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  1. I haven’t seen this yet (going on 2nd April) but based on previous sightings I don’t think he’s entirely comfortable in the Italian rep in general. I saw him in Fidelio in January in Munich and it was a revelation: much freer, more comfortable and as a consequence bigger. However he’s been clear that he comes to London chiefly to learn or polish Italian rep with Pappano, so if you want to hear the real Kaufmann (IMO) you’ll have to travel.
  2. One of that generation of Jewish refugees who paid this country back so many times over - we owe the Hochhausers a great deal.
  3. You may laugh, but there's some terrific-looking stuff embedded in Ivy Lin's review of Kyle Abraham's The Runaway at NYCB, linked below. (I am indebted to Ivy Lin for the intelligence that hip hop is involved, I wouldn't have had a clue.) https://humbledandoverwhelmed.blogspot.com/2019/02/nycb-winter-diaries-justin-pecks.html
  4. They've announced for the opera, though. Edited to clarify: they've announced the outline of the season but the details will follow in late May.
  5. That would be very late, over a month later than any major house outside Russia (possibly excepting La Scala, whose season begins in November or December). We might end up with ROH announcing after ENO, which I can’t remember happening before.
  6. It’s always kept me signed in between sessions, though it would sign me out on on occasion, seemingly at random (though my guess is that this happened when they’d made updates to the system).
  7. I don’t find it difficult to navigate but I do find it annoying - far too much space taken up by pictures and white space. I also think it’s not a good browsing experience, with too many “events” getting in the way of productions. It’s OK if you know exactly where you’re trying to get to and are determined to do so, but for the casual visitor the main stage performances just aren’t prominent enough.
  8. My brother (and I’m sure he didn’t invent it) uses the expression “award-winning architecture” as shorthand for the kind of buildings admired by architects but not those who have to actually use them.
  9. It's how I do it every time booking opens and it's always worked for me.
  10. Forgive me if I'm missing something but isn't the quick fix for when booking opens to have a tab ready for each production? Then when you get to the front of the queue you can hit refresh on each of them to enable booking. I agree that things should be easier to find in the first place, but to get through booking that's how I'd play it.
  11. Personally, I like the rarity, as it enhances the value. Having said that, I have very occasionally (no more than once a year or so) felt I'd be happy to be part of one and been disappointed not to have the opportunity!
  12. I couldn’t add My Brother, My Sisters as I haven’t had the likely misfortune of seeing it! Never seen any of the Prince of the Pagodas versions, but I’d certainly sign up for it.
  13. I'd much prefer a triple bill of his one-acters (though not the Judas Tree, which should be put to sleep IMO).
  14. I’m going to stick my neck out and say it: I really hope so.
  15. ...except the speed very often has no relationship with the limit, staying at a fairly constant 40mph through a 30mph zone.
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