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  1. I think we need an upgrade from the current one at some stage soon, so I was wondering if anyone might have one they no longer need.
  2. Audition solo advice (Tring)

    Thanks for the replies and also for the welcome Janet :-) This is really helpful, thanks! It gives me some starting points to chat about with our DD. I know it's almost another 8-10 months away but I thought I'd start thinking about it with her as deadlines do have a habit of sneaking up on you. Yes might try and chat to ballet teacher(s) as well if I get a chance.
  3. Audition solo advice (Tring)

    Our DD wants to audition next academic year for year 7 dance at Tring and will need to do a solo, as well as the class with other applicants. She's never done a solo before - any performances have always been as class groups. What do people do about this as I have no clue at all. a) do a dance from a graded ballet class that they know like the back of their hand so no extra work needed, but the dance teachers on the panel may have seen before so maybe a disadvantage? modify a dance they have done for a performance, although as a group performanceso it may require a fair bit of modification to make it work as a solo c) let the child make something up themselves (that may or may not be correct as such or be the best showcase for their ability) d) pay a teacher to choreograph something and shell out for several 1-2-1 private lessons to make sure the dance is perfect. She only does ballet, albeit several classes week, so it's probably not a good idea to try another genre at this point I suspect. Although do people generally do another genre as they are seen doing ballet in the group audition...
  4. Home Schooling and Online options for dance students

    Hi! I've been lurking for a while and I've been meaning to join (have a ballet obsessed DD), but I thought I'd do so tonight after seeing this topic We home educate - we're relatively new to it and are doing so for several reasons, but it's been great so far. We have always done a lot of extracurricular stuff (actually it's now 7 days a week for our HE DD!) and it often felt challenging with tired children who may have had a rotten or just boring day at school, not to mention squeezing in homework obligations. Now we HE it's a lot less stressful and DD is a lot happier having more time at home to work at her own pace and just think or create without classroom noise and distractions. We are at home for most of the time in school hours and she learns by herself (very self motivated) and/or is guided by me and we follow the curriculum more or less, as well as doing things that are not part of the curriculum but should be, plus she follows her interests too. It's great as if she wants to write a story for 3 hours, programme a scratch project for 6 hours or watch World Ballet Day being streamed live she can! After school hours DD goes to her extracurricular stuff (mainly ballet) without being stressed or tired after a day at school and gets to socialise/see other people and have a break/get out of the house which is healthy imo as well. She gets more out of ballet and the other classes she does because she's more relaxed and happy, which is another plus. School is tiring for some children when it's a thing to be endured for a large chunk of the day... There is a lot of support out there too - e.g. home education/ home schooling face book groups that are national, as well as local groups. They are a wealth of up to date knowledge if you are looking into GCSE info and how to sit them privately or various online courses (we're still primary age here so not relevant to us yet). Also there are some amazing groups or individuals who organise group trips for HE parents and children, so the opportunity to see ballets and other theatre performances (plus other exhibitions, science workshops etc) at a discounted rate is a real plus! Sadly the only day time dance classes for HE children I've seen near us are more for fun/newcomers to dance rather than for those doing grades or who take dance more seriously, but I imagine in some areas there are daytime classes around for adults that HE teenagers could go to. I think HE works really well for children who don't want to follow the herd and who are particularly able in an area(s) not covered in schools.