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  1. I have Stalls Circle Standing D51 & D52 available for the Monday 13th May 7.30pm performance of Romeo and Juliet at Royal Opera House - cast is Beatriz Stix-Brunell and Ryoichi Hirano making their debuts. £11 per ticket.
  2. I have a spare balcony standing ticket available for Cuthbertson/Ball performance of Don Quixote on Monday evening (1st April) - £10. Please get in touch if you’d like it.
  3. General rehearsal cast, if helpful: Juliet - Akane Takada Romeo - Ryoichi Hirano Mercutio - James Hay Tybalt - Bennet Gartside Benvolio - Tristan Dyer Paris - Tomas Mock Lord & Lady Capulet - Thomas Whitehead & Kristen McNally Escalus - Alastair Marriott Rosaline - Claire Calvert Nurse - Romany Padjak Friar Laurence - Philip Mosley Lord & Lady Montague - Philip Mosley & Lara Turk Harlots - Yuhui Choe, Olivia Cowley, Meaghan Grace Hinkis
  4. Received this in the friends monthly update email, from memory in previous years I think there has been an announcement online prior to the guide being posted out, but perhaps not this year: Details for next Season will be announced in mid-May, when you will receive the 2019/20 season guide alongside your autumn magazine.
  5. Does anyone know if the insight tonight was filmed/streamed? Just had mention of it from a friend who attended, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything from ROH/RB news page or social media, so assume it was not broadcast.
  6. The staff didn’t seem sure, I’ll try to keep an eye out. I’d be happy watching a repeat. I’ve got written in my diary that the encore screenings are this Sunday but I’ve already booked for the Ashton Foundation event so that will have to take precedence, however enticing Akane and Alexander are. I’d hoped that I wouldn’t have to make a choice but these things happen. Fire alarm during the general rehearsal and now this!! I’ll very much look forward to hearing everyone else’s thoughts on the screening tonight though.
  7. Unfortunately I got to my local cinema this evening only to find that the Don Quixote screening had been cancelled at the last minute due to ‘technical issues’. Gutted to be missing Akane Takada and Alexander Campbell but hope everyone else is able to enjoy.
  8. I enjoyed The Cunning Little Vixen more on a second viewing today, but still felt the narrative quite rushed - there was almost too much story to get through to allow any time for it to breathe and develop. I thought the video ‘scenery’ worked well, as it was mostly static I didn’t find it distracting. I didn’t think the choreography Scarlett’s finest, but this does not detract from an undoubtedly fantastic achievement for the young performers. James Hay on top form again in The Two Pigeons this afternoon, honestly that eye roll and sigh he gives just makes me grin from ear to ear. I also really enjoyed Yuhui Choe and Alexander Campbell’s performance on Thursday - I don’t think anyone does righteous indignation quite like Yuhui, I was glad to be sitting so close to the front to get the full experience of her wonderful facial expressions particularly during Act I. I think I always consider Yuhui to be my top choice for light hearted roles, and yet she also demonstrated a really heart-rending performance of yearning, loss and forgiveness throughout the evening. She is a beautiful dancer. Found my eye drawn to Leticia Dias and Nadia Mullova-Barley in the gypsy encampment scene - I felt they were really embodying the sultry, sassy haughtiness of the gypsy girls on another level. David Yudes a brilliant Gypsy Boy - what a change from Sancho Panza last night! Already disappointed that the run of The Two Pigeons has come to an end, it manages to balance emotion, humour, elegance and boisterousness all wrapped up in some gorgeous choreography, music and designs. Despite a couple of examples of wayward poultry, I’ve not failed to have a lump in my throat when that final pigeon flies across the stage in the closing moments.
  9. Well I think that was the biggest round of spontaneous applause I’ve ever seen at ROH. Vadim Muntagirov rightly recognised for an outstanding solo during the grand pas de deux. Marianela Nunez looked like she was genuinely enjoying her performance - her enthusiasm (and smile!) was infectious. Electric atmosphere this evening, with a very welcoming audience - I think almost every patron in the stalls gave a standing ovation at the end. I know it’s not to everyone’s taste but I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening and my mum loved it. Quick note re the general rehearsal today - Matthew Ball looked incredible as Espada, lovely Spanish shaping. Such a shame not to see his act iii! @Thalia I was looking out for you this afternoon, sorry not to have seen you!
  10. Very sorry for William Bracewell - having been present for Ballet Studio Live and the Ashton Foundation Le Rossignol rehearsals I’ve been forming the opinion that he shows incredible promise as an interpreter of the Ashton choreography and was relishing the chance to see him in a principal Ashton role on stage... A Month In The Country it will have to be. I do hope he recovers quickly and is able to get back on stage soon.
  11. Yes LinMM heads right in the way blocking fairly chunky parts of the stage. I now know that the rake doesn’t start until further back (I think I heard somewhere around K) but that being the case, why are the ‘unraked’ seats charged at top price when you have a fairly high chance of not being able to see large swathes of the stage?
  12. SUCH a joy to have James Hay back on stage last night, he really was superb at conveying the frustrations and emotions of the young man. The expression on his face during the pas de deux in act 1 just after the pigeons have flown by was absolutely priceless - it conveyed so much. Elegant line and a passionate conviction of storytelling through his movement. I love The Two Pigeons. The music, the choreography, the story, the designs, it all works for me. Yesterday evening benefitted from a great cast - I was really pleased to see David Yudes cast as the gypsy boy - what a brilliant dancer he is. Another strong performance from Mayara Magri and I am enjoying seeing Akane Takada perform so well and in such varied roles over the last year or so. Unfortunately my view from row D of the central stalls was severely restricted - I have no idea why these seats are placed in the higher price category, I have hugely regretted choosing them as a treat this booking period! Visibility seemed much worse during Asphodel Meadows, so I don’t feel I can pass significant comment on it. I really enjoyed the music, and thought the supporting artists were brilliant. What I could see of the choreography I enjoyed - felt that the second movement pas de deux performed by Mayara Magri and Tristan Dyer felt a little more polished and synchronised than the others. Really looking forward to seeing Yuhui Choe/Alexander Campbell and Yasmine Naghdi/William Bracewell (hoping he is fully recovered) in The Two Pigeons - as another poster said above, I could happily book for this every other year.
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