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  1. The vocational schools have their induction days next month, so there is likely to be a bit of movement on the MA waiting list after that as people feel sure enough to give up their plan B! Fingers crossed for everyone on SWL.
  2. Congratulations! It’s a lovely lovely school! I think you will have an induction day (plus maybe a sleepover for the DC?) in the next month or so, and it’s a great chance for children to meet, and parents too.
  3. Hello, I’m sure someone will be on with more precise timings, but JA1 is around 11am to 1pm, unless the time has changed. You will get an information pack in about June, I think, with all the dates, timings etc. Miss Cooper is a fantastic teacher, and a really lovely one too!
  4. The finance office at DD’s school were really helpful at looking at a similar family already on MDS (anonymously of course) and giving us a very accurate idea. We then divided the annual contribution by twelve and started putting the monthly sum away from May onwards so that by the time our first bill arrived, the money was ready to go. It gave us a chance to see if finances worked on a month-by-month basis before letting her state secondary school place go. Good luck everyone. Fingers crossed for all the maths to work for you.
  5. Old-style Elmhurst formal jacket and tartan skirt size C3 (jacket may be a C2 but has fit my 153cm DD with lots of room for growth... will confirm with DD). Suitable for a Year 8, 9 or 10. Please note: current and new Year 7s are in a different formal uniform. £30 + postage
  6. I think that with the hours and level of training at full time vocational schools, MAs would be superfluous. A DC going out for associate classes every weekend would miss vital rest time and social time with their classmates. In a way, it seems better somehow to leave the associate spots for DC who are not able to have full time training for whatever reason.
  7. Huge congratulations PenguinBoy! Exciting times ahead!
  8. I’m sure someone will be along who has applied this year, but I think it is around £40-£50. I’m not sure though.
  9. You need to be quick... I think applications close this week! If you don’t try, you will never know. The RBS JA audition is a lovely experience in itself, so you could always treat it as a nice day out and see what happens. It certainly changed the panorama for my DD, now at vocational school, which we would never have imagined a couple of years ago.
  10. What a fantastic idea! The website is really smart too!
  11. Oh the snow! WL finals weekend ruined snow for me... until then I used to love it! Incredibly there was only one child that didn’t manage to get there.
  12. DD’s JA teacher explained that part of the function of the recall class is to weigh up and choose between students who tick all the boxes but would take the class over its quota of 12. Deliberations last year took far longer than expected, because they struggled with this.
  13. Of the current Year 7s, some of the girls got in without being in the callback, but I think the majority were in that last class. Fingers crossed for your DD. She has done so well to even get to WL finals!
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