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  1. Managed to swap my tickets for 19th to 20th so looking forward to hearing thoughts from Capybara and others from today’s matinee in anticipation for next week!
  2. I emailed the friends team earlier this week to passionately express my disappointment in the comments made by Lucy Sinclair. I received a response within 24 hours but it was almost entirely identical to the message that Timmie posted, and the comment made by ROH ok the original webpage. I feel for the friends team who will be the ones on the receiving end of members’ concerns, but all the same a ‘copy and paste’ email is unlikely to warrant a sense of loyalty.
  3. Looking for a ticket for Monday morning’s rehearsal if anyone is looking to sell one. Thank you.
  4. Is it not Steven McRae doing the cinema broadcast?
  5. Sorry posted on the casting thread before I saw the messages here. Gutted for Ed, and the audience. I thought he was incredible in the role when I saw it last time and had been really looking forward to seeing him perform again, particularly as I really felt his loss in Winters Tale. I’ve now booked tickets to see Matthew Ball on the 20th - I’m excited to see his interpretation but what a huge amount he is doing over the next few months; La Bayadere, Unknown Soldier, Swan Lake and now Mayerling too. Yikes!
  6. Ed Watson has just announced that he won’t be able to perform his scheduled Mayerling dates, making reference to ‘not being superhuman after all’. Very sad news, assume this is in relation to the injury he picked up during last season. I do hope he recovers back to full fitness, I’d been so looking forward to seeing him dance again. However upset we are, it must be horrendous for him.
  7. A post on the New Adventures website says that they will be taking part with promise of a video of Matthew Ball, Will Bozier and Max Westwell rehearsing Swan Lake in August. https://new-adventures.net/news/celebrate-world-ballet-day-2018
  8. I’ve very much enjoyed seeing Melissa Hamilton in the MacMillan pieces, and also in Rubies which I think was possibly the first performance she gave after returning from Dresden (although I may be mistaken in this).
  9. Riva

    Audience Behaviour

    Article today on BBC about audience behaviour which raises the possibility of relaxed performances. I think ENB do specific child friendly ‘my first ballet’ style performances, but don’t recall ROH offering ‘relaxed’ performances for those who may not be able to sit still or quietly for the duration. But an interesting thought! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-45498464
  10. I’m not the only one refreshing the page in hope then?! I thought it was today too, but now can’t find the email which prompted me to believe that.
  11. Really pleased for all the dancers who have been promoted. Big fan of Matthew Ball, and surely also big things ahead for William Bracewell. I’m quite surprised not to see more of the promoting of a dancer to principal in the news links considering the coverage that Yasmine Naghdi had last year, and Hayward/Takada/Campbell/Hirano the previous year. Is it only The Times who’ve written about this?
  12. I believe David Hallberg is currently in Saint Petersburg with Mariinsky so seems likely that the above interview happened a little while ago.
  13. I’ve now finished a Swan Lake-tastic week and the 2017/8 season 😪 having seen three performances - Osipova/Ball, Nunez/ Muntagirov (big screen) and Takada/Bracewell. I came away from my first experience of the new production quite disappointed - whilst it LOOKED beautiful it didn’t move me emotionally, which I think I really look for in ballet. Enjoyed the second performance at the big screen more, and by curtain down yesterday evening I was properly engaged and rooting for Siegfried and Odette. I’m not quite sure what made the difference, why my appreciation grew with each performance, perhaps being glued to the binoculars last night so that I could see more of the dancer’s expressions. Overall, I’ve been really impressed with the whole company and orchestra. Thought the corps during acts II and IV were in sync, delicate but also powerful. My biggest gripe is that I felt the musicality was a little off in each of the Neapolitan dances I saw. The set of act III really is stunning - every time I saw the reveal I gasped at it’s beauty!
  14. Excited is an understatement. No confirmation on which dates Matthew Ball will be performing - Sadlers Wells said they aren’t given principal casting until the day of the performance (or sometimes the day before), New Adventures said they would expect to release confirmation of dates in Autumn.