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  1. as long as I don't end up on stage you should be ok!
  2. Given up trying to follow who is dancing when! I'm only going on 20 November so will most likely see Naghdi/Ball in Unknown Soldier; then see what happens for the rest of the programme. At this rate they'll be recruiting members of this forum to help out!
  3. only caught up with this today - streaming problem last night. Particularly enjoyed Magri and Sambe, hope I see them when I see Infra.
  4. ninamargaret

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    please don't shoot me down for what I'm about to say! We should be aware that it is due to the hefty donations made by many of the 'toffs' that arts organisations in this country keep going. Whether they donate money through love of the arts or for financial reasons is immaterial as far as balancing the books is concerned. What we spend on tickets, food, drink, goods, is only a small part of the income necessary to run an organisation like the ROH. If Mr Taylor keeps on maligning the 'toffs' some of them might get fed up and take their money elsewhere.At the other end of the scale, I live in Housing Association property so probably count as pretty low according to.Mr Taylor. There are 48 flats here and three of us are all pretty regular visitors to the ROH. Not sure if we count as 'toffs'!
  5. ninamargaret

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    That was the substance of my letter! I accept that correspondence from the much maligned and unwanted audience members is not a high priority for KOH, but he must surely have minions who can at least produce an acknowledgement?
  6. ninamargaret

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    Agree totally with Sim. Sadly, it seems that the only audiences the ROH wants are the very rich Patrons and those using the drop.in facilities! People like many on this forum who have visited the ROH for many years and have never felt anything other than happy and comfortable there are now being made to feel unwanted and under valued. With the increased prices, and high prices in restaurant s and bars it has become a truly elitist organisation. I wonder if any of this very unpleasant atmosphere is noticed by the dancers?
  7. ninamargaret

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    You'll be lucky! My letter to KOH sent nearly a month ago has never received the courtesy of an acknowledgement.
  8. I think. given the wealth of talent there is now in the RB, it is sometimes easy to forget the marvellous days of Park. Seymour, Mason, Dowell, Wall etc. I feel so.lucky to have seen and enjoyed all of these, and delighted that so many of the current company are worthy successors.
  9. And a couple of times I have seen just a long single bar at the back of the hall.
  10. Ear worms strike again!!
  11. Yes, I love it too, it's so right for the whole style of the ballet. There's never been a CD release, although much of the music is available in its original form on different CD s.
  12. I do not have 'favourite ' dancers, but I do like to be able to pick who I'll see in a particular role. in the case of booking for Hayward i admit I do enjoy her dancing but will be just as happy to see Naghdi. I just wish that we could make the RB understand that their knowledgeable and enthusiastic core audience often come to performances at some cost and inconvenience and will come to a performance because A is dancing and they saw B dance it the week before. Injury and illness is always understood, lack of information is insulting to their audience. Or is it another way of getting rid of us for an audience who wouldn't know Sean Lake from Nutcracket?
  13. ninamargaret

    Royal Opera: Ring Cycle

    in an ENO performance The anvil in the Forging scene came to grief and had to be held by Siegfried. Made splitting it with Nothing slightly tricky! Lovely Alberto Remedios totally unphased.
  14. sad to say that my fairly short and very polite letter to KOH expressing dismay at the huge ticket price rises, and the failure to give accurate cast change information on the web site as previously happened has received no reply or even acknowledgement. Sent three weeks ago!