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  1. Lizbie1

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    But not in the Amphi sales point when I've been.
  2. Lizbie1

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    But the problem is that they aren't displaying it - at least not consistently.
  3. I'd always remembered it as The House and thought I'd misremembered the title, so thank you for the explanation! I found it again on YouTube a year or so ago and watched it in one sitting, it was so fascinating. (Particularly shocking to me was the dismissive way the singer Denyce Graves was treated by one of the RO managers.)
  4. Lizbie1

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    I understand they're applying the same policy to the Opera, so it seems unlikely it was KO'H's doing.
  5. Lizbie1

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    It says it all that the picnic area was assigned a higher priority than the provision of somewhere to buy tickets. As it is, the Box Office hasn't yet acquired the status of afterthought, even.
  6. Is there reason to believe she didn't applaud her Bolshoi or Mikhailovsky colleagues similarly? She's always seemed rather humble in interview so I'd be surprised to learn that she was previously not considered a team player, the normal Bolshoi politics aside. I think I read here once that she speaks good English but is nervous about speaking it in interviews.
  7. And when more than one poster is at it, it gives the impression that minority opinions are there to be shouted down.
  8. I don't disagree, but I think it's important to add that she made it very clear that the audience's awareness of this important distinction is a pre-requisite and not a basis for the ballet's defence - I'm not splitting hairs, there's a significant difference. We might take it as read that the audience knows this, but I don't believe that this has always been so, particularly in its native Russia.
  9. I'm not a fan of modern musical theatre singing, but in terms of the technique required there's a big difference between singing 6 or more live performances a week for a very long run and singing in the highly controlled environment of a recording studio. That might explain it.
  10. I was in the mid-Amphi on Monday and I didn't notice it apart from the times I was meant to. (Unless of course it *wasn't* there after all...)
  11. Nutcracker Live £15 and £17 depending on seat. Others appear to be £10 and £15.
  12. This link might help: http://www.roh.org.uk/productions/cinema-festival-by-various