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  1. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    RBS? I think all the results came out on Thursday and Friday last week.
  2. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    The results email said over 850 applicants for full-time training at WL, so I guess mids-only applications take the number even higher! We were told there were record numbers this year.
  3. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    We were group 2 on the 28th, but also know of yeses from Bath and group 1 xx
  4. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    DD has a yes for Year 7 finals from London! Very happy household! Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear xx
  5. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    We were told last Saturday at JAs that they expect to let Bath auditionees know towards the end of this week, with all other result released quickly, but in order of audition date following that. Hope it’s soon, as finals would require me to book a day off work! Good luck everyone xx
  6. Deciding whether to apply for RBS junior associates

    Frog stretch is a good indication, and used at some auditions, but need to be very careful as it can hurt knees if the degree of turnout is not there. I think turnout can be improved, rather than being solely genetic, as JAs are given daily exercises to develop turnout. They gently work on one hip at a time to prevent injury.
  7. Deciding whether to apply for RBS junior associates

    RBS are very nurturing, even through the audition process, and the audition itself is lots of fun for all candidates, regardless of the outcome. It is a big commitment, especially if you live a large distance from your JA centre, but it has absolutely been the right decision for my DD. Good luck if you decide to apply xx
  8. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Good luck everyone! We were told yesterday at JAs that they expect to start issuing results towards the end of next week, starting with Bath and working through in order of when the auditions took place, so it could be half term before we hear for lots of us.
  9. Balletdadblog

    Having read the ISI report, I would highlight the fact that the issues raised in the 2015 inspection were largely admin-related. Although they did refer to safeguarding, in a lot of the concerns the problems were linked to how information was stored and how well the staff knew data, rather than anything more sinister. The education and care of the students was praised throughout. By the 2016 monitoring inspection, they felt that the issues had been addressed. The articles about Linda Goss, while shocking, are over 20 years old. Not excusing the events by any means, but we certainly to consider how much can change in 20 years. I work in education, and at the vast majority of schools you will find several happy parents for every horrified one. The parents I know from the school in question are applying for places for younger siblings, which hopefully is a sign of positive change.
  10. RBS Spring Intensive 2018

    I’m sorry to hear you have had disappointing news. After the Mid audition your daughter’s regular dance teacher is able to request feedback, which might give some answers. I know their programmes are all really over subscribed, and the photo-only applications are especially tough. Good luck for January xx
  11. Rbs spring intensive London

    We paid the application fee for my JA DD too. We did get email reminders about applying for WL and SS, and encouragement to apply for WL, but I don’t think DD is at any advantage over other children. All SS applications are assessed on photos only xx
  12. Questions about Lower School auditions

    We haven’t heard about a London audition yet. It’s normally a bit nearer the time, I think.
  13. Easter Intensives

    RBS have an Easter intensive. I think it is age 12+.
  14. English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    You have to be at all rehearsals without exception. Even illness is a bit frowned on, I gather!
  15. The Canterville Ghost 2018 by LCB

    What is the format of the audition, please? How does the same-day recall work? Is there still a final audition later in the month? (Sorry... so many questions!)