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  1. Very envious of Jan's many visits - gone are the days when I would happily have caught up with her and maybe even beaten her! So I do not have a long list but I think the stand out performance for me was Alex Campbell as Dr Grieux, followed by James Hay as Lescaut.And I know it wasn't particularly popular in here, but I loved Ferri and Bonelli in M and A.
  2. just fantasising, but wouldn't it be wonderful if one of the Naghdi performances could be filmed and put on You Tube or whatever!
  3. ninamargaret

    John Curry film

    if it isn't too late, just a reminder that the film is in BBC 4 at 2100 this evening
  4. ninamargaret

    ENO / The Guardian

    Used to be a,frequent visitor in the 'Powerhouse'days. Productions were exciting, seat prices reasonable, casts good. Now prices are near ROH level ( I can't cope with their Dress Circle or Balcony) and productions and casts questionable. I think the main problem is the theatre is too big and unwieldy and I suspect morale is pretty low. A very long way away from the original intentions of providing culture at a low price!
  5. ninamargaret

    Ballet costumes you covet?

    Given the current weather maybe the beach boys costumes in Les Biches would be suitable?
  6. ninamargaret

    Ballet costumes you covet?

    do you think we should have a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Dancers? It would hopefully guard against choreographers who ask the impossible of dancers and designers who manage to make dancers look unattractive or clothes that are well nigh impossible to dance in without risking life and limb.
  7. ninamargaret

    ROH ticket exchange fee increase

    Like Penelope, I have problems with seating, and end up having to pay high prices, which means that my ballet going is restricted to just three or four performances each season. it's already eye watering enough (and opera has become unaffordable from this season) so please don't make it worse!
  8. Have never heard of booing a character in an opera before. And while Pinkerton isn't the nicest man in the world he does have some gorgeous music to sing and it seems a bit harsh to boo him. If this is a new trend in opera, audiences will have a field day in The Ring! Maybe opera doesn't have such spectacular villains as ballet, although it does have a pretty good line in lechers. Maybe the booing of Pinkerton means that Don Giovanni, Almaviva etc will get booed in the future?
  9. ninamargaret

    Packages for Friends of ROH Autumn 18

    Did a Design your own package a couple of days ago and very pleased with what I got! This sort of package doesn't give the biggest discount but anything is welcome.
  10. ninamargaret

    ROH ticket exchange fee increase

    The RSC. is especially kind to its members by not charging them anything, and tickets can be returned in exchange for a credit note in the form of a gift voucher. Non members pay £2.
  11. ninamargaret

    Royal Opera: Ring Cycle

    wish I was like a late friend of mine, who had been to Bayreuth when it was relatively cheap and easy to go to. He said he never needed food when seeing The Ring- - it distracted from the music! Sorry, but I need something to keep my body and soul together! I notice that all the reservations for interval meals for cycle 2, which is mine, are all fully booked so Zizzi etc should do a roaring trade.
  12. ninamargaret

    Gennady Rozhdestvensky RIP

    I saw him frequently when he started conducting in this country. I always loved the way he'd conduct the orchestra as far as the loudest, most complex part of the score and then just stand and watch the orchestra, letting them get on with it. And do it with a gentle smile on his face. He was, of course, a great ballet conductor. Sad news, but very happy memories.
  13. ninamargaret

    Audience Behaviour

    Doesn't worry me one little bit when audience at ballet, or anything else, boo the baddy, although I always feel sorry for the dancer/actor who has often turned in a terrific performance i wonder if it is a sort of inbuilt reaction, going back to the old days of melodrama where audiences were expected to participate by booing, hissing, cheering and generally having a good time?
  14. ninamargaret

    Royal Opera: Ring Cycle

    Given the prices quoted by the ROH for their meal packages I would think.La Ballerina will be well and truly packed out! Think I'll take a crafty sandwich and hope no one notices.