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  1. [MacMillan performances in ROH Clore] There are a few tickets available again for Jeux, all dates.
  2. I'm sure there are a few round here who are happy to see Shklyarov return in M&A though
  3. Off topic but prompted by the inclusion of Bolle and Hallberg: Salenko seems to have fallen off the list of guest principals.
  4. Since the debate's still going on, here's my reason for giving up on the different forms. It's a fair assumption that most of any audience in this country are familiar with the word "bravo". However if someone next to a casual ballet or opera goer starts using "brava" or "bravi", that might lead them to feel that they don't belong at (for example) ROH; that there's some special code of behaviour they don't measure up to. This reinforces those stereotypes which many of us on this forum and all the ballet companies fight so hard against. My understanding of good manners has always been that, in essence, they are about putting others at their ease (unless their behaviour merits otherwise of course!). I can't claim always to have lived up to that standard, but I'd rather Punter A thought poorly of me for not knowing my Italian endings (call me arrogant, but it's enough that I know I know them) than Punter B wondered if they really fitted in at the opera because of me. On all counts, Punter B is more worthy of my consideration. (Side note: I'm not really a shouter either - if I'm really pleased with something I'll go so far as to say something like "oh, bravo".)
  5. 'Major' BBC series on opera this autumn

    All I can say is that she's never yet cancelled on me - unlike JK.
  6. 'Major' BBC series on opera this autumn

    MAB, to bring this back to Tosca while simultaneously drifting even further off topic, are you familiar with Bjorling's late Carnegie Hall E lucevan (with piano accompaniment)? Hair-raising stuff!
  7. 'Major' BBC series on opera this autumn

    Of today's tenors it's only Calleja who *really* does it for me, and he's the only singer I will always show up for. (The Bjorling resemblance may have something to do with it!)
  8. Really looking forward to seeing Jeffrey Cirio in this - I thought he was terrific as Hilarion.
  9. I think the game has moved on to non-gender-specific terms - I'm not sure how Italian will adapt to that.
  10. Budget friendly Hotels, London, If they exist!

    Another vote here for the Imperial hotels.
  11. 'Major' BBC series on opera this autumn

    I don't dislike him as such, I just don't really rate him. It's also, contrary to a lot of the commentary about him, not a large voice. Franco on the other hand...
  12. Unless it's been sufficiently assimilated? It occurs to me that the question might have been about the different endings to the word, in which case I'd say that the Russians aren't generally very fussy about getting that kind of thing right when it comes to imported words. Anyway, this is definitely one for a native!
  13. I *think* it's just "bravo", but for most Russians the rules of pronunciation mean that the -o becomes an unstressed -a anyway! My memory may be at fault however - others will no doubt correct me if I'm wrong.