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  1. Wait list for my DD. She’s disappointed as her friend was offered a place, but we’ll cross our fingers and toes a place may come up 😊!
  2. My friend has heard that her 10 year old DS has been offered a place for Week 1 White lodge 😮! Still no news here..!
  3. DD has wait list. Anyone know how long wait list is or what the chances of getting a place are? I’ll take it as almost certainly a no, but just carry on waiting!
  4. My husband was given a sheet with the specific times and dates of all rehearsals (I can dm you a copy if you like!) All rehearsals until the performance dates are listed as Birmingham. Definitely check the trains - they quite often do works on the weekend so as not to affect commuters. I did check about a week ago and didn’t spot any mention of anything! DD said there were about 20 children in her audition group, of which 2 were boys. X
  5. I’m not sure he was that keen (particularly as he had to do her hair etc as well!) but he braved it 😂. DD had a lovely time - particularly enjoyed the repertoire. I have to say though, looking in detail at the rehearsal schedule, even if she were to be chosen I think we’d struggle to do it - 4 Wednesday evening rehearsals in Birmingham would be a challenge, being that we live in Cornwall 🤦‍♀️!!
  6. Thank goodness for this thread. My husband rang me in a panic from East Croydon earlier - the Bedford train stopping at Farringdon was cancelled. The chap at the station had given him an alternative way to get to Farringdon, but it was going to take to long and they would miss the audition 😵. Thanks to this thread I was able to tell him to head to Kings Cross and then get the northern line to Angel. They made it in time! Thanks all 😊!
  7. We’re getting the train in to Farringdon and from there it’s a 10 minute walk. That’s easiest for us coming up from the south. Not sure what’s best from Euston. There are several tube stations nearby looking at the map, and Kings Cross isn’t far either.
  8. Definitely do the RBS insight day - my DD loved it and as others have said - as you as a parent get to watch, you get an idea of standard, what’s expected etc. Also just to say my DD has been a Ballet Boost Associate for the last year - she has really gained from doing the classes and I would thoroughly recommend them - I know they are starting classes in Hull in the new year.
  9. Oo, I’d definitely be interested Glacier, how much would you like for it?
  10. Hi, I just wondered if this is a Junior Ballet Boost leotard, or Mids? I’m looking for a Mids leotard in size 2 (8-10y) X
  11. This is how I think about it - When I was 16 I went for an interview for a Saturday job at the library. I REALLY wanted that job. I’d done 3 weeks work experience in the same library, so I knew the job, I was keen, I thought I had a really good chance against the other 16/17 year olds going for it. Later that day the lady phoned me, I hadn’t got it. They’d really liked me, but a lady in her 30s coming back in to work after having young children had applied. She had 10 years experience as a librarian. Of course I hadn’t got it. What I’m trying to say is it’s not necessarily anything that your daughter did wrong, it’s more what the other people did right. And none of us can control that, so all we can do is keep plugging away working hard at doing our thing and wait for the day that someone spots something special in us. Which will come, maybe not in the same field (I don’t work in a library now!) but it will come 😊. X
  12. JupiterSmith, I’m so sorry your daughter got a no, I do think it’s better to view it as this wasn’t the right time for her yet, see if there are other associate classes etc that she may be interested in doing and then down the line decide if she wants to go for it again next year? Xx
  13. Well done to your DD 😊! My DD has a yes for Totnes and we received our e mail today with the handbook, details about uniform, session times, dates etc, so you shouldn’t have to wait long to find out info!!
  14. Sorry to hear your daughter had a not yet. My DD also does Ballet Boost and loves it, although we have to figure out the logistics of carrying on with that and RBS. DD is also attending the Ballet Boost summer school. X
  15. My daughter and her friend also both have yeses for Totnes yr 5 in September. Congratulations to your DD - exciting times 😊. X
  16. No attachment this year - details to follow in July 😊. X
  17. Subject line [The Royal Ballet School] JA Result: Totnes Junior Associate Audition Then result in the e mail text. Good luck all - lots of butterflies when the e mail finally appeared in my inbox!! X
  18. Our yes arrived at 10.24 last Thursday! X
  19. Will wait eagerly to hear how your DD gets on, what year is she going for? My DD has a yes for yr 5 at Totnes ( and her friend does also) - we’d love to hear from any new Totnes JAs! 🤞x
  20. E mail arrived at 10.30, so will tell her after school. Just found her friend got in too 😁!
  21. We have a yes for Totnes, I can’t quite believe it, I keep checking the e mail to make sure I’ve read it right!!
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