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  1. I used to enjoy the National Theatre for a quiet drink before the performance, but now it's quite unpleasant, with loads of visitors and even an announcement asking non theatre goers to leave about 45mins before the performance so that there are seats available for those going to the theatre. Hope we don't have a similar situation at the ROH.
  2. ninamargaret

    Royal Ballet - Mayerling - Autumn 2018

    are these SC Row B 82-85? if so they're lovely! Proper seats, raised a little. I 've had them for opera but never lucky enough to get them for ballet. There is a bit of an overhang from The grand tier but nothing major
  3. ninamargaret

    Proms 2018

    For me, as a listener and tv watcher, the two stand out proms were the Ravel/Rattle and, perhaps even more the Berlioz with John Eliot Gardiner. I often find Berlioz vocal music a bit hard to take but not at this concert. And I loved the story on BBC 3 about Sir John being given his identity pass which bore the name Sir Elton John Gardiner!
  4. ninamargaret

    Royal Ballet - Mayerling - Autumn 2018

    Heresy but I'd happily ditch Swan Lake for Mayerling at any time! Will now run for cover!!
  5. don't think Kevin does replies, or even acknowledgements! I wrote a year or so ago saying how much I'd enjoyed a particular performance, what great shape the company was in etc and never got any response or even a 'thank you for your kind comments ' standard letter. Makes me wonder if he cares about his many enthusiastic supporters.
  6. ninamargaret

    Royal Ballet - Mayerling - Autumn 2018

    certainly when I saw him dance it last year he looked as though he could have done it all over again, but I didn't feel his interpretation was anywhere in The same league as Watson or Bonelli.
  7. ninamargaret

    Royal Ballet - Mayerling - Autumn 2018

    Penelope - yes, yes, yes and more yesses to Bonelli/Morera! Totally different to Watson,as you would expect. I've even got a weird hunch that McRae was probably nearer to the historical Rudolph but that's not what the ballet is about. My two in this run are Watson and Bonelli. Incidentally, the Sunday Times,Culture section described it today as the Kama Sutra of classical works. No comment from me!
  8. Delighted to have the chance to see both versions and wish more serial muddles produced such good results!
  9. Thanks for this. Have just watched it with great interest and enjoyment. I'm not sure that it is complete; there seem to be parts missing, don't know if this was Cranko or the tv version, but all the main scenes are there. Haydee and Cragun are , to me, wondrous, both looking far too old to be teenage lovers, but who cares when you see dancing of that quality?
  10. ninamargaret

    The dead hand of Artists' heirs?

    Not at all sure how I react to this. While I want ,in many cases,to be able to see what the original composer/ choreographer wanted me to see I do not really see why their wishes should be set in stone for a long period of time. Having said that, I find some modern interpretations of works so far away from the original ideas of the author as to render the work incomprehensible. I suppose I want new ideas provided I like them - totally unfair and impossible! But I think that too close adherence to ' the original' can stifle a performer's interpretive skills.
  11. maybe dancers are not always the best judges of the quality of the works they are performing!
  12. Have lovely memories of seeing the latter pair in Hobson's Choice, and of course they are in the DVD of it. Now that's a ballet i can watch with pleasure at almost any time.
  13. always rather envied my late husband, who was some years older than me, and who had seen Massine and Fonteyn in Le Tricorne.I think once seen never forgotten!
  14. ninamargaret

    Choral Ballets

    I didn't know about this and am now suitably fascinated! I've always thought that it would be amazement see The Ring using all the whistles and bells of very high tech staging, together with singers who looked and acted right = this might go some way towards that. Thanks for pointing me in its direction
  15. ninamargaret

    Which Role Would You Dance?

    Given my age, poor mobility and size, I think I'll settle for the Queen in Swan Lake, although that gorgeous dress would need a bit of letting out! And I always fancied Carabosse in one of the old Sleeping Beautys- it was the carriage that did it!