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  1. Nicola H

    Just for the boys...😉

    wheels out the trolley with the deckchairs and popcorn machine ...
  2. Nicola H

    Old coins - what to do with them?

    i think Jane's advice is pretty sound , especially if you don;t have the time or inclination to do some research on the content of the bag ...
  3. Nicola H

    Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    i think a lot of teachers(principals) take that attitude , that as long as they either cover the pay ( if someone else teaches and it's a premises they control ) or covers the room cost ( if paying for rooms) then they are happy to run the class at that kind of level ... you get a keep an adult student then potentially they are a steady source of income for the school , advocacy for school and for dance for the foreseeable ...
  4. and although this thread is RBS focused , the fascination and focus in other threads on the RBS and RB rather than the other fourr of the 'big five' and the likes of New Adventures ... interesting to note the 'unofficial' feeder arrangements as much as the official ones ( despite the amount of time David Nixon has been at Northern it still seem to have a lot of CSB grads - despite other conspicuous efforts to move away from the Gable years in terms of rep and other ethos stuff )
  5. Nicola H

    Dance forward

    as has previously been discussed in other threads there are some not quite central London Travelodges which are very well priced and a few that are 20 -30 minutes out by public transport but right on top of stations
  6. our very own @sophie_rebeccain a short film narrated by Ash ' Matty Barton' Palmisciano http://www.digitalspy.com/soaps/emmerdale/news/a863214/emmerdale-ash-palmisciano-matty-barton-random-acts-film/
  7. Nicola H

    Silver Swans

    this thread is also an opportune moment to remind people of the google maps overlay that @sophie_rebecca maintains Adult Ballet Classes - it;s user contributed so the majority if not all of the classes listed are ones which people have taken or know the teachers involved.
  8. Nicola H

    Silver Swans

    thankyou to whom so ever of the admin/ mod teams seperated this thread out , although i would have said 'daytime classes in the East Midlands / Lincoln' might have been a better thread title
  9. Nicola H

    Silver Swans

    i'm sure Hayley and Julie would be open to the idea if there was going to be sufficient people to make it worthwhile ( as they do do PT and private lessons in the day time) , as they don't really have the space to add more classes in the evenings ( ideal world i think they might have a third adult ballet as wednesday is definitely 'capital I ' intermediate and Monday regulars include some definite 'improvers' , as they are already using all three spaces at various times in the evening on some days ( the two big studios and the smaller room / studio off the communal area ) One of the off putting things with Ballet at Go ( both Sleaford and Lincoln) is they are pay per term and IIRC it;s quite long terms ( where the ballet cardio / barre fitness is PAYG) , where Streetbeat are now saying pay per 'term' for adult dance classes but it;s 4 - 6 week blocks and they are reasonably flexible on people either carrying over or only paying for the classes they know they can make. whereas Katie seems to be managing well on PAYG with her classes In Lady Bay / Nottingham , but that is because Monday and Friday seem to be the main daytime adult classes in Nottingham - i think Katie is now running 6 classes a week 2 'beginner' 2 'open' and 2 pointe , she's fortunate in the venue that she uses are really helpful, but then again they do make a reasonable amount of money from the people who take class with katie was well as what Katie pays to rent to space . we really need to stop diverting Lisa's thread here.
  10. Nicola H

    Silver Swans

    case of finding an RAD teacher willing to give the class if it's particularly Silver Swans ( and is there the demand for SS vs free work adult class open to all or something like Discovering Repetoire) , otherwise it's a case of persuading once of the schools / studios with access to their own spaces that a day time class is worth it ... and although not Silver Swans , if you drive Lady Bay Ballet have several day time classes in Lady Bay / W Bridgford which is just into Rushcliffe but to all intents Nottingham ( and A46 - A52 rather than rural roads) (declared bias here i am a happy customer / student of Katie who runs Lady Bay Ballet as well as taking class at Streetbeat in Lincoln ) this is rapidly diverging to something which ought to be in 'Doing Dance'
  11. Nicola H

    Are there any other Cricket Fans here?

    which forms of the game do you find hard work to watch ? i'm suprised we haven't sold 20twenty to the US Americans given a T20 match lasts aobut as long a a baseball game or gridiron ( with all the stops for swapping players over , wandering back o the the other end of the field and so on - 80 inutes of play packed into 4 and a half hours )
  12. here we get into the stuff where people assume because it's got RB branding it's an integral part of the organisation and subsidised by the state aid the company receives, or the misapprehension that the State paying towards services somehow makes it everyone's (i.e those attending Lower Schools on MDS and those attending upper schools on DaDA ( similar rubbish talked about the NHS and on a local level when schools enforce perimeter security of their sites and school playing fields can;t be routinely trespassed on out of hours any longer )...
  13. everyone views things through one or more lenses, when those lenses are more than one it can be alternate or additive... the blindness to an issue through privilege can simply be the 'actual ignorance' of how an issue effects those who do not ft into the majority of a time or place ,i say actual ignorance as opposed to the wilful ignorance one sometimes sees when an issue is raised and people dismiss or trivialise it, because they have never experienced it ... this can cover all sorts of things - although obviously a lot of the coverage of such issues does cover the Equality Act's Protected Characteristics. i used the example of Cinderella which is play ed straight other than casting masculine presenting people to 'poorly' drag up vs. playing ti all straight with femme presenting step sisters or conversely casting it i nthe best music hall panto tradition with the step sisters as 'Dames' and Prince charming as a Principal Boy ....
  14. do you support 'Blackface' casting ? do we return the C16th / c17th when female roles were played by male juveniles ? or as is typical for those with privilege are you just blind to what you are actually saying - and still consider certain Protected Characteristics to be fair game ... (or worse that there is a hierarchy of protected characteristics ) in terms of Cinderella, the jarring aspect is if it's played 'straight' other than the step sisters ... either play it 'straight' or go the full nine yards and a have it as 'ballet panto' with dragged boys as the step sisters and the Prince as a 'principal boy' ...
  15. whether someone is an associate or not is irrelevant to WL to RBS Upper school , especially as someone who is an MA is by the very nature of it not at WL ... ?