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  1. I had a rather bizarre dream last week. (I'm almost too embarrassed to share it, but I want to give you all a bit of a laugh or at least make you screw your face up and think 'eh?'). So here it is, the REAL REASON Darcey left Strictly: Darcey left Strictly in order to guest with the Royal Ballet as Bertha in Ondine. It's happening next season, May 2020 to be precise! 'That should shift some tickets' I thought, as I pictured her clutching on for dear life on the shipwreck! Whatever is going on in my poor head that made me dream this, I do not know. Just in case anyone is worried, I do have some exciting dreams, and yes, a few of them don't involve ballet.... re Bonnie Langford - she is smart and articulate whatever her various tv characters may have led you to believe.
  2. A big thank you to Ralph Fiennes for making this sensitive portrayal of Nureyev and his life and events leading up to his defection. I found it truly moving. Beautifully acted, shot and edited and excellently cast.
  3. http://www.chicagofilmarchives.org/collections/index.php/Detail/Object/Show/object_id/9215
  4. Sim, what a beautiful review. I think we must have been crying as much as each other - it ripped me apart. It's a been while since I last saw Romeo and I'm so glad I waited for this one. And I had no idea it was Acri's debut too.
  5. It felt like the balletic equivalent of dropping someone/falling out of a pirouette/or simply not turning up for an entrance/turning up and then creeping back into the wings for a second. Luckily, the dancers didn't seem at all phased by it.
  6. I can't upload it, but there's a lovely picture of Theresa's Brexit extensions doing the rounds. With hair like that she'll never be allowed on Strictly!
  7. Is there anywhere on the website where you can view what's on for the whole month on one page, like in the old booking brochures? I do miss having that general overview to hand.
  8. Although the lady in white is a blonde. Artistic licence?
  9. You know, everyone has been so blown away by the dancing that no one has mentioned the slightly below par playing from certain sections of the orchestra!
  10. Q'Sullivan and Sambe were stunning, as many upthread have said. Performances to treasure. I also enjoyed the supporting cast , particularly Acri, Dubreuil, McGorian and Avis and a wonderful mandolin dance from Yudes that I wished it was at least twice as long.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if the male figure was from The Rake's Progress. The V and A online collection has many costume design to view. It might be laborious, but may yield some results and they have some real treasures to see. I did wonder if part of the picture represented mirrors or cards and Mirror for Witches and Card Game came to mind, but they were both post 1948.
  12. What a wonderful painting, I really like it! Yes, you're right - definitely Checkmate: there's the Black Queen centre front on the floor and the chess board on the right. I would assume that the two other figures represent two other ballets, part of a triple bill. I'm sorry, I can't identify them , but am hoping that someone here can solve the mystery.
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