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  1. Yes I am looking for pre owned thank you.
  2. Hi, Looking for Central Associate Uniform leotards in size Petite/ XS. I believe they’re Dansez style 911 but that they’re in different colours. Thanks.
  3. I auditioned for RCS last year on a Wednesday I believe and after a quick scan through my emails I think I heard back Friday the following week. I have no experience with Northern!
  4. As Loulou said above, not all end up staying here as places fill up fast from other courses & we do all our own washing, cleaning, cooking etc. and there are no house parents!
  5. RCS is student accommodation, Liberty Living, and is about a 20 minute walk from the studios. Most 1st year ballet students stay here and almost all are put on the “ballet floor” though a few end up on different floors. Generally people move to flats in 2nd & 3rd year!
  6. I’m fairly sure the second day finished just after/ around 5pm last year.
  7. I'm looking to sell some brand new pointe shoes. Bought them in bulk for full time training. Due to an injury I now have to wear toe spacers and had to go up a size. The shoes are all brand new, not even tried on, with original stickers still on. 3x Russian Pointe Almaz. Brand new, never even tried on, unsewn with stickers. Size 37.5, W2, V2. 1x Russian Pointe Almaz. Brand new, never worn, with stickers. Ribbons and elastics sewn on as I sew in advance but I never wore/ broke them in/ tried them on. Size 37.5, W2, V2. I paid £55 each for these shoes but am willing to accept reasonable offers. If anyone is interested feel free to DM me and I can also send pictures to prove their condition. Based in the UK and will post anywhere. Tutu15
  8. The school doesn't have its own policy unfortunately and I am asking to see if anyone has any experience in this area because I am sure that someone else has not had a UK guarantor!
  9. Thank you Janet that’s very helpful though I’ve called several of the U.K. based companies mentioned in that topic and they will not insure an EU dancer without a U.K. guarantor and am just wondering what other EU students may have done. Thank you again!
  10. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could recommend UK based private health insurance for a 16 year old EU dancer in vocational training in the UK? Thanks!
  11. Obviously it depends on the individual but I have found Grishko (particularly 2007) & Russian pointe (particularly Almaz) to be quite good though I'd say go into a shop with lots of options and try on as many brands as possible!
  12. Does anyone have any experience involving movement on RCS's waitlist and roughly how many dancers are generally on it?
  13. Also, has anyone who auditioned for Central via video heard back yet?
  14. Does anyone know when RCS final results are out? I'm aware they were only yesterday but no indication was given to me. Thank you
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