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  1. We really agonised over whether to tick the WL box last year, and I was told by DD’s JA teacher that it makes little difference, as they invite who they want to finals, regardless of whether they have asked to be considered for WL. This was the case for DD’s friend, who received a special invitation to finals despite only applying for MAs.
  2. This is definitely something to bear in mind when discussing anything other than Year 7 vocational places. To speculate about places becoming available in other year groups makes tough reading for those of us that have children taking appraisals. A place becoming available can be due to heartbreak for our DC or their friend. I wouldn’t wish that on any of them!
  3. Definitely interested! Please could you DM me a photo?
  4. Sorry to hear it’s a no. Don’t write off Mids. My DD didn’t get a summer school place, but got WL waiting list and a place in Mids.
  5. I think the Young Dancers’ programme at Elmhurst is open for applications.
  6. About 25 in each class for prelims, with no1 as the youngest and no25 the oldest (they bear age in mind when considering the children) and 60 girls in total at WL finals. At the end of the two days 15 made it into the callback class, but some girls went straight into the ‘yes’ pile (I think we worked out that there were maybe three of these!). They take 12 girls and 12 boys into each year group at White Lodge, and have a couple on a waiting list that runs until Easter of the following year. Of the 16 JAs that we knew at prelims, two (boys) got into WL and two (girls) got MA places. It’s tough, but the whole process is very positive for the children and DD had a fantastic time at all stages.
  7. Oh and some children have additional stretching by the class teacher. This is nothing to worry about, it just means they want to see if flexibility goes beyond what they are able to support with their current strength. DD was stretched further in her arabesque at the barre, and was offered a MA place, so definitely not a negative.
  8. DD was at both stages of auditioning this year. Preliminary audition was a basic ballet class. There was lots of emphasis on musicality and sense of line. No children were seen en pointe. All girls were asked to wear socks and shoe with elastic. They were seen doing stretches, and a physio had a look at them. It was a lovely class, and DD thoroughly enjoyed herself. WL finals were more intense... two days of class, interview, physio, academic testing and a callback class! They choose who they want to see at finals, and not ticking the box for White Lodge doesn’t mean you won’t be there... we know of a couple of children who were invited to attend without applying for full time training! Good luck!
  9. Frankenshoes! The perfect description of every Year 7 vocational DD’s pointe shoes 😂
  10. I was just about to say exactly this! Especially with a first pair. She is likely to underestimate how much breaking in they need. I also second getting her to do the ribbon sewing, even if it needs a bit of a retouch... my 11 year old DD is so proud of having done her own, without much in the way of sewing experience before that!
  11. The lessons are in Covent Garden, in Floral St, so there’s your first bit of good news! I think in CG you can request if you prefer 32 weeks or 26. My DD did 32 weeks at a different centre and loved it. It was a big commitment, time-wise and financially, but was worth it in every way. I think the 26 week class is a completely separate group, so you wouldn’t be missing weeks as such, but I know that my DD progressed massively on 32 weeks, and I wonder if this had been reduced to every other week the benefit may have been less. Hopefully someone from the CG centre will be able to advise if it is possible to move to the more frequent group as your DD gets closer to MA/ full time auditioning in Year 6, in order to give her the best chance... it is, as you say tough competition at that stage. JAs was a fantastic experience for my DD, and she (and I) made friends for life there, as well as finding her path in life. Dance is tough, and ballet maybe even more so, but it is so much a part of her that she wouldn’t have been able to bear NOT to!
  12. Congratulations! Fingers crossed for you. Elmhurst is a lovely, lovely school.
  13. My DD didn’t wear her leotard, but did wear the tracksuit. Her JA teacher advised us to wear a flattering, simple leotard and a waist elastic. The students wear a tank-style leotard (not strappy), so we used this to guide us.
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