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  1. Alison, I think curtseying to your hosts/seniors etc may have been a European courtesy. During the 1980/90s when I dealt with East European students and teachers I was often greeted by a small curtsey by women and a hand kiss from the men. Bet it doesn't happen now!
  2. Another case of lack of information? it wouldn't have hurt the ROH to publicise it.
  3. Totally agree. They just don't seem to have any idea of valuing customers. People join organisations because they wish to support what they do, and they are willing to contribute either by donating money or attending performances, or both. But it's only human nature to like to be thanked, and to be shown that you are valued. And to me that means more than a glossy magazine, a bit of priority booking and a small shop discount, and all that only if you're a Friend. Regular customers are just as important, even if they are not Friends, and should be valued.
  4. Agree with Sim, but also would like to see the ROH get its act together and get information easily available and accurate.
  5. I certainly remember receiving emails offering cut price tickets for opera to Friends a couple of years ago. They were still a bit pricey, but certainly cheaper.
  6. Floss's comments make sense, as always. There is such a thing as 'brand loyalty'. I do most of my shopping on line and find that most companies i deal with do everything possible to keep me happy and recognise the fact that I spend reasonable sums of money with them. And little perks like the odd bottle of wine, vouchers etc . The small theatre i support offers me ticket discounts, free events, although some are paid events and I feel a valued member . I realise the ROH cannot offer the same sort of personal service as a small theatre, but if It 'on line suppliers can do it why not the ROH? It's not that difficult these days to identify your regular customers and value them - they are important!
  7. I suspect it's a bit of a case of trying to make sure ballet isn't 'elitist'! Let's face it, the people who write these articles have no knowledge of ballet ( or much else) and are just writing something that will appeal to a general readership. If a genuinely informative article was written it would be branded as being too complex for the average reader. Sorry to say that the standard of writing in The Times is pretty poor these days - all a bit of a case of dumbing down I'm afraid. And in that case, why should dancers be treated differently to other people?
  8. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. Especially good to see the van Manen Polish Pieces and the Kylian Lieder. Not sure about Cantus, as Richard LH said there was an awful lot of rolling around, much of it invisible from my front row stalls seat. Dancers were excellent, and the programme made me wish that the Royal Ballet would bring back van Manen's Schumann Pieces. The description of the Linbury as a black hole is totally accurate. I couldn't locate my seat and had to ask people already seated what their seat numbers,were - a sort of deduction game. And as for reading your programme - forget it!. Access is tricky. I hadn't realised that by entering by Door 1 I would have to negotiate so many steps, although I was ok for leaving when I sorted out where the lift was. On a general note, it was a Family Fun Day and there were hoards of children there. I noticed there were some,cheaper and very nice snacks but it seemed most of the children had bought food,in with them. But good to see ballet shoes being made, people in costume, dancers and,the sound,of Schubert coming from the PH.
  9. I think overtime is payable to the orchestra after 2230, and this is costed into the costs for longer operas, hence the increased prices for opera. Sometimes there are earlier start times - can't understand why they don't fix this for ballet.
  10. Anyone seen this at the Linbury? Greatly looking forward to the van Manen and Kylian works.
  11. Still think I missed,some things. During the previous run I sat on the right side and missed things as well. You can't win! And if it was a deliberate effect that Scarlett wanted I apologise for my lack of imagination!
  12. sitting in Stalls Circle left on Tuesday, I was part amused, part frustrated at seeing the shadow of The Creature reflected on the front of the Frankenstein's house! Slightly dodgy lighting, although it did add a sinister touch to see The Creature greatly enlarged but, to me, invisible!
  13. It's unbelievably awful! And daft to have extras like Insight events listed first. I would think that the majority of people, especially casual visitors, want to know what they can see in the main house.
  14. Particularly good Insight this evening. I always enjoy watching Christopher Saunders rehearse-don't think he's the easiest taskmaster but he certainly gets results. And Ed Watson proves,to be an excellent coach. His comments were relevant and helpful. Will watch this again.
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