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  1. ...and Daniel after winning Emerging!!!. Add to the list Ken S, Alice B, and Tiffany H...
  2. I also saw the matinee and delighted in the chemistry between Hernandez, Dronina, Hedman, and Kundi. It’s a story ballet and I got the story through their interactions. I am hoping to catch more casts - but was totally captivated...
  3. Inspired dancing, technical expertise, playful, dramatic - this program has it all. I’ve seen 2 casts... Playlist just rocks - all standouts and I would love to see Barry D do more. The Cage - Katya K was outstanding... the corps? Frightening! I’m still trying to follow Fantastic Beings.. Erina T and Isaac H were terrific as was Begoña C. In the other cast Junor S and Tiffany H and I really like the smaller groups in this piece but not the larger groups. Approxinate Sonata 2016 looks quite different between couples Alina C and Joe C - fun and expressive Tiffany H and Janes S powerful and dynamic, Aaron R - amazing. In the second cast - wow - Rina K and Erina T with Junor S. This is quite a showing for ENB - hopefully I can see it one more time.
  4. fo·rum ˈfôrəm/ noun 1. a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.
  5. The articles (both) state former dancers - I didn't say they were involved - the articles said it... that's not my personal opinion - that's the reality of the social media link ...
  6. ..several observations: as the programming began to diversify into more than just full length ballets with different styles, rhythms, expressions - the company of men and women dancers needed to diversify. It seems that those that more enjoyed the "classic" full lengths chose to take their careers elsewhere. It doesn't seem like they were released or fired ( as in LOTS of companies) - it seems a choice was made. Does that mean all were happy or unhappy with programming choices? Whose to know - but the bottom line is that a company that can dance many styles becomes more impactful. That's called growth... ... curious that those in this thread that say they know seem so determined to voice their dissatisfication - are you current or former company members? ...ok, so the dancers are on winter holiday - I'm sure so was staff... was this a calculated time for this article? Who says the whole company - dancers musicians, administrative staff aren't being kept in the loop through email - who says things are t already set up for discussions/resolutions/brain storming when they are back... ...growth can be difficult and test our resolve - instead of picking sides or how this SHOULD be resolved - let's hope for honest communication throughout this company that represents the best of the U.K...
  7. As in any athletic endeavor - the line between healed and not fully healed is blurred. The decision of when this occurs becomes a partnership of the athlete and the medical staff who approach the artistic staff together. So - is the medical staff, availability of treatment, timely appointments, consistent rehab - all in place? Is the communication between those booking the appointments for the medical and those handling the insurance for the company/dancer clear? Is there well established procedures? Are there realistic guidelines for all involved? Is there understanding on all sides of all this? I don't know the answer to these questions - do you? Can one feel unprepared for return if the procedures have been irractic or inconsistent? What if the communication between medical and dancer is muddled, between staff and medical muddled - this is an ongoing conversation in every single athletic organization in the world... and yet, comes down to such an individual journey ...the key - as usual - open honest caring communication.
  8. As uncomfortable as it might be to have a relationship at the workplace of this type - I doubt that that same relationship affects the dancers pay or payslip, the allowances or stipends for touring, the condition or state of the facilities, the ease or difficulties of getting the correct pointe shoes, the renewing or adding of work visas, passports, tour information, the difficulties of travel internationally and nationally, the lack or plenty of communication between administrative staff, artistic staff, music, dancers, dressers, Board... hopefully we get the point!!! A well paid, clearly visibly paid dance company with attention to their needs of shoes, tights, dance equipment, rehab facilities, prevention facilities, adequate rehearsal space, lockers, showers, the basic building needs, medical, financial/tax advisors - provides for healthy and safe employees. THESE are what should be looked at - not a work relationship that hasn't even seemed to have caused casting discreptencies. Turnover in a company (arts or other) like turnover in a government doesn't necessarily mean trouble. It means change - and life whether business or personal is fluid - always has been and always will be.
  9. ...I did not have the opportunity to see Chacon in Hilarion - but it seems that when Corrales got injured, Cirio took his casting for those weeks of the national tour and ROH. Wasn't Liverpool after Bristol - or not? Saruhashi seemed to be replaced in the Bristol casting of the program there - maybe sick or injured so maybe not 100% for Liverpool? So - if that was the case - neither of the other 2 - Cirio or Chacon are ENB dancers, at that point it's a matter of who has rehearsed with who.... i truly wish I'd seen all casts -
  10. ...that's a fun list ... I'll have to try to get to Birmingham to watch Lebowitz!!! Hopefully Brouwers and Hedman will be displayed in ENB's next program - Forsythe and more. And ALWAYS looking forward to Richardson. These 6 add flavor to the mix!!!!
  11. I've seen so much through my lifetime of pieces such as La Sylphide - its true LY inspirational to see works like the 2 others... pieces that allow a different heart from the dancers... yes zxDaveM - that would be a win-win!!!!
  12. I am looking forward to Song and Jeunne Homme - not so much La Sylphide.... the opera singers with Song are wonderful - I truly enjoy the depth that provides. Jeunne Homme I have never seen - I will enjoy any cast I see but I really would rather not see La Sylphide. Too bad we can't mix and match!!!
  13. I was so thrilled to be able to make the Nov 1 performance. Song Of The Earth was everything I hoped it would be: wonderful music, inspirational singing, and stunning dance/movement of ENB artists. Joseph Caley, Jeffrey Cirio, and Tamara Rojo as Lead Man and Woman and Messanger were wonderful matched in every way. Caley was clever, funny, and expressive. The journey of life ending with Rojo and Cirio brought me to tears - so well intertwined emotionally and physically. The lead supporting cast of Senri Kou, Tiffany Hedman, and Aitor Arrieta led me through the times of youth, beauty, and love. Their intent was clear: Kou in the playfulness of youth, Hedman in the beauty of new love, and Arrieta discovering love. Bravo to the musicians, singers, and Gavin Sutherland. A wonderful experience and I can't wait to see it again in January!
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