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  1. Maybe it's partly a combination of there being *a lot* of news recently, leading to a shortage of space, and some dance specialists taking advantage of the off-season and going on holiday.
  2. In no particular order, my three big highlights were: Royal Ballet Giselle with the four big debuts (Hayward/Campbell then Naghdi/Ball) within 24 hours - we complain a lot about scheduling here, but that was a real treat RB Swan Lake - sad I could only get to three plus the cinema relay, and again, schedulng Naghdi and Ball's (separate) debuts for the same day was very helpful Northern Ballet's Jane Eyre - didn't just move me to (uncharacteristic) tears but was genuinely revelatory, and not just about the novel and the character of Jane Eyre; it demonstrated exactly what female choreographers can bring to a narrative work. And it was beautifully scored and danced!
  3. Thought so, but no-one had actually said it!
  4. She can I think claim to have been the first Odette in the new Swan Lake!
  5. I see that Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch has shed its AD, Adolphe Binder (http://www.wz.de/lokales/wuppertal/tanztheater-pina-bausch-trennt-sich-von-adolphe-binder-1.2723074). Does anyone know the background?
  6. For clarity (and IMO more to the point), her mother is Viktoria Mullova.
  7. Are there any other dancers-turned-lawyers out there - or vice versa? One for bangorballetboy perhaps!
  8. Would have loved to see Brandon Lawrence skip a rank, but I'll settle for that.. for now! Apart from that I'm really happy that Edivaldo Souza da Silva has been promoted.
  9. Lizbie1

    ENO / The Guardian

    The trouble is, as was pointed out in the comments, the finances were pretty terrible then as well - and attendance wasn't much to write home about either. (Though there seems to be a sort of collective amnesia about that.) I think that given the programming and number of performances we the taxpayers are far from getting good value for money from the ENO subsidy, but you could argue that they've at least achieved what was asked of them by ACE and balanced the books. I'm not sure that's been the case very often in their history.
  10. Lizbie1

    ENO / The Guardian

    I don't know what the answer is for ENO but I'm pretty sure it's not a black box in Peckham.
  11. Please forgive my ignorance, but what are the *material* differences between being an Aud Jebsen dancer and having a full contract? Do full contracts for new graduates typically run for longer than a year, or is there a significant amount of extra money for a full contract? If neither of these is the case (and there are suggestions above that this is so), does the real difference from the dancer's point of view boil down to an appearance of greater commitment from the company's side?