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  1. I think also when the government or state activity supports ballet with interest and more importantly funding - like in Cuba and Russia it attracts people from all walks of life. I know our government funds some of the RBS costs but it's nothing on the scale that the Russian government does or the Cuban - which is compared to the UK, a very poor country. The Chinese and South Korean are also actively encouraging and funding ballet schools and training. So despite the enthusiasm for ballet without the funding you can only go so far. For every one 'billy elliot' there are hundreds of kids who just don't get the opportunity....
  2. I'm really sorry to hear that the Moderators were subjected to abuse and angry messages. But I'm not entirely surprised that it happened tbh. This particular thread had become very charged - posts full of anger, accusations, or irrationally defensive remarks, and was getting repetitive with the 'peacemakers' making no headway.... Contacting the Moderators and attacking them from the safety of your home on a keyboard - is just a childish nasty way to deal with your feelings. To the Moderators, all you ballet loving members and especially the peacemakers, I enjoy reading all your posts whether I agree or not. An interesting discussion on ballet with different opinions is better than chocolate - so thank you all. πŸ€—
  3. Obviously I would agree with that also Jan, usually, but I have been told, by two popular ex dancers, of the problems within the company mostly due to the Rojo/Hernandez relationship.
  4. So looking forward to seeing Hobson's Choice again it's been years since I've seen it.......
  5. Especially as previously mentioned, Nagdhi & Ball had not danced this in front of an audience before. The enormity of the occasion - Giselle for goodness sake, and your debut. That there was only a Very slight stumble on the big jete landing - in the whole ballet - is proof of the enormous talent of these special young dancers.
  6. Thanks Bridiem, on top of that, I had said last week that I would wear a brown jumper and when it came to Sat I didn't want to, but I made myself wear it so I could be easily recognised - but then I didn't have the nerve to approach you all. What a dopeπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
  7. I did go to the escalator during the interval, I just didn't have the nerve to approach, what looked like a large group of friends chatting, to introduce myself, I sort of hesitated and then left. Maybe I'll be brave enough next time..😚
  8. Yes I agree - why is that do you think?
  9. Is there no review for Nagdhi & Ball?
  10. Mine neither, although I did notice it, and I think that Alina changed her shoe brand also - a wider fitting?? - because it did become less noticable. A bunion I can live with, but Akane is dancing in shoes that are cut/or open down the side which is something I have never seen before.
  11. Sim, what a fabulous review. You took the words out of my mouth. I agree with everything you wrote. The whole company were amazing and I'm so glad I managed to get a ticket and see be present at what I'm sure will be a performance that we will all remember for years to come. Can I just mention that after the performance Yasmine quickly changed out of her costume, but with her Giselle hairdo & makeup intact, came to the stage door to meet & greet her adoring fans. She spoke to everyone, had photos taken and was just utterly lovely and thankful for all the love and admiration. What a wonderful young woman she is!
  12. Thank you RuthE for answering my querie. It's a shame about this, what I've wondered though is why it's not possible for some shoes to be adapted for her, the box widened or something? Maybe not - otherwise it would of been done...But I can't help but think something could be done to help her. After all is she going to dance the rest of her career with her shoes in that condition? It goes without saying that an integral part of ballet is the feet and pointe work and shoes. Obviously we look at them, we are supposed to, we appreciate beautiful feet - like Claire Calvert's or Xander's, and we notice when the dancers have good footwork because it's a part of what makes ballet different from modern dance for example. I find it a distraction so I try to avoid looking at her feet, which is a shame. I feel sorry for her having to dance with her shoe in that condition and I hope it's not too painful and she is not exacerbating her condition/problem with the continued dancing.
  13. I so enjoyed today's performance, the corps were wonderful, congratulations to the rehearsal coach for the successful result. The pas de six I really enjoyed - but can someone please tell me what is wrong with Takane Akada's left point shoe and why it is always gaping open over her little toe, I do find it a distraction. I found Elizabeth Herrod's performance today was fantastic she really is in great form and I'd like to see her given more solo's. Fumi Kaneko as previously mentioned was perfect in this role, such light airy jetes. Matthew Ball is a really fine dancer who is developing with every role and I'm stupidly very proud of my fellow LiverpudlianπŸ€— But today Yasmine Nagdhi proved yet again that she really is an artist that the RB can be proud of, her impeccable technique, her musicality and her interpretation of this tragic heroine was amazing to witness. After the performance she said she wished she had the opportunity to do it again. As do we, but that will happen, this ballerina is going to very far and I feel honored to have seen her very first successful attempt at this role.
  14. I'm afraid I find Darcey Bussell even more irritating. While she's doing this behind the scenes sequence, I wonder how many times she will manage to mention her own career like she always does.....πŸ™„
  15. LinMM - your post made me laugh! Probably because I have my own wardrobe dilemmas. Anyway I think I'll be wearing a brown jumper and black trousers... But anyway I'll be the short woman looking lost...πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„