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  1. SissonneDoublee

    Ballet summer schools for 2019

    I think it must be soon, we did application photos along with lower school ones last year, so must have been October-ish. Elmhurst is a lovely summer school. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
  2. SissonneDoublee

    RBS Mid Associate Training.

    MA1 is Year 7s and maybe 8s as well (DD had a place but didn’t take it up) and is on a Saturday afternoon (from 2:45pm) in Covent Garden.
  3. SissonneDoublee


    The forms we have filled in have required photos of specific dance positions, rather than headshots. We have always booked a private lesson with DD’s ballet teacher to take the photos under supervision to make sure the technique is spot on in each pic.
  4. SissonneDoublee

    Royal Ballet School holding more international auditions

    All England Dance and all the qualifying festivals associated do prohibit pointe work before 13 years of age. If only more teachers and parents took heed of this outside the festival context. While preparatory work is fine before this, it seems like a sensible rule of thumb for more extended dancing on pointe.
  5. SissonneDoublee

    EYB Swan Lake Wimbledon 2018

    Pasta salad worked well for DD, plus plenty of snacks and a packed lunch too! The rehearsal days are long, and they burn a lot of calories.
  6. SissonneDoublee

    Any current RB JA parents about? Question about the towel/mat.

    It also comes in black, which is the one we went for. It is huge! Easily big enough to fit everything in.
  7. SissonneDoublee

    Any current RB JA parents about? Question about the towel/mat.

    A lot of the girls in DDs JA class have the RB bag from the Opera House shop. They are not cheap, but very sturdy and big enough to carry the towel, folder, water bottle, shoes, etc etc and still have space for the tracksuit when they take it off! It has a good selection of pockets too.
  8. SissonneDoublee

    Any current RB JA parents about? Question about the towel/mat.

    The PTA have beautiful logo-ed RBS towels, so you might want to hold off buying a new one especially for JAs, as if your DC is anything like mine you will slowly accumulate everything that exists with a RBS logo!
  9. SissonneDoublee

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Missed the deadline for Year 4 (so much more clueless back then!), a ‘no’ for Year 5, offered and alternative centre for Year 6 (best year ever... made lovely friends and a real turning point dance-wise) full time at Elmhurst for Year 7. A ‘no’ is definitely a ‘not yet’. If your child wants to keep trying, and is not devastated by a negative result, then it is well worth not giving up!
  10. SissonneDoublee

    Royal Ballet JA uniform

    I have an almost unused (probably 30 minutes wear in total, maybe less) character skirt and an unworn JA white leotard (size 1... I bought the wrong size and hand-washed it but it was never worn). The skirt is 58.5cm waist, 63cm long, and was made by the official RBS dressmaker. £40 for both, please.
  11. SissonneDoublee

    RAD exams at vocational school

    RAD lessons are included in MDS funding at some schools.
  12. SissonneDoublee

    Private coaching in Cecchetti ballet

    An associate scheme would prepare your DD very thoroughly for vocational auditions, especially for the school they are affiliated to. RBS and Elmhurst both have associates in Birmingham. You may well find that it would be time very well spent, even if it causes your DD to miss classes at her regular studio. There is no need to be in Grade 6 by then, they are looking for a very solid basic technique, which may be compromised by rushing through the grades.
  13. SissonneDoublee

    Travel to and from vocational school

    Congratulations to your DD! We are just north of Brighton... with such a distance, every weekend would be too much, but with a bit of lift sharing we might be able to manage more frequently than just exeats and holidays. I do agree about needing to be there for some weekends to establish friendships, though.
  14. SissonneDoublee

    Elmhurst. New announcement for vacancies. Yr7 yr10 & Sixth Form

    A Year 7 place for DD.
  15. SissonneDoublee

    Travel to and from vocational school

    Thank you! I’m just working out how to send you a PM.