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  1. YBSS application 2018

    That’s what I thought but I was just checking! And do you receive any further info or is it just turn up??
  2. YBSS application 2018

    I’m not sure I’ve got this right but do you just apply for an scholarship audition and then turn up? Or do you need to complete the application form too? Thanks
  3. Prix de Lausanne 2018

    She has been given a place for Upper School but RBS themselves arent allowed to compete and therefore aren’t seen at these competitions by other Directors so offers of other schools can’t be made to the unlucky students who don’t make Upper School. It also lowers the available places for other students who can’t access the competitions for various reasons. That said, I wouldn’t want me DD dancing for 40 hours a week to the exclusion of everything (including a good education). I’m glad a have a well rounded DD who loves to dance but also loves to do other things in her downtime.
  4. ENBS Audition Day Workshop

    Hi can I just ask when you heard you had a place for this course? I've applied for my DD for January but would like to start making plans.
  5. Cecchetti international classical ballet competition 2017

    Well done Team UK and especially your dd Cotes du Rhone!
  6. Cecchetti international classical ballet competition 2017

    How did this go for your dd cotes? And the rest of Team Uk?
  7. All England Dance Regional Finals 2017

    Thanks for the replies. It's not sour grapes - my dd wasn't there but I think it's an interesting point. I know the school this dancer is at doesn't allow their pupils to compete (hence her entering under another school name). It also offers up questions about fair playing fields. Can a dancer from vocational school (where they are training 4/5 hours a day) fairly compete against a dancer who has fewer classes? Like I say, no personal conflict but just interested in people's thoughts and opinions.
  8. All England Dance Regional Finals 2017

    Hi I just have a quick question about All England - are vocational students able to enter? I have watched the regional finals this week (wow what talent) and am sure one if the girls attends a vocational school although she wasn't entered under that name?