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  1. ninamargaret

    Royal Ballet Summer Season casting

    i wonder how long it will be before they realise that they have shot themselves in the foot by increasing prices so much? I like good seats and am prepared to pay a reasonable price, but it's getting ridiculous. I hoped to see two casts in R and J and probably two in the Firebird triple but now it looks like one of each. So they lose more money, plus anything I spend on drinks etc.Hardly likely to encourage all the newbies or oldies!
  2. ninamargaret

    Duchess of Cambridge Visits the ROH

    And not just ballet - the performing arts don't seem to feature very highly in the Royal's calendars!
  3. ninamargaret

    Schubert’s last Piano Sonata

    You're perfectly correct and it is on a film celebrating Van Manen's 75th birthday. I discovered it on my Kindle Fire stick and love it. Would love to see his work at the ROH instead of endless McGregor!
  4. ninamargaret

    Schubert’s last Piano Sonata

    some years ago there was a performance at the Holland Park theatre of a ballet to Schubert 's Fantasie in F minor. it was, if I remember correctly, choreographed by David Drew. At that time, I didn't know the music at all, but it made a great impression, rather more than the ballet!
  5. ninamargaret

    Schubert’s last Piano Sonata

    And just to add the,Schubert D960 a great favourite of mine and something I often play.as my late night listening.
  6. ninamargaret

    Schubert’s last Piano Sonata

    Not quite on topic, but I loved a ballet danced to Beethoven's Grosse Fugue. May have been by Van Manen, and it created a bit of a stir as the men wore long skirts and the women sort of vests and briefs.
  7. Went to the National Theatre today for the matinee of Antony and Cleopatra. Very interesting to compare the set up with the ROH. Lots of tables, some canteen type, some smaller for groups of 2-4. Very similar to those in the Paul Hamlyn. Excellent choice of food, hot pub type dishes all under £10, good sandwiches around £4-5, plus cakes, snacks, drinks reasonably priced. At 1230 an announcement asking patrons who were not attending the performance to move to areas away from the cafe. And another announcement restricting the size of bags to be taken into the auditorium. Plus random bag searches carried out, although I didn't see any happening. An excellent bookshop, cash machine, lots of leaflets and highly visible box office. Personally, I still think the theatre has lost much of its character since they ' opened up' but I suppose it's a huge money maker. Seems more like a collection of bars and eating places than a theatre, but I suppose I'm just old fashioned.
  8. It's my seat of choice and I find that while you miss the extreme side of the stage the overall.view is good. If you can get them, B 82-85 and the equivalent on the other side are excellent.They're raised, so good if you're short, and proper seats, not the bench type. Trouble is that there are very few and they go quickly. And for opera they're about the only near affordable comfortable seat in stalls circle!
  9. Quite simple - bring back the change of cast lists! Will solve all.our problems and keep us all quiet!.They could even make a small charge, say10p, for them so those that weren't interested needn't pay and those of us who were interested would know who was dancing what.
  10. And while you were noting all this down there were probably people queuing to buy food and drink - it's a totally daft place to put the screen, as anyone with a scrap of sense would have known
  11. ninamargaret

    John Curry film

    just found r on You Tube. a lovely clip of him dancing with two girls to some of Les Patineurs. He's rather unattractively bearded, but certainly doesn't detract from his dancing.
  12. A ballerina at age 9? I've heard of baby ballerinas but I think they actually had talent!
  13. I think you've only got to look at how the BBC has dumbed down serious competitions like Young Musician, Leeds Piano and Cardiff Singer to see how they regard the arts as shown on TV. All three competitions were once given excellent coverage, all we get now is little snippets interspersed with pointless interviews and scraps of film that probably cost a great deal and add nothing to the quality of the competitors' performance. Sorry if I sound sour!
  14. ninamargaret

    2019/20 season wish list

    interesting to read the various comments on what we would like to see. I suspect the main problem is that a number of performances have to be more or less guaranteed to.put bums on seats, hence numerous Nutcrackers and Swan Lakes. I am sure that the costs involved in mounting some of the earlier Ashton and Macmillan works would be pretty high and unlikely to appeal to a general public. We've seen how works like Manon and Fille can be difficult to sell; think what would happen to Les Rendezvous, or Scenes de Ballet. I suppose the current lower prices for triple bills encourages people to attend, although I think tickets for these are still offered as 'specials' in Time Out etc. But selling unknown ballets to the wider public is difficult, and we can't blame KOH for trying to steer a safe course. And all this is before the needs of his dancers is taken into accout!