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  1. Nicola H

    Rad discovering repertoire classes

    your students , while eligible to take the qualification are not it;s target market - which is 'working age adults' either new to ballet and looking for something after beginners class or those returning after a long time off Adult dancer =/= never stopped , the growth market in adult ballet is peopel who are new to ballet or who return after childhood classes ... the option to do the variations en pointe is to 'dual hat' the qualification as enrichment for VGE students
  2. Nicola H

    Rad discovering repertoire classes

    'no plan survives contact with the enemy' ... given that the awarding bodies do seem to revise the content of other awards ( although the RAD perhaps less so ) and in other areas of training / education syllabus re-writes are a common thing DR really is feeling in the dark, as the first syllabus specifically designed for adults and without any legacy stuff ...
  3. it doesn't seem to to at least one of the big five given we're had a black Hitler ( Der Fury) and a Black Mr Rochester from them in recent years and he's currently swapping between a muskeeter a Cardinal and Louis XIII depending which cast ...
  4. Nicola H

    Ok, can someone explain what a 20% Tax Rate means?

    what BBB says those figures sound aobut right, also don;t forget the min 2 % towards pension unless you have opted out
  5. the ballet world is remarkably good at that, sad it;s remarkable though ...
  6. and an even better chance of seeing Northern - as 'playing at home ' ( whether the Grand, the Playhouse or the Stan and Audrey ) is a relatively rare event for Northern
  7. I saw 'For only an hour' in August when Phil performed it in Leeds . It is a quite challenging piece even if you are used to contemporary dance ... i'm also working with Phil and others ( including aforementioned Andi Walker) on the Gender Moves Project https://yorkshiredance.com/project/gender-moves/ https://yorkshiredance.com/whats-on/event/performing-gender-research-sharing/
  8. what is the exact phrasing of the question ? Jan makes avalid point that it's often a standard Equality Act reasonable adpatations based question, access needs are not just mobility ( hearing impairments, visual impairments, ASD , dyslexia etc can all lead to a need for reasonable adaptations to the adminstrative side of a selection process )
  9. how far up the country do you do you call 'central'... @sophie_rebecca maintains a list of adult classes as a google maps overlay adult ballet classes . for instance if you were to consider as far up as Nottingham to Relocate ( and bearng in mind there are commuters to London from east Notts down the ECML taking the train from Newark or Grantham ) there is my current regular class(es) of choice http://www.ladybayballet.com/ Katie runs 2 beginners, 2 improver / small 'i' intermediate classes and two pointe classes a week
  10. Unfortunately tensions can run high over certain things... even among 'respectable' and learned members of the forum ( although not The Learned ones) ... but the individual in question appears just to be a troll
  11. Nicola H

    Finding classes for Adults

    In general terms don;t forget the google maps overlay that @sophie_rebecca maintains adult ballet classes
  12. Nicola H

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    given that even with exemptions some organisations solely provide -job title - start and finish dates - status on leaving
  13. Nicola H

    Pointing toes in ballet

    Corrections are a gift from the teacher. If you read around the site you will find concerns expressed at all levels about teachers not correcting, not giving their time in class to all the students and in some cases you'll hear concerns that this still applies in vocational training / education and companies . some of the very best teachers can give a class that is accessible for all ( or most - except the very beginner beginner who needs loads of input on the very basic stuff - but even then stick them on a barre between two technically good dancers of whatever level and they will get benefit ) yet tweak the exercises and their corrections / expectations that such that a barely improver and a near pro can both come out of the that same class having felt they were worked to their current comfort limits ...
  14. Nicola H

    Pointing toes in ballet

    pointing your toes isn't just about your toes or even your feet you have to imagine that the aforementioned laser bears actually begin somewhere in the top of your calf... toes, feet, ankles, lower leg all working together. doing barre exercises barefooted or in socks is something that is entirely normal ... as an aside what type of shoes have you been wearing ? leather or canvas ? full or split soles? much as turnout begins in the hips and the muscles of the thigh. @trog is right about exercises to strengthen the foot , if you feel that your foot is weak then exercises can help - the ones Trog mentions are ones that many people who take ballet class do either because they have been told they need to strengthen their feet or because their all ready reasonable feet need to be further strengthened to start pointe class etc.
  15. Nicola H

    pointe shoe hardner HELP

    I agree with balletbean a good fitting at somewhere that stocks multiple brands may well be a good start Dancia seem to get a good press... Leanne Bisson straighttothepointe.net mainly stocks Grishko but seems to get good reports it seems that pointe shoe fitting is a function of both what is available st the place in question ( or your willingnress ot pay and wait for made to orders) and the skill of the fitter