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  1. Dancermum2003

    For sale: Leotards XS-M

    Could you send me pictures of any s leotards left please
  2. Congratulations billy Elliott. It was a no for us but dd is fine. She expected it and is just grateful for an amazing day!
  3. Dd is convinced she doesn’t stand a chance so I think she relaxed and enjoyed it for the experience! She said everyone was so much older and better than her! She isn’t upset though, especially as Matthew Bourne made an appearance towards the end of the day 😀
  4. Dd was told it would be a while as they hadn’t finished choreographing the pieces so didn’t know the parts that they needed to cast! Wasn’t told a boy/girl split either.
  5. Dd at audition now. I would echo Balletbean and say that most of the auditionees are older (17-18). It’s a fabulous experience though.
  6. Has anyone else heard for Sadlers Wells? Or auditioned already and can give some insight 😊
  7. Audition invites for Sadlers Wells are out 😮
  8. Dancermum2003

    National Youth Ballet Final Auditions 2018

    I thought results were out as I’m sure a friend of DD’s was at the photo shoot for posters/programmes etc yesterday?
  9. Dancermum2003

    Opinions on Ballet Boost Associates?

    Sorry dreadful wording! The regulars who attend the courses get a lot more attention than newbies.
  10. Dancermum2003

    Opinions on Ballet Boost Associates?

    Haven’t done associates but holiday courses are very good. Just a word of warning - the regulars feature A LOT of favourites. Dd found that hard.
  11. Dancermum2003

    Serious injury and excessive training in young dancers

    I think it’s most likely true. I’m thinking of a particular dancer that my daughter follows on Instagram that is at full time vocational school, associates and extra lessons on Saturdays and then conventions, photo shoots, competitions on Sundays! We laugh if we find a photograph that she isn’t in. This case is lead by Parents but it’s not unusual. In fact I know of another girl who was removed from vocational school as ‘they don’t do enough’ and ‘ it (the school) was holding her back. She know misses PE lessons at her new school to travel to London for private lessons. It isn’t healthy or normal.
  12. They must have read my post!!
  13. Has anyone heard either way for this project? I’m aware that some of the auditions are only a couple of weeks away.