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  1. I would love to see her Juliet and I really hope that she will be cast again this season - I’m a loyal fan of Hamilton’s from her YAGP days.
  2. Springbourne3

    New Nureyev documentary

    It’s being screened in my sleepy part of Wiltshire at a new cinema complex near to me - I checked for seat availability and not one seat had been sold as yet - wasn’t there a fairly recent Nureyev documentary shown on TV with ‘previously unseen footage’ of him??
  3. Patrick Dupond was born in Paris on March 14, 1959. He began his’ ballet training at the age of 10 with Max Bozzoni, a private teacher. By 11, he was accepted into the Paris Opera Ballet School. There, he combined his academic studies with his ballet work, and also found time to continue private training with Bozzoni. Advancing rapidly, Dupond entered the Paris Opera Ballet at the age of 15, breaking the company's long‐standing rule never to admit anyone until the age of 16. Dancing in the corps de ballet, he was soon chosen for a few important solo roles, notably in Roland Petit's “Symphonie Fantastique” and “Nana” (in which he partnered the Canadian ballerina Karen Kain). I think the film is possibly from 1992 but not completely sure on that and I believe he now has a dance Academy in Bordeaux, France.
  4. I’ve tried to like Don Q but its never been a ballet I would want to go and see - the Acosta version practically sent me to sleep (not to mention his recent ‘Carmen’ 🙈 just awful). It’s a shame that the RB have included Don Q next season as, in my opinion, I don’t really think the RB excels in this ballet. I don’t think they excel in ‘La Bayadere’ either and I’d be happy if all three ballets never entered the RB repertoire again. Bring back Massine’s ‘Le Tricorne’ with De Falla’s evocative music and those Picasso designs.....far better than Don Q! Olé!
  5. Springbourne3

    Which Role Would You Dance?

    😂😀 here is the complete Bolshoi ‘Spring Waters’ pas de deux with Bylova and Nikonov 💖 enjoy
  6. Springbourne3

    Which Role Would You Dance?

    I would love to dance the beautiful Nocturne from ‘Les Sylphides’. I saw this performed as a young child and thought it was just magical with the Chopin music, the moonlit woodland setting and the corps de ballet poised like ethereal white statues around the stage. The other title/leading roles would be, Juliet ‘Romeo and Juliet’ - rebellious and tragic💔 the Firebird from ‘Firebird’ - exotic and mysterious🔥 ‘Manon’ - romance, trickery and tragedy 💋💍 ‘Cinderella’ - the fairytale transformation and to make that ballroom entrance sur les pointes down the staircase 🌟 ’Giselle’ - betrayal, tragedy and forgiveness 😢😘 ’Sylvia’ - that Pizzicato variation would be tricky though🏹 ’Pineapple Poll’ 😃 just fun! ⚓️ and last but not least, and just to make that spectacular run and dive into my partner’s arms, the Bolshoi’s ‘Spring Waters’ pas de deux.....phew Which partner/partners would we dance with though?
  7. Springbourne3

    Karin Von Aroldingen RIP

    Beautiful dancer RIP
  8. Springbourne3

    Sharing Our Passion

    I understand what you mean - so perhaps I should add that my old and very baggy Ondine t-shirt was great for a pre-class warm up and then for after class - the image of Fonteyn in black and white was very eye-catching. There was a small collection of t-shirts that were sold at the ROH in the 80s with beautiful photographic images of RB dancers 😃 I found the photo in question taken by Roger Wood...so beautiful
  9. Springbourne3

    Sharing Our Passion

    When I had my dance school I also started adult ballet classes - mainly for beginners and those who had attended ballet classes in the past. As the classes grew they became quite a ‘ballet social event’ as we would all meet up for dinner before going to watch a ballet performance or live cinema screening. Some adult pupils even entered for ballet examinations and their new found passion for ballet encouraged friends/family/colleagues to also become interested in ballet. I even had a few rugby players who ‘had a go’ at some ballet classes to help with their rugby skills and became completely hooked on the art as a result.
  10. Would love to see ‘La Peri’ (1956) - I have books and books with photos of a very exotic looking Fonteyn in the title role - and would also love to see ‘Façade’ again too.
  11. Springbourne3

    Sharing Our Passion

    I used to have a t shirt too - which I bought from the ROH years ago when I was a dance student - it had Margot Fonteyn as ‘Ondine’ on it and I literally wore until it fell to bits! I had quite a few comments on it and so was a way to share some of my ballet passion. I also taught dance for years and that was a great way to share and nurture ballet passion! 💕
  12. Springbourne3

    Diana Vere

    RIP Diana Vere
  13. There’s a wealth of young talent amongst this year’s joiners - should be very interesting to see them develop within the company.
  14. There is the Anna Pavlova Foundation in the Netherlands