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  1. Sharon

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    Stevie - AKA Sharon - beat me to it 😉
  2. Would love to see this particular gala, the ballets and dancers chosen is just great!
  3. Having recently seen Nunez perform excerpts from The Merry Widow in Argentina which she posted on line, I again wondered why this beautiful ballet is not performed here. It's a ballet that would have been perfect for SWRB year's ago... But it's not too late. KoH invite Ronald Hynd - one of your principal's already know it 😉 Would it be considered too 'old fashioned' for the RB now - what with costumes that look like underwear or choreography that has the dancers legs round their necks.. I though would love to see the RB or BRB perform this ballet - also it would be a lovely tribute to Ronald Hynd, former RB dancer and much underrated choreographer.
  4. Sharon

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    My Ashton DVD arrived today and I immediately watched Symphonic Variations - I've waited forever to have this on DVD, this utterly beautiful ballet and with this divine cast - I'm in heaven......
  5. Yes me too - what's so annoying is I can't even remember why I couldn't go to Leeds to see it in the first place! Note to self - do not let anything stop you from seeing important productions 🙄
  6. It was wonderful to see Nagdhi & Ball in Giselle. Then, in a fantastic seat, watching Nagdhi in Swan Lake, what a treasure she is! I'm only sorry I didn't get to see her dance it with Bonelli - or Ball in Madrid. Jane Eyre was amazing! I can still picture the final moments when Cathy supported Edward in arabesque in their pdd. It was a deeply moving moment and spoke volumes. I greatly enjoyed my trip to San Francisco in April, to see the Unbound festival where I was spoilt with not one but two fantastic New ballets by British choreographer's - "Amina Aminus" by David Dawson and another narrative ballet by Cathy Marston "Snowblind". Both were a huge success and have been chosen to be performed again when the company (SFB) goes on tour! Again I would like to appeal to Kevin O'Hare to please request the services of Cathy Marston to create a ballet for the RB. I'm so tired of the McGregor works! I also greatly enjoyed seeing the National Ballet of Canada in Paris. "Nijinsky" was an interesting ballet, there were parts that were a bit over long, however I was really impressed with the company especially Guillaume Cote who was amazing in the role of Nijinsky. For me it's been a great season and I can't wait for the next one to begin.
  7. I too looked into it, as there are flights from Liverpool to Madrid, however the incredibly expensive theatre prices have snookered that idea - I would so love to see Yasmine Nagdhi dance with Matthew Ball or Bonelli.....😥
  8. Sharon

    John Curry film

    Oh yes and mine too Jan. I can remember him clearly during the European & Olympic's. I was mesmerised by his beautiful balletic style and line. All other skaters, except for a special few, failed to inspire me, as technique alone will never match dance ability and artistry.
  9. Sharon

    John Curry film

    My goodness what a fantastic documentary. It was great to see some of his wonderful routines in rehearsal and performance. I particularly liked L'Apres midi du faune. Despite his success he was portrayed as being very melancholy and moody was said several times. It was therefore bittersweet to see him happy at the end of his life.
  10. Jealous Jan, wish I'd been there too. Love NBofC went to see them in Paris last year - in the very uncomfortable Theatre Champs Elysee. Would love to see the Crystal Pite ballet...
  11. I knew there was another reason why I liked you! 👍
  12. That's exactly what I'm hoping for Sim 🙄
  13. Sharon

    Dame Gillian Lynne RIP

    How sad. RIP Gillian and my condolences to her husband, family and friends.
  14. Sharon

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    So happy about this release! I'm buying it for Symphonic Variations - one of my favourite ever ballets - and with this dream cast. Heaven! Can't wait for it to arrive......😍
  15. Sharon

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    @MAB please don't bother to answer as I discovered the year as I continued to read...🙄