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  1. pinkbex81

    Buying ballet shoes for boys.

    My son loves Capezio Hanami too! We've tried various makes but these are his favourite that we now stick to. A few boys from his ja class also have them. X
  2. My little boy did! He's very excited! Xx
  3. pinkbex81

    Tring Park CBA Sweatshirt

    Is anyone selling Tring Park CBA Sweatshirts? I need one for my 7 year old daughter and one for my 9 year old son. Thank you. X
  4. pinkbex81

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    That's the class he is currently in. Lovely teacher and he has had a wonderful year! He is moving up to 32 sessions JA4 in September. Well done! X
  5. pinkbex81

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    I have a current Year 4 boy in London. Going into Year 5 in September. X
  6. pinkbex81

    Tring Park CBA Auditions 2018

    A lovely yes for my just turned 7 year old! Starting in Group 1. Hope there is other positive news for the younger ones. Xx
  7. pinkbex81

    Tring Park CBA Auditions 2018

    Anyone heard anything yet? Know a few results are coming out but nothing here. We were in Group 1. Xx
  8. pinkbex81

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    My son is currently in Year 4 and in a Year 4/5 mixed class. He is moving to a Year 5/6 boys class in September. Not sure of the other classes.
  9. pinkbex81

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Last year the boys London results came out on 20th June in the morning. X
  10. pinkbex81

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Flora11 I hope the wait isn't too bad for you all and really hope you have positive news this year! Fingers crossed for you! Lovely to hear that your son enjoyed himself. X
  11. pinkbex81

    Tring Park CBA Auditions 2018

    Mummy2BalletFairies my son was not super flexible when he auditioned last year for RBS. He is not one of the lucky ones who is naturally flexible. With his teachers at home though he does work on stretching, core and strength exercises in his classes. He now stretches every night and does homework exercises from RBS which he also does at home. His flexibility has greatly improved over the year. He has his first assessment at Tring on the 17th so can't comment about flexibility tests in that. My daughter has her audition for Tring on the 10th and they say there is a flexibility test. Again my daughter is not naturally flexible so don't know if this will go against her. I don't think anyone really knows what Royal look for at the auditions so always stay positive. Fingers crossed for you in waiting for the results. X
  12. pinkbex81

    Tring Park CBA Auditions 2018

    Hello, My son is a Year 4 RBS JA in London and attends Tring Park CBA. My son loves both programs and lucky to be able to do both. I feel he gets a lot and something different out of each programme and hope he can continue both for Year 5 in September. My little daughter is just as keen, but CBA will be her first audition for anything like this as she is still only 6. She also hopes to audition for RBS Ja's next year when she is old enough. There is a waiting area at Tring, with free tea, coffee, biscuits and Wi-Fi. Not been in the town as always felt comfortable and happy to stay. My son would also like to go down the vocational route in Year 7. He'll continue to work hard and we shall see. X
  13. pinkbex81

    Tring Park CBA Auditions 2018

    Thank you! Xx
  14. pinkbex81

    Tring Park CBA Auditions 2018

    Hello, I couldn't see one started, so hope it's ok to start a CBA audition 2018 thread. I'm already on the Junior Associates train with my 9 year old son, but now my little 6 year daughter (Nearly 7) wants to give it a try. She loves her ballet just like her brother and is auditioning for CBA this year on 10th June. I always found a thread lovely, helpful and supportive to read when your child is auditioning for these programmes. X
  15. pinkbex81

    JA Auditions... flexibility

    My son is a Year 4 JA in London. He's in a 4/5 mixed class and there is 8 boys and 8 girls. There was 9 boys and 8 girls that started the year. I believe there are 4 year 4 boys and 4 year 4 girls. Hope that gives you an idea of one class intake from last year. But just enjoy the day and the class! Everyone is so friendly and caring. I kept trying to over think everything and nobody really knows what they look for. They take who they like and where they see potential for RBS training. Good Luck everyone. Xxx