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  1. Anyone been to The Ballet Retreat?

    Thank you so much for all your replies. It really does seem like something i would like to attend. I more likely attend the one in leeds as accommodation is cheaper than in London. Is anyone going to be attending the January 2018 one in Leeds? Or has anyone been there that has stayed in a hotel nearby? If so, would you recommend any hotels around that area? thanks again
  2. Hello, Has anyone been to The Ballet Retreat, either in London or Leeds? If so, would you recommend it? And what sort of things do you do in the classes? Thanks in advance
  3. Adult ballet summer school uk 2017

    Thank you, I will have a look at that now ?
  4. Hello, Does anyone know of any good adult ballet summer schools for this summer that you either know about or could recommend? I'm 20 and RAD Intermediate ballet. I am too old for most of the summer schools but still really wanted to do a summer course if it was possible. All help will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance