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  1. I remember the Insight when this was mentioned, and I agree that the main reason for his visit was, as you say, to help with the play itself which is certainly complex. But I feel sure that work of this kind is probably more helpful to the dancers, and that they don't need actual help with how to act.
  2. Johns's comments prompt me to say that I still find, after watching ballet for many yesrs, that probably the most fascinating thing about it is the very different interpretations we can see in just one ballet.My ballet going now is very much limited to the ROH because of mobility difficulties so my comments relate to the Royal Ballet, but I am sure they apply to the many excellent companies we have now. we can, generally, assume that roles will be well danced, but I think, with the rise in popularity of 'story' ballets dancers have had to do far more than just dance. As actors nowadays seem to be pretty competent at singing and dancing, so we expect, and get, dancers whose acting ability is very well developed. I speak as someone who's seen some pretty wooden performances in the past! Do Companies employ the equivalent of a producer to help dancers 'act' their roles or do we just have even more talented dancers than I thought we had? I believe Nicholas Hytner was bought in to do sessions when Winter's Tale was first out on - is this something that sometimes happens?
  3. Just thinking idly here. I'm greatly looking forward to seeing him as De Grieux and my mind wanders to the idea of Bonelli as Lescaut. it's always interesting to see dancers take on two very different parts in the same ballet, even more so if it is in the same run of performances. I see that the castings for Mayerling and Bayadere both have dancers taking on two roles and I feel this makes for interesting casting and is also an excellent chance to give dancers the opportunity to increase their range. Particularly important, when a major ballet only appears every couple of years or so. And given the inevitable need for replacements for sick or injured dancers to have a dancer who can cope with a couple of roles must be very useful.
  4. Audience Behaviour

    I think people are so used to sitting in front of their tv with their never ending supplies of food and drink that they just regard cinema or theatre as an extension of their sitting room
  5. you pays your money and takes your choice! Interesting , as always , to read how views of the same performance differ.
  6. I haven't been to the Pit since the RSC left it many years ago but even in my younger and more athletic days it was always a bit tricky to negotiate. Might have been better to use the Silk Street theatre. I'll be interested to see the relay tomorrow, particularly the excerpt from House of Birds which I saw and enjoyed in the past.
  7. I must admit, first of all, to being an out and out Bonelli fan! But I think he excelled himself tonight- such beautiful lines and his partnering was so secure. I find Penelope's comments about Ferri the Elite interesting i saw her do it the last time it was done and thought that her performance then was a lot more moving.I too have little idea what Obsidian Tear is about, although as other posters on the forum have said there is an element of a sacrificial victim about it. But a super performance, particularly the two leads. I'm sorry about the Elite Syncopations experience - a horrible thing to hapoen
  8. Yes, but don't most women go for the sort of men their mothers wouldn't approve of?
  9. Josephine, I think it's a very tricky problem, particularly in the theatre. I agree that producers should be able to explore how plays can be made,more relevant to modern audiences. I do not think producers should adapt plays to suit their pet theories, as I have seen in As You Like It, where Rosalind's last speech is often cut. I.hasten to add I've seen quite a few pretty daft productions in the theatre recently, hence my enthusiasm for ballet!
  10. OK - I thoroughly agree, so will join you In being a,target!!!
  11. I think it's very important to consider all works of art, whether art, drama, opera, ballet or whatever as being of the time in which they were written. Audiences today dislike plays like Taming of the Shrew, Merchant of Venice, even an opera like Marriage of Figaro because of their attitudes to women, Jews, etc and attempts to update and 'improve' them are frequently muddled and unsuccessful. Far better for audiences watching them today to do a bit of homework and understand life/morals/thoughts of the time in which they were written. Works that deal with contemporary issues could not be transposed to earlier eras so why should we try to alter works from other periods to fit in with our current ideas?
  12. Royal Ballet 2018/19 Season

    Yes, I know about The scheme but fortunately I'm not bad enough to need it! I often go with a friend who is very much in the same condition and we just totter around, use the lifts and generally managing. I think generally speaking theatres have improved their attitudes and facilities for those with mobility needs - the RSC in Stratford is excellent.
  13. Royal Ballet 2018/19 Season

    Ballet prices are bad enough but opera prices have really gone through the roof. Because of mobility problems I can't use the amphi, and try to get SC side seats. There used to be a few at a lower price - these now seem to have gone for most productions and so.it looks as though I'll be priced out of opera. And the bench seats qualify for the most uncomfortable seats in London!
  14. Looking forward to this bill on Wednesday. I've seen Obsidian Tear twice before and both times from Stalls Circle left - same next week, so I've never really seen the end properly! Wish choreographers would consider the ROH's layout a bit!
  15. Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    Have just watched Nijinsky and it is stunning. I loved the music chosen for it, and I thought the staging was excellent. I hadn't seen Riabko before and found his performance totally compelling. I did think that it was the sort of part Ed Watson would have been ideal in, if circumstances had permitted. Definitely worth buying the DVD