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  1. Cheryl was on the BBC1 ‘One Show’ tonight and once again claimed to of been ‘in the Royal Ballet’! Unbelievable! Somebody should enlighten her!
  2. Springbourne3

    Duchess of Cambridge Visits the ROH

    Thanks for the link - I like the photo of the Queen meeting dancers after the ROH Centenary celebrations in 1958 - I think one of the dancers is Beriosova but not sure of who the other dancers are in their ‘Birthday Offering’ costumes.
  3. Springbourne3

    Emma Maguire (Royal Ballet)

    Oh that’s such a shame - such a beautiful dancer and will certainly miss seeing her perform . Good luck to her in whatever she does post RB.
  4. Springbourne3

    Grace on Ice

    This is fantastic to see - my mother used to rave about her - very nostalgic trip for me and thanks for posting Amelia.
  5. I think that it’s a bit of a weird mix - Winter Dreams in between two light-hearted ballets - maybe it was chosen just because of the word ‘Winter’ in its title during the Winter ballet season???😂 (I do wonder if this is the case sometimes!) Doesn’t seem to of been much thought regarding the suitability for the younger members of the audience - hence the early exodus of younger audience goers which is a real shame.
  6. What a ridiculous programme - fortunately we had a power cut here half way through, so I didn’t manage to see the rest of it (such a shame 😉)!!!!
  7. Trouble is her kind of remarks are misleading to the general public - she only went to one RBS Summer school as a child and decided that it wasn’t for her and she that she ‘didn’t like the people’ (??!) - but now it’s ok for her to say (not very truthfully) that she was ‘at the RB’ though! Oh dear Oh dear 🙈!
  8. Springbourne3

    Ballet on Radio 4

    Thanks for this - it’s in the diary.
  9. Little bit late but Happy New Year 🥳
  10. Springbourne3

    2019/20 season wish list

    Here’s Dowell as Troyte ‘Enigma Variations’
  11. Springbourne3

    2019/20 season wish list

    Thanks for your reply Darlex - Yes, only Derek Rencher (whom I saw perform this role) and Saunders (who I haven’t seen). I think N Kish would be very well suited to the role of Elgar - an excellent suggestion 😊. M Nunez as Lady Elgar perhaps? Or C Calvert? I see James Hay as Troyte.
  12. Springbourne3

    2019/20 season wish list

    My RB season 19/20 would be; Ashton’s Cinderella, Ondine (tribute to Fonteyn) and as part of a triple bill, La Valse, Coppelia, Would love to see Le Tricorne (Massine) again - one can live in hope! As has been mentioned previously, Enigma Variations - I’m sure with the current level of talent within the RB and choice of casts that this would offer, it would be absolutely amazing. I always loved Daphnis and Chloe and surely it’s about time the RB revived it? Other ballets - Monotones 1 and 2, Dances at a Gathering, Façade, Checkmate.
  13. Yes - you’re quite right on that - thanks for the update
  14. Another interesting read and view of the various film clips from the above posts. The first live Nutcracker I saw was the Ronald Hynd 1976 production for the original London Festival Ballet - designs by Peter Docherty. I remember it looking as if you had opened one of those children’s pop-up fairy tale books at Christmas. In Hynd’s version Clara was performed by a young student from Arts Ed. School (Tring) and in this version she had an older sister, Louise, performed by a principal dancer. His version also involved Louise joining in with some of the dances in the final act as the current RB version does. Again, Hynd used children throughout the production (all from Arts Ed). I found the production quite magical at the time and remember that there were several great dancers in the company at the time such as Eva Evdokimova, Belinda Wright, Peter Breuer, Patricia Ruanne, Alain Dubreuil, Patrice Bart, Elisabetta Terabust, Kerrison Cooke, Peter Schaufuss, Freya Dominic to name just a few. I’ve always been a fan of Wright’s RB production so that is my other favourite. Not so favourite was the BRB’s one act production called the ‘Nutcracker Sweeties’ (1997? I think), music by Duke Ellington (the best thing about it!), costumes by Jasper Conran and was choreographed by David Bintley (not his best in my opinion). I thought it was awful and has it ever been performed again? Did anyone else see it? Just for interest I managed to find a clip of Hynd’s Nutcracker Act 2 performed by LFB in 1976 (it’s a bit dated of course, but has some fine dancing by the company - and children). Louise is danced by, but not 100% on that, either Eva Evdokimova or Patricia Ruanne and Terry Hayworth is Drosselmeyer - apologies in advance for the poor sound quality. I don’t seem to be able to upload the cast list 🤔 Happy viewing and looking forward to the start of the Spring 2019 dance season.
  15. Springbourne3

    Do you go to the Stage Door?

    That takes me back MAB - I remember the ‘Nags Head’ from my student days (late 70s early 80s) - we students frequently ‘hung out’ there just to catch a glimpse of the RB dancers.