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  1. Yes I agree Osipova is an amazing ballerina. I am full of admiration for her artistry. And I think it's fantastic that he is considered suitable to partner her, and he definitely is. It's just that I love the beautiful partnership he has with Nagdhi and I'm hoping to see a lot more of it 😍
  2. @Sim I have a horrible feeling that the powers that be have decided that Ball is a suitable partner for Osipova..... I SO want to be wrong - & I probably am. But like you and others I don't understand the reason for not promoting and nurturing the Nagdhi/Ball partnership. I mean they are just wonderful together....🙄🙄🙄
  3. @Indigo yes it was great watching him on WBD, he was also mentioned in some of the Unbound festival reviews too.
  4. Oh yes I agree. It would be amazing to see this beautiful, talented couple rewarded / acknowled like that. Also it would be important as a piece of dance history, capturing them now at the cusp of stardom. How many times have you heard people say they wished there were more films of Sibley & Dowell dancing together, that more of their performances had been filmed?... Let's not repeat that.
  5. @Bruce Wall Snowblind is indeed an amazing ballet, i loved it, so atmospheric, another example of Marston's brilliant narrative power. On the same evening I also very much enjoyed David Dawson's Amina Aminus, so beautiful to watch one of my favourite ballerinas Sofiane Sylve in this gorgeous ballet. Both ballets were a huge success with cheers and standing ovation. I felt really proud to be English that night. And btw ex RB Solomon Golding really stood out that night too and I think he will go far in this company.
  6. Assoluta - I read your post in amazement wondering if we'd seen the same show. I saw this show on 25th April and the response from the audience to David Dawson's ballet was a very positive and obvious huge success. It was a beautiful ballet, a perfect cast including one of my own favourite ballerinas Sofiane Sylve. Each dancer on that stage performed fantastically. The music used by Enzio Bosso was an inspired choice, and Dawson's choreography to this score was more than complementary, it was if they had created the piece together, it worked so well. I'm not a critic, - although practically all the reviews I've read have been positive, if that counts? I just know what I like and I'm observant enough to see if a ballet has been successfully received - or has bombed. Amina Aminus was most definitely a success! And deservedly so.
  7. Yes I know how easy it is to get to Paris thank you very much. But as Sim and some others spoke of Shklyarov guesting I was just contributing to the conversation - that is what this forum is for isn't it? I agree entirely that we have great dancers in the company but having occasional guests is exciting for the company and audience, well most of us anyway, if you don't like the guests you don't have to go watch them. I also love to hear and see photos of the RB dancers guesting abroad. It gives them the opportunity to experience something new and to earn some money.
  8. I personally would love to have a guest artist from the Paris Opera - Hugo Marchand, Mathieu Ganio or Germain Louvet. And of the Paris Opera women I'd love to see the young New Zealander Hannah O'Neill. Can't remember the last time a Paris Opera dancer did guest at the Royal??? But I can dream.....
  9. I've also got a ticket for the 11th and I would love to see BRB on the 12th.......ooh @cavycapers you have put temptation right in front of me.....🙄
  10. Also congratulations to the young dancer Francesca Velicu who also won.
  11. Great to see Flight Pattern won the Olivier award tonight! Congratulations Crystal Pite 🍀