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  1. I've never been fit in London, but I can absolutely highly recommend Dancique in Birmingham and The Dance Shop Edinburgh in Edinburgh! If anyone finds themselves in those areas 😂 Very knowledgeable and caring fitters, and a huge range of lovely leotards too!
  2. If you change your mind for any reason Tiredtoes I would love the Degas leotard too (although I'm sure you won't!) x
  3. Hi, I'm asking for guidance as, though on my right side my extensions devant are well placed, my left leg is not. When I reach past 45 degrees, my left hip comes up, making me lose my turnout and hips shift to the barre! I really try to think of pulling up, weight on supporting leg and using my glute and hamstring to push under, but I don't know what else to do. Thought to be fair I have made an improvement in that now I can at least get to 45, does anybody have any corrections? Thank you
  4. My mum had a wonderful idea of asking people to sponsor me or be my 'patron' - for example sponsor me for £20+ a year in return for regular updates and a very happy little dancer ! I could go round my family, academic and dancing schools, church, local community etc. Thank you you all for your lovely kind words xx
  5. (Oh, and was also amazed to have made the final recall group at the IDTA awards out of 173 dancers in the category! For those who were wondering) Thank you!
  6. Hi everybody, My heart is so full it could burst I just wanted to tell you all, who have been so helpful and supportive over the 4 years I have been dancing, that on Valentine's Day I was offered a full-time place at Moorland Ballet Academy, which was my dream ballet school (although relatively unknown by many, as an associate I can testify that the teaching is AMAZING!) However, the fees are very expensive and my family just cannot afford it all Although we have been recommended for a bursary, does anybody have any ideas about fundraising or any organisations or grants that could help? My academic and dance schools have offered to help in any way they can which is amazing. But I'm sure you knowledgeable people will have suggestions! Love and best wishes (there is always hope!) S
  7. I went to the Núñez/muntagirov performance tonight and it was absolutely perfect. Shameless tears rolling down my face. It reminds me of what the daily hard work is all for and I wish wish wish I could dance like Nunez!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  8. I don't know if it's the same for lower school but the results took about 7-9 days for upper school if I recall correctly! IT was in a letter x
  9. Hi all, 2 questions if anyone can answer them! 1) what do parents do at the northern ballet school audition as it takes almost all day I gather? 2) how long does it take for prelim results to come from RCS and NBS? Had a lovely audition at RCS today and my northern one on Monday! RCS just said probably within a week, but aahhh I hate the waiting game 😬
  10. Absolutely recommend the Ballet Strength pro (Rupert) based at KS dance in Warrington. I think he's brilliant and I know he has really helped a lot of dancers with injuries
  11. I'm not Scottish but as a BW associate I have friend at both DSS and Scottish ballet associates! My friend says the best thing about the associates, other than the amazing training, is getting to dance with Scottish ballet in productions such as the nutcracker. At dance school of Scotland you are not allowed to attend any external Associates but obviously you dance much more and the facilities there are first-class, with not only excellent classical ballet training but all other genres too (I've taken classes there myself and the staff were all very kind as well as good teachers.) However of course you may have to board there and miss out on a full 'traditional' academic and social childhood. Why not audition for both to get a feel of what would be right? If your home training is top quality with some summer schools, associates etc on the side, there is no reason a non-vocational won't become a dancer X
  12. Happy new year!! Can't thank you enough for all you do! Xx
  13. Thanks everyone for your replies. The minimum height for KS, and indeed for all the other vocational schools I have asked, is 5" and I am only a tiny 4" 10 ( so only two inches away). My family are feeding me up with loads of veggies and protein and calcium and ensuring I get as much sleep as possible haha! My doctor has confirmed that there is no condition stopping me growing, i just haven't hit growth yet. However, I have a good body and feet for ballet apparently which is reassuring! Im feeling a bit better about it today, and already can't wait until my associates start again next year! ❤️
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