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  1. I really enjoyed it too. Thank you, Sebastian.
  2. Sim - I thought the first piece on the Voices of America programme was fairly dud. Can 't remember much about it.
  3. Glad to hear they have a choir. Could swear they cut them (cost cutting presumably) at one stage.
  4. Derek Deane's, I think. IIRC the costumes were by Sue Blane.
  5. It sounds like Peter Schaufuss' version for Festival Ballet circa 1986 - 1991 or thereabouts. It was very confusing and replaced the lovely Ronald Hynd production of 1976. Schaufuss' was replaced by in turn by productions from Stevenson, Deane, Hampson, Eagling and hopefully something else soon.
  6. Marie Rambert changed her name. So did many of them back in the day. I just thought I'd mention it!
  7. From the Flickr photos, I would guess that in addition to the Blue Skater, the White Couple are Hamilton and Clarke, or Kaneko and Bracewell. One of two Blue Girls is Choe. One cast of Red Girls are Magri and Stix-Brunell. That's what I have been able to piece together. In previous years we have been informed of casting of the most prominent members of the ballet :Blue Skaters (1 male and 2 females), plus the White Couple (originally Fonteyn and Helpmann). The cast is also made up of 2 Red Girls and the 4 Brown Couples.
  8. Darlex

    Elaine McDonald RIP

    And briefly a guest artist with LFB for Nutcracker. Rest in peace.
  9. Getting back to Nutcracker, reading this morning's link (a big thank you to the team who does this for us every day), Vera Liber makes confusing reading of the facts in her last paragraph. And Luke Jennings says that, unlike Nutcracker, the company's relationship with the rest of the classical cannon has been ambivalent - he singles out Sleeping Beauty. I wonder if he is actually comparing how often the ballet is shown? If so, How do other forum readers interpret his remarks in today's article? Okay, so I seem to be diverting the thread again. I am giving RB Nutcracker a rest this year. I always find the second act in this production a strangely desolate affair.
  10. It's not mentioned in Avis' programme biography, (not that they list everything). Macmillan did perform this role, but usually it's referred to as the Helpmann sister, the role's creator. I love the idea of Zanowsky coming back and while I believe she is capable of doing anything, can we just leave it with the men? (Although I think the sisters were originally to be made on women, and were even performed by women at once in the fifties) I see Gartside as the Helpmann sister with Whitehead. I appreciate Alison's comment that the RB is currently strong in its Character Artist department (which makes it all the more a pity that there isn't more rep to use their talents - think of some of the Ashton demi - character works and how about a Massine piece). I do think it's nice to invite former members back if they suit the role - many are a link to the creator and some original cast members. Graham Fletcher would make an excellent Ashton sister I think. (He was always more understated than Wayne Sleep, but IMO, much funnier). Okay, so my combinations are: Whitehead /Gartside Hart/Tuckett Sansom/Cope Bintley/Corder Fletcher/Avis Cervera/Watson? and O'Hare M./O'Hare K!!!!! Sorry for hijacking this Nutcracker thread with Cinderella thoughts!
  11. I think it's Fernanda Oliveira. Shame. I like her.
  12. For Darcey Bussell fans, Graham Norton mentioned that she will be on his show next week (Friday).
  13. Did Will Tuckett ever take on the Helpmann sister? Let's pair him with Hart. Ed Watson was a great Carabosse years ago, maybe it would be a good moment for him to do the Helpmann sister. Soares also performed the role, opposite Tim Matiakis - I didn't catch their performances