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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the matinee today. I found the Hirano/ Cuthbertson/Ball/Lamb cast very interesting. They seemed to give the whole ballet a softer,gentler feel. Hirano was particularly effective in the last act, his style of dancing is so different from Ed Watson's, but to me it was a perfectly valid interpretation. No criticism of the dancing of Ball or Muntagirov -how could there be?, and their less incisevely drawn interpretations were perfectly in tune with the general tone of the performance. But I missed Bonelli's more exotic Polixenes ( wonder what he'll make of Leontes). Impossible to choose between McRae and Muntagirov, a real case of you pays your money and you takes your choice! Lovely to see Sambe back and looking good and I noticed Joseph Sissens dancing well and looking as though he was thoroughly enjoying himself.
  2. Grace on ice

    Family legs has it that I was taken to the Brighton I've rink at the age of five or thereabouts to see an ice show.I loved it, especially when a man dressed as a devil jumped over a series of barrels. But I howled blue murder because my mother wouldn't let me go on the ice at the end of the show, when the public was allowed to show their skills.Sad to think of another piece of my childhood gone.
  3. Grace on ice

    Thank you for pointing me to that, Have just watched it and enjoyed it as much as when I first saw it. Having seen old clips of him, Robin Cousins and Torvill and Dean I don't . . .think skating has improved. Far flashier, less beautiful, maybe more suitable to be classified as a sport. Never mind, Winter's tale tomorrow - that'll keep.me quiet!
  4. Grace on ice

    Does anyone remember seeing John Curry dance an extremely sultry looking tango with a skater called, I think, JoJo Starbuck?.It was quite something!
  5. Grace on ice

    Must admit I didn't know that either! To me, John Curry always looked as though he was a dancer who just happened to dance on ice instead of a stage and Robin Cousins with his extra height was, if anything even more elegant. They really don't make 'em like that any more.
  6. Grace on ice

    I think many of the current skaters have sacrificed style and artistry for technique. To me, it's not the number of spins you can do or the height that you can lift your leg that matters, but how good you look when you are doing it! And agree totally about musical wallpaper!
  7. Strange to book for two ballets without knowing what they are called, who is in them or what the music is! Shows what a captive audience they've got.
  8. Grace on ice

    Am I the only one to really dislike the mashed up music used for so many of the skating routines? Today we had odds and ends of Swan Lake, and then the Sleeping Beauty waltz with bars cut out. The other day it was Beethoven's turn for the mincer, with a patchwork of bits from the Moonlight sonata. Surely it's not impossible to do better - John Curry could do it!
  9. wouldn't it be nice if Future Learn, who do excellent on line courses ( I've done two or three on Shakespeare) could do one on ballet history?
  10. what an interesting subject! I was going to say that it seemed to be more popular in countries where there is an appreciation of Western culture, but Jan out paid to this by pointing out that Spain does not have any great interest in ballet. So maybe countries where there is a strong ballet tradition have just been fortunate to benefit from enthusiastic and strong minded people who have encouraged appreciation of their art.
  11. First Operas

    I know it's a pretty awful production. I seem to remember it was televised a few years ago, when it was relatively new. But as it comes around in London so infrequently I thought I 'd better grit my teeth and see it. I can always close my eyes!
  12. Someone really should do a ballet to feature both of them. So different, McRae, even at that stage, sharp, medicinal, Campbell more lyrical, soft elegance. Marvellous to have both of them here, hope McRae is soon fit.Thank you Oz!