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  1. Can someone tell me the best way to sew on ribbons?

    Is it for flat shoes or pointe shoes? With flat shoes if you fold the back down then you sew the ribbons on just next to where the back of the shoe stops. Not sure I’ve described that very well! I usually use a lighter to singe the ends of the ribbons so they don’t fray. Leave the ribbons quite long and cut them once they’re sewn on so you can see how long you want them. You’ll need to leave enough ribbon at the end to tuck them in once you’ve knotted them on the inside of the ankle. Hope this helps!
  2. Mids audition tomorrow and DD unwell

    Yes there was a class full of boys just about to go in as my DDs class came out x
  3. Mids audition tomorrow and DD unwell

    Hi Coniger, They said WL finals results next week and MAs around Easter x
  4. Mids audition tomorrow and DD unwell

    Just a quick update. My DD auditioned in Birmingham today and had a lovely time. Whatever the outcome she’s enjoyed the audition experience immensely. Thank you all for your well wishes when DD was ill and for suggesting that I call and ask if she could audition at another centre as I would never have thought to ask! Sparkly x
  5. Mids audition tomorrow and DD unwell

    Thank you. She’s like a different child today now the antibiotics have kicked in. We’ve also had confirmation that she can audition in Birmingham in a couple of weeks, hooray!
  6. Mids audition tomorrow and DD unwell

    Thanks all. We’ve just been to the doctors and she has pretty nasty tonsillitis so definitely no audition today. I’ve left a message and sent an email asking if she can do the Birmingham audition instead so fingers crossed they get back to us with a yes!
  7. Mids audition tomorrow and DD unwell

    I never thought of that! I’ll see how she is in the morning and give them a call if needed. Hoglett, I know I did think that 🙂
  8. My DD has her rbs mid associates audition in Manchester tomorrow and is horribly unwell, poor thing. Temperature of 38 but shivering, saying she’s cold. She was so upset before bedtime with the thought of not going. Part of me wants to ply her with calpol and still take her, the other part of me wants to just let her sleep it off. She’s been looking forward to this for so long :-(
  9. RBS applications

    Thank you! x
  10. RBS applications

    Hi, I’m in the process of applying to RBS for my DD for MAs and summer school. It seems to be 2 separate applications that I’ve had to create 2 different accounts for, however the photos required are the same. Does anyone know if there’s a way of combining the applications or do I literally upload the same photos twice, on different application forms? Thanks in advance! Sparkly x
  11. Renaissance Arts Scholars

    Hi Pixiewoo, She absolutely loved it! She said it was hard work but fun and she thinks it's really going to bring her on :-)
  12. What is 'Technique'?

    Thank you LinMM! Looking at RAD teaching videos is a great suggestion. I know what you mean about the foot being upturned in arabesque, I think it may be called winging the foot? I also think it looks better when the foot is in line with the leg although it can look nice in attitude.
  13. What is 'Technique'?

    Thank you for your replies. From what I've seen it's easier to spot bad technique than good. I remember one festival where all the girls from a particular school were doing back flips but with bent elbows and heads skimming the floor, I could hardly watch! Hopefully the more I watch, the more I'll learn, particularly when it comes to identifying things done well 😃
  14. What is 'Technique'?

    Ah thank you Picturesinthefirelight, that makes sense!
  15. What is 'Technique'?

    Hi all, Sorry for the odd question but I've been wondering, what exactly is meant by technique? At festivals I've heard the adjudicator make such comments as, 'secure technique shown', or 'needs to strengthen the technique'. I've always thought it means things like good posture, stretched feet etc, is that right? I've also heard the word 'placement' a lot and I'm not sure what that means either! I love watching dance, not just my own daughters but other children too and of course professionals, but I have no idea if the dancing is technically good or not. If I enjoy a dance it's because I've found it entertaining or moving in some way but I'd love to know the technicalities of it too! Sparkly x