefully some of you will be able to catch it. 😉
  6. And I agree with you 😉 those performances with Evdokimova were beautiful. I remember him dancing Onegin with Patricia Ruanne.... And your right those performances with Patrick Armand & Dupont were fantastic! Weren't we lucky? I remember thinking as a young dancer that Etudes was just the cleverest of ballets, that it was a great way to not only explain classical steps but was an opportunity for a company show off their technical prowess in a direct manner. Love that ballet.
  7. I remember being incredibly moved when I first saw L'Arlesienne with LFB, starring Mirielle Bourgeois & Peter Schaufuss. I went again to the following performance it was so amazing. It was recently on Sky Arts danced by POB - I had my tissues ready knowing how emotional I'd been last time. But somehow it just didn't move me as it had in 1985. LFB had a special magic in those years under Schaufuss.
  8. Audience Behaviour

    I have also experienced noisey audiences - in particular deciding to open a difficult bag of sweets and then offer them to their companions - during a pdd! And yes I did shush them. I think the theatres are definitely at fault here for selling the things. And making noises, disturbing your fellow audience is annoying. But cheering, shouting bravo, or standing at the end is acceptable in my book. I also don't mind when occasionally someone claps after a solo - not everyone knows the right time to clap or that the dance isn't finished. The thunderous silence around them normally gives them a hint pretty quick. 😉
  9. Audience Behaviour

    Blondie - I actually have experienced a snooty elderly woman sitting in front of us, turn around and tell us off, exclaiming "some people don't know how to behave in a theater!" And this was because our seriously ill friend, who was in a wheelchair, 'managed' to shout bravo at the end of a spectacular performance by Dance Theatre of Harlem. To say that we, her friends, were fuming with this woman is an understatement. Our friend had a smile on her face for the first time in weeks and was told off for expressing her enjoyment. The audience were clapping and cheering and she has the cheek to snarl at our friend. How dare she!
  10. I really enjoyed the live relay last night. The whole company performed well. And the orchestra was fantastic. As you can imagine all the principles were excellent, yes Lamb had a wobble, slight over rotation on the chaines I think but she still finished in 5th. In particular I want to mention Campbell who's interpretation was just right and of course Nagdhi who breezed through the difficult choreography like it was a breeze. What an utter delight she is. However one of the highlights of last night was the video of rehearsing with the wonderful Lesley Collier, what a treasure she is. I was so pleased to see them acknowledge this as she deserves every praise and gratitude.
  11. £5 that's just ridiculous!! I would be fuming.
  12. Here in Liverpool the prices have increased by £2.50 since the last cinema's relay!
  13. Yes Yasmine Nagdhi is dancing the Rose Fairy tonight! Joy!
  14. Firstly what a great topic Sim. When I was young I remember crying a lot at certain performances by SWRB - Barbieri in Giselle., Ashmole, Kelly, Tait. And watching Nicola Katrak debut in some roles...aaah memories. Then of course Viviana Durante in Manon. And Cojocaru in Giselle. More recently I was moved by the beauty of Symphonic Variations - again. But the ballet that gets me every time without fail is Gloria - I can still see Penney, Hosking and Eagling clearly, I will never forget that first time I saw it.