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  1. Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk?

    yes, RuthE, I definitely meant the David Pountney one, meat carcasses and all!
  2. Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk?

    Certainly a tough evening, although this production is a lot less hard going than the famous ENO one with Josephine Barstow. If you like Shostakovich in his darkest mood -go!
  3. I was sitting next to two Twyla fans and I'm afraid we all found it dull and repetitive. Best things to me were Magri and Sissens. I almost got the giggles in Wind, at one time I wished I was watching Oklahoma instead, then I got interested in the mechanics of the wind machines, then I wondered how much it had cost to stage. I felt that Ed Watson was underused - I always enjoy watching him on the stage but felt that Pita could have made more of the role for him. Untouchable I rather enjoyed. I saw it first time round and admit to total admiration for the dancers in it. Don't think it would stand a third viewing, but I think my enjoyment of it says a lot for the programme as,a whole. Not the best triple I've ever seen!
  4. see you there - perhaps we can share a blanket of things get bad!
  5. And I'm right on the end of the Stalls Circle!Will have to dress for the occasion!
  6. ROH Ring cycle les

    Will try again when public booking opens. I always seem to do better for opera with public rather than Friends booking. At least there's a year in which tickets may be returned, so all is not lost. I see that the web site shows all four cycles as being completely sold out.
  7. ROH Ring cycle les

    As expected, these were virtually sold out early this morning. I was on line at 0900 and there were a few top price tickets left and a few rear amphitheatre. So no luck for this Friend! It will b e interesting to see what is available when public booking opens.
  8. I think the problem is that MacMillan was trying to do two things at once, which didn't really work. the basic story of gang rape combined with the story of Christ's betrayal by Judas and even the wrapping of Christ's body and burial in the tomb, in this case the derelict car, just doesn't seem to work. I wonder if he wanted to do a ballet based on the story of Judas but didn't feel it would work, or be acceptable as a ballet? Equally, the story as it appears in the ballet is unacceptable to many people. I found the ballet powerful, and, as I had only seen it once before on tv, interesting and moving in many ways.
  9. Saw the triple bill last night. I hadn't seen Judas Tree on stage before and was surprised to find that I found it an impressive piece of work. Certainly not a comfortable or easy one, but to me it seemed to have grown out of Macmillan's earlier works, and at the end I found myself wondering where Macmillan would have gone from there. Soares, Watson and Reece Clarke all superb, I think Lauren Cuthbertson, although dancing marvellously, was slightly demure, and I tend to agree with the poster who commented that the men looked just the sort that your mum would like her daughter to bring home! Greatly enjoyed Naghdi and Hirano in Elite Syncopations and a pretty good performance of Gloria.
  10. Front Row

    Wouldn't it be good to have a substantial programme about Macmillan while there are still so many people around who worked closely with him? The little snippets with McLeary and Mukhamedov were nowhere near long enough. The programme itself is a joke if it's intended to be a serious arts programme and the few minutes devoted to.Macmillan, or any arts feature is just laughable.
  11. I saw the triple bill at the second performance. I had forgotten what a beautiful ballet Concerto is and it was so beautifully danced. I hadn't seen Baiser before, but knew the music slightly. i enjoyed it, particularly a lovely lyrical performance by Andrew Peasgood as the boy. Elite Syncopations not a favourite, but the performances won me over and Precious Adams certainly knows how to fill the opera house - her exhuberance was infectios! Heard a slightly sour comment from a member of the audience who thought that Elite was the only thing worth sering!
  12. Bonelli/Morera in Manon my idea of bliss! Saw the Watson/Hayward cast and vs wait to see it again. I find it interesting to see that DeGrieux seems to have become a role favoured by older dancers. I had wondered if we might have seen Alexader Campbell in the role. A pity.
  13. Only so many nuts to crack.....

    Think the answer is to forget about ballet going,be careful of theatre, forget concerts - mostly carols and 'festive' music and stay at home with favourite Dvds, cds, and a few good bottles of wine!
  14. [A general thread for any feedback on the range of Kenneth MacMillan insight events being put on by the ROH in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of his death] And even more heart warming to see the tiny excerpt from House of Birds with Gable and Wells! But the whole programme excellent
  15. MacMillan's The Four Seasons

    yes I think it was mentioned in The Times today which is carrying a lengthy article about MacMillan. I saw House of Birds several times and enjoyed it so a visit to the Barbican will probably be in order!