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  1. Thanks JohnS, I hadn’t yet looked at all the TV and radio links so was not aware of this programme (I have the Radio Times double issue too, and have barely opened it!) I will listen to the programme this afternoon.
  2. Link to article mentioned above https://www.theguardian.com/music/2011/dec/16/tchaikovksy-nutcracker-ballet
  3. I attended the evening performance on December 20th with my daughters. We usually go to a matinee between Christmas and New Year, so it was interesting to note the different response from an evening pre-Christmas audience- it was noisier but in a very appreciative way. I saw the same main cast that Irmgard mentions above, and I would echo her comments about both Shiori Kase and Francesco Gabriele Frola. Shiori Kase was utterly beguiling from her first entrance and I was very moved by her pas de deux with the injured Nutcracker. Daniel McCormack was also excellent here, and I look forward to seeing more of his dancing. The grand pdd in Act 2 was another highlight for me, Frola dancing with great power and charisma and Shiori also dazzling. My daughters were extremely impressed with Sophie Carter as young Clara, her dancing was assured and enchanting. I have mixed feelings about the character dances in Act 2, but I was riveted by Fernanda Carratalá Coloma in the Spanish, and excited to see one of my favourite ENB dancers, Rina Kanehara, in the Chinese dance. The music, as ever, was wonderful. May I take this opportunity to highlight a wonderful piece from the Guardian, written seven years ago, but still available to read online, written by Gavin Plumley, about Tchaikovsky’s music for the Nutcracker. It perfectly explained for me why aspects of the music never fail to have me in tears! I’ll try to get a link to the article. So - overall, a lovely evening and I’m greatly looking forward to Swan Lake on the 11th Jan. Happy New Year to all.
  4. I booked (at different times) for all three ENB ballets at the Coliseum, and it looks like I have a Frola hat trick! I’m very excited about seeing him dance.
  5. Thanks to this thread for making me aware of this offer! I’ve booked a decent balcony seat at the Sat mat for a tenner - and the surprise of whoever is dancing can be part of the fun 😊
  6. CCL

    Errol Pickford RIP

    Very sad news. Just went on to YouTube and watched him dancing the magnificent pdd from DQ with Anianashvili - wonderful
  7. I’m very late in writing about Saturday’s matinee, but better late than never, I hope. I thought it was glorious. i had never seen Jurgita Dronina dance before - I was very much looking forward to doing so, and she certainly did not disappoint- I thought she was exquisite. She was lovely in Act 1, full of joy and ebullience, and her Rose Adage was very strong. I very much liked Isaac Hernandez too - in Act 2 there was a lovely stillness to his presence. I completely believed in the relationship between Aurora and Desire and the chemistry between them was clear to me in both the Vision pdd and the radiant wedding pdd. Other highlights for me - Sarah Kundi as Carabosse combined fury and spite with some wickedly humorous touches: I loved the contemptuous pulling off and tossing aside of Catalabutte’s hat and wig. I also enjoyed Rina Kanehara as the fairy of the woodland glade; I always think she has beautiful presence. There was so much to enjoy and admire - a wonderful afternoon.
  8. Thank you for the heads up about ACCiW, Terpsichore- it sounds delightful - I hope it does indeed come to Sadler’s Wells later in the year. I enjoyed your longer review of ‘Cinderella’ on your blog.
  9. This sounds interesting. I grew up in Sale - the Waterside theatre did not exist in its current form then, it was a tiny civic theatre, used for local amateur operatic productions. However, the Odeon cinema occasionally hosted Northern Ballet productions. I saw Giselle there, and a much-loved ballet called Miss Carter Wore Pink. Would love to read more about this version of Cinderella- is there a link to your blog, Terpsichore? Caroline
  10. My sketchy thoughts from this afternoon - I enjoyed all four pieces and thought they complemented each other well. Fantastic Beings was absorbing and intriguing- sinewy dancing, sometimes playful, sometimes threatening, sometimes beautiful. The score was stirring and played with great vigour by the orchestra. I was fascinated by Approximate Sonata and its 5 different pdd, sometimes disjointed and almost deconstructed, yet it felt very intimate somehow, and again there was an element of playfulness. The Cage was thrilling: the almost impossible fierceness of the female creatures was a sight to behold, and Stravinsky’s score was so vivid and urgent. Finally, I loved LOVED Playlist (Track one, two). Virtuoso dancing and so joyful and euphoric - this must be the first time I’ve been to the ballet and wanted to stand up and join in! Overall I felt that ENB look strong,unified and at the top of their game. I envy anyone who is yet to see Voices of America!
  11. I also couldn’t get the info on a tablet, it was the same cast list for each date, even when I clicked “ all dates”. I had to switch to laptop to get the correct info. Anyway, I booked for the matinee performance of the 13th - very much looking forward to it.