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  1. Applying for Princesse Grace

    Thank you everyone, that's all very helpful.
  2. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

  3. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    We have a predicted no for WL year 10 but a yes for Elmhurst. Her teacher said not to expect WL this year so she's very happy with the Elmhurst result. As a late starter, we were aiming for 16 and upper school so we have more than expected this year. All the hard work pays off.. There are many routes to success!
  4. Applying for Princesse Grace

    Thank you, Sam. Did she do the course?
  5. Applying for Princesse Grace

    Does anyone have any experience of applying for this school through the summer school ? On the registration form there are a number of spaces for video links but no visible advice on what they would like, or how many videos are required.. Many thanks!
  6. RB Nutcracker, 1st Jan

    Mrsliggo, thank you, how much is ticket if still available?
  7. Does anyone have two or three tickets for the 1st Jan RB Nutcracker?
  8. Ah, don't think we can make it after all but thank you.
  9. Hi Michelle, do you have just the one ticket?
  10. Associates in London and the SE

    London junior/senior ballet is fantastic.
  11. Elmhurst audition queries

    I don't think WL have sent out audition info yet.. we're also expecting to hear but I think it may nearer the time?
  12. Elmhurst audition queries

    I called them and we somehow missed the email! We have one on the 9th...
  13. Elmhurst audition queries

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has heard about audition dates for January yet?
  14. Ballet Skirts recommendations

    My daughter came across these beautiful skirts. They can be made to measure and are much cheaper than a lot of others out there. https://just-jess-dancewear.fwscart.com/
  15. Soft blocks for inter-foundation?

    Yes, the IF includes pointe work. I'm guessing that they generally wear flats for the rest of the IF exam as they tend to be quite young still, so need to build up foot strength..?