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  1. There is the Anna Pavlova Foundation in the Netherlands
  2. Very interesting and very current article - thanks for posting
  3. Mine was going to the PDL 2018 (I have always wanted to go) and seeing some amazingly talented students - maybe even a future ballet ‘superstar’ in gold medalist and Nureyev Prize winner Shale Wagman (joining ENB for next season). Hanna Park (S Korea) also stood out as being an exceptionally gifted dancer too (prize winner and joining RBS in September). I look forward to seeing where the ballet world will take them in the future 🌟
  4. Springbourne3

    News: Royal Ballet Promotions 2018/19

    Yes - she’s joining the Joffrey Ballet it would seem
  5. Springbourne3

    News: Royal Ballet Promotions 2018/19

    Yes - he has been granted a PDL prize after another candidate chose not to use it - so presumably he will be the PDL dancer for the next season?
  6. List of the Vaganova Academy Graduate’s contracts gained for 2018 - well done to them all Maria Bulanova: Mariinsky Daria Ionova: Mariinsky Anastasia Nuykina: Mariinsky Maria Khoreva: Mariinsky Peter Attikov: Bolshoi (rumoured) Anita Voroshilova: Mariinsky Ervin Zagidullin: Mariinsky Lada Ivanova: Mariinsky Orina Anzai: Mariinsky Davide Loricchio: Royal Ballet Vakhtang Kherheulidze:Mariinsky llya Mogilnikov: Mariinsky Anastasia Demidova: Mariinsky
  7. Springbourne3

    News: Royal Ballet Promotions 2018/19

    I entirely agree! Very disappointed too
  8. Springbourne3

    News: Royal Ballet Promotions 2018/19

    Great news regarding M Ball - well deserved. Congratulations to the Aud Jebson dancers that have gained Artist contracts too - there seem to be quite a few very talented apprentices being taken on for the next season and not just from the RBS, as also joining will be David Lorrichio (Italian graduate from the Vaganova School) and Lania Atkins (Australian graduate from the Dutch National Academy) - looking forward to watching their future careers!
  9. Simon Regourd had been injured and was unable to participate in any auditions - he’s returning to the RBS in September, so hopefully all will go well for him.
  10. Yes it seems that this year’s graduates are joining companies far and wide but none to the DNB!
  11. Yes Lania is Australian - I liked her too and it was a surprise that she didn’t make the PDL finals but was offered a place at the Dutch National Academy through the networking process at the PDL. She has been studying there since 2016 - a lovely tall, elegant and long-limbed dancer.
  12. Lania Atkins also won the silver medal at the Genées in 2015 (aged 15) - she is the very tall student on the far left of this photo of the Genée 2015 medalists.
  13. I’ve not seen any announcements re - HET Junior Co as yet though.
  14. For anyone who is interested the Dutch National Academy have just announced their graduate destinations....nice to see Lania Atkins has been offered an apprenticeship with the RB - I noticed her at the 2016 PDL - although she wasn’t selected for the finals she was offered a place at the Dutch National Academy as a result of the PDL - well done to her for being offered an apprenticeship with the RB!
  15. Yes - it’s available for 24 hours only according to the ENB Facebook page