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  1. ArucariaBallerina

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Thanks everyone for your replies. The minimum height for KS, and indeed for all the other vocational schools I have asked, is 5" and I am only a tiny 4" 10 ( so only two inches away). My family are feeding me up with loads of veggies and protein and calcium and ensuring I get as much sleep as possible haha! My doctor has confirmed that there is no condition stopping me growing, i just haven't hit growth yet. However, I have a good body and feet for ballet apparently which is reassuring! Im feeling a bit better about it today, and already can't wait until my associates start again next year! ❤️
  2. ArucariaBallerina

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Hi, sorry if this is in wrong place. Just thought I'd update on auditions so far. So, first was my audition for KS dance. They were very kind, and the classes (ballet, pointe, contemporary, physio and interview) were amazing, but did not hide anything from you. I have been offered a final audition in May. They don't think that I am tall enough yet but as I am forecast to grow (delayed bone age), they said they would like to give me as big a chance as possible, because they liked my dancing. Elmhurst was a very expected no, and I've just got the result back from Central with another no. And I know I'm a very lucky and usually very happy girl, but I just feel very down-trodden. Am I just not good enough? Am I just not tall enough? It's so so hard, I am trying to use the rejections to spur me on to be a better dancer (I'm seeing a fantastic dance/strength coach who has devised a brilliant programme to help with my weaknesses) but I don't know, Just looking for some advice and happy ending anecdotes haha. 3 more (+KS final) auditions left to go! I hope other auditionees are doing well and merry Christmas everyone x
  3. ArucariaBallerina

    Elmhurst auditions for 2019 entry

    Hi, I'm not expecting to get in at all, I just auditioned for the lovely class, but am interested as to whether any non-vocational students (especially girls) gain a place? I'm presuming the vast majority will be from Elmhurst or WL, with a few from other vocational schools and maybe one or two Senior Associates (I know of two girls in the Elmhurst sixth form who didn't go to vocational school but are amazing dancers, but didn't know whether it was commonplace. Thanks, and good luck everyone! My gut feeling is Thursday to hear.
  4. ArucariaBallerina

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    @DDPA I'm not doing Leeds audition, but am doing the London one which is next week Sunday, and I still haven't received the time! Your dd will love the Dance Day - I would highly recommend it to anyone!
  5. ArucariaBallerina

    Brand New with Tag Navy Degas leotard

    Hi please could you send me pictures x
  6. ArucariaBallerina

    Being muslim at ballet

    Hi! I don't have any advice but to enjoy yourself and try to focus on just improving yourself in ballet and not the attitudes or abilities of others! You will love it, starting ballet was the best thing I ever did! Good luck, and have a great time! ❤️
  7. ArucariaBallerina

    Elmhurst auditions for 2019 entry

    I'm going late November, good luck! ❤️
  8. ArucariaBallerina


    @dancefanatic i am similar to your dd but wear 12a in degas however adult 4 clothes can sometimes be too big on me, so I'm sure age 14 would be fine, and if not the Leo's don't look too hard to adjust or grow into
  9. ArucariaBallerina

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Anyone know the RCS photo requirements? I have them on my audition document but just checking in case they are wrong! Feeling dumb!
  10. ArucariaBallerina

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Thanks everyone! I hope I don't sound really silly on here, honestly I don't know what I would do without everybody's help ☺️ And the photos are all done for another year! I'm happy with most of them too (thanks to a lovely forum member who sold me the most beautiful Degas leotard!) but I guess they don't matter a whole lot compared to the actual audition!
  11. ArucariaBallerina

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Sorry, to specify, I mean ALL schools... do they prefer bare feet or ballet shoes if they haven't specified? And what is a full-length picture? Is it just standing in parallel? Thanks again.
  12. ArucariaBallerina

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Hi, does anyone know what photos Northern Ballet School require? And whether to wear ballet shoes or bare feet for audition photos or are you allowed a mixture? I know Elmhurst specify bare feet, but several do not mention whether or not you need to! I'm taking them tonight! Thank you x
  13. ArucariaBallerina

    10 Reasons Dance is Undeniably a Sport....and so much more

    @Harwel I'm so sorry that that happened to you, you have always been 100% calm, polite and respectful. Such evil words say more about the person saying them than the person they are directed at. I do hope you're okay xx
  14. ArucariaBallerina

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Hi, I have 2 questions sorry! 1) Could anyone recommend a really really good pair of ballet flats (preferably canvas split soles) to me? I love the shape of the so danca sd16, but I don't feel they support my feet enough - they can sometimes ache? I do really like the basic Bloch canvas flats, but they do tend to look a bit baggy. I would like a shoe that is comfortable, arch hugging, and good for turns 😃 I have medium-high arches, fairly strong feet and a very narrow ankle, widening to medium-narrow at the ball of the foot. 2) What forms do Central usually require? I.e Will they want a dance or academic reference, a doctors note or a personal statement? Thank you so much in advance everybody! X
  15. ArucariaBallerina

    Audition photos (Central & Rambert)

    Sorry to be nitpicking, what are the arms required for the Central photos poses 1, 4 and 5? Thank you!