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  1. Personally speaking, while I'm not a huge fan of McGregor and, as I've mentioned above, I'm not happy with some of the more extreme extensions on display in Infra, I think that as a piece of choreography it would stand on its own merits. In my view the projections enhance the piece; they are not necessary for it to succeed (indeed I believe they aren't even visible from a number of seats, though as with certain opera directors that might be down to an absence of consideration for those in the cheap seats).
  2. Sim, that's a good point: I haven't paid close enough attention to Bolshoi politics to know whether the apparent reliance on recruitment from St Petersburg is a symptom or a cause. I just think it a great shame.
  3. We'll probably differ in this, but I don't see that as a good thing! The Bolshoi ballerinas I've most enjoyed in the last 12 years or so (Osipova, Alexandrova, Kaptsova and Shipulina come to mind) were all Moscow-trained, or at least Moscow-"finished". I'm in no way disparaging the Vaganova school (who would dare?), I just believe in horses for courses: the Bolshoi style and repertoire that I knew and loved demands something different of its dancers.
  4. I agree with MAB - I was woefully out of the Bolshoi loop between leaving Moscow in 2005 and last year's tour (circumstances dictated a long break from serious ballet-going) and was surprised by the change in them and at how little enjoyment I took from the performances I saw: I couldn't reconcile them with the glowing reviews. Previously I suppose I'd always considered myself Team Bolshoi, but now I'd rather see the Mariinsky any day of the week. I'll still be present and correct in 2019, though as MAB says Kaptsova and Alexandrova will be sorely missed. Or maybe it's me that's changed!
  5. An emphatic vote for Fille here: I took my rather wriggly 7 year old niece to a matinee at ROH last year and while I can't claim she sat perfectly still throughout - I hope a certain amount of leeway is given at a Fille matinee - she loved both the auditorium and the ballet and her attention was held ("I wasn't bored!" she was surprised to report to her father). I think she was a bit disappointed that the pony didn't disgrace himself during that particular performance, mind.
  6. Still Problems!!

    It looks like I'm back up on my broadband now. I hope fellow sufferers follow swiftly.
  7. Still Problems!!

    As an experiment I installed a different, new, browser and got the same 123 page. It looks like I and others are victims of ISP caching and we're pretty much stuck with it until our ISPs decide to empty their caches Delving a bit deeper into it, the site DNS record might have quite a long TTL value set to it, which could explain why some of us continue to have problems - perhaps that's something to be reconsidered.
  8. Still Problems!!

    Well this is interesting... the problem seems to be specific to my home broadband now. I've been accessing the site via my phone this evening without a hitch until I arrived home, at which point I got the 123 page. I cleared the cache to no avail, but as soon as I tried switching to 4G I got straight back onto the site. For what it's worth I just tried re-starting my router and that didn't help. Anyone have any ideas? I'm fresh out of them.
  9. Yes, darkish turquoise. The total commitment mentioned above was possibly too apparent.
  10. So glad I stuck with Shklyarov for my Bayadere: I thought he was just fabulous. I would venture to suggest, though, that his Act 3 costume could do with being a different colour!
  11. Vaziev told the Kommersant last year that the Bolshoi's next tour would likely be in 2019: http://www.ismeneb.com/blogs-list/160819-vaziev-reflects-after-london-tour.html.
  12. Still Problems!!

    Thanks - I'll try that later. Clearing cookies is usually my last resort as it's such a pain to log in to everything again and clearing the cache really ought to do the trick in most cases.
  13. Still Problems!!

    No trouble with Chrome for Desktop, but on my tablet earlier it wouldn't work at all, no matter what I did.
  14. Still Problems!!

    It seems OK now from my PC but I still couldn't get in on my (Android) tablet an hour ago - I consistently got the 123 page. Is there something I need to do to remedy that? I tried everything last night, including clearing the cache, clearing the bookmark and typing in www.balletcoforum.com, going via Google (both to the homepage and to other pages).