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  1. Paleblueleotard

    Elmhurst. New announcement for vacancies. Yr7 yr10 & Sixth Form

    Yes, we were hoping for year 7.
  2. Paleblueleotard

    Elmhurst. New announcement for vacancies. Yr7 yr10 & Sixth Form

    Just got an email. Sadly a no for us.
  3. Paleblueleotard

    Elmhurst. New announcement for vacancies. Yr7 yr10 & Sixth Form

    Nope. Would be good to know as we need to arrange accommodation, childcare etc.
  4. Paleblueleotard

    Age 10-12 Wear Moi and other leotards and warm ups for sale.

    Could I have photos as well please :-)
  5. Paleblueleotard

    Elmhurst. New announcement for vacancies. Yr7 yr10 & Sixth Form

    Ah, that's a point. Would need an mds.
  6. Paleblueleotard

    Elmhurst. New announcement for vacancies. Yr7 yr10 & Sixth Form

    Ooh many thanks for this! Will get busy with photos tomorrow! DD didn't audition there earlier this year as we have had a lot of family issues in recent months so only auditioned at one of the big ones. Oddly enough DD and I today watched the tv series (on youtube) filmed at Elmhurst 6 years or so ago about life at a dance school. She will be thrilled to give it a shot!
  7. Paleblueleotard

    Sleeping away from home...

    Could you do a sleepover at a grandparent's place for a weekend or few days in half term, so an in-between thing of familiar setting but somewhat different as you wouldn't be there?
  8. Paleblueleotard

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    Just got a refund from them.. obviously they were deluged with orders and couldn't keep up with it all.
  9. Paleblueleotard

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    Same issue here...
  10. Paleblueleotard

    Matching floral leotard and skirt

    Thanks for all the suggestions, that's really helpful! I tried looking on a few dance-wear websites but had no success as I was obviously looking in the wrong places. I will have a look later on at the links/names mentioned and see if I can find what I saw, or similar.
  11. Paleblueleotard

    Matching floral leotard and skirt

    My daughter went to a ballet workshop yesterday and one of the girls there had a really pretty skirt/leotard combo with sort of net/chiffon floral panels on the back and at the top of it, and also wore a wrap around floral chiffon skirt that matched it. I've seen pretty floral wrap skirts before and leotards with net panels in plain colours, but never one that worked as a matching combo as such. I imagine it isn't cheap (prob more a birthday present type of leotard ) but I was wondering if anyone has seen such an ensemble on their travels and knows where such a leotard and skirt combo might be found? Google thus far has not been helpful.
  12. Paleblueleotard

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    I had exactly the same issue Emilie.
  13. Paleblueleotard

    Children Blocked from Dance Exams?

    I think that's a pretty wishy-washy reply from the head of the Ed Dept to be honest and just goes to show the lack of trust from the Govt in regards to parents making correct parenting decisions for their own children nowadays. IMO the current education system has many faults and incorrect priorities. Not all children are academic, and sadly the national curriculum is squeezing out a lot of arts (and PE and practical skills) content from schools which is such a shame and presents an unbalanced education. There are far more important things than school in life, and the fact that children learn at times other than within school hours or indeed at places other than school, often seems to be ignored by schools. Ballet exams are not just about ballet and are valuable experiences in their own right. They are about managing a situation than may be daunting and learning to overcome fears/nervousness when presenting oneself without a parent/teacher helping. Exams are about showing one's skills to the best of one's ability to somebody unfamiliar, remembering steps/sequences without prompting from a teacher, being professional and not panicking if the music is wrong or a shoe flies off mid dance or whatever - it's all really good experience for job interviews, presentations and so forth in the real world! It also means that when children hear the word exam in secondary school, the dancers and musicians having done exams already have the experience of knowing that if you work hard and practise, then you will hopefully do ok and (in theory) may be less inclined to panic. I don't 'ask' for permission to take my child out of school. I tell the school my child won't be there for a music/ballet exam and it's up to the school what code they choose to record in their attendance records. As a parent I feel it's my call to parent my child my way and if that means taking them out for half day twice a year of thereabouts for an arts related exam then so be it. Thankfully thus far we have had a supportive primary school and I'm assuming the secondary (sadly not a vocational one at this point, but one that nevertheless has a lot of dance as part of the PE curriculum and clubs) will support this. As for 100% attendance certificates or whatever - they are a load of rubbish and terribly unfair to children with long term health issues who will never, ever be illegible for a certificate. I have a child who has needs regular medical appointments every couple of months if not more often, and there is no way that these can be scheduled in school hours and they often involve waiting ages for availability, so I'm unlikely to prioritise school over health! Some appointments involve 1.5 hours travel one way (so 3 hours return trip not including rail delays etc) before we even include the hospital waiting time (can be a couple of hours) and the actual clinic time (has been up to 3 hours seeing several specialists in one afternoon)!
  14. Paleblueleotard

    Associate classes - increasing number of hours of ballet pw

    I wouldn't be happy paying for a class (and making the effort to get my child organised, dressed, hair done and driven there) where the teacher was leaving it to older children to teach. If you are paying a decent amount for classes (eg around here it's 85-95 a term on average for a class) then I'd expect a qualified and experienced adult to be taking the class 100% of the time. Also, as a paying customer, if she doesn't offer additional classes or only ones at an inconvenient time I don't see the issue dancing with more than one school.
  15. Paleblueleotard

    Progressing Ballet Technique

    Interesting. There has been talk of starting this where DD dances and I wasn't sure if it was worthwhile adding another class to her schedule, but might look into it. Also Hypermobile here as well, which was apparent re wobbliness/balance/strength in 'watching week' the other day.