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  1. Hope in a Ballet Shoe

    I loved this book, so so so inspiring! Can definitely recommend, although the first few chapters will most likely make you cry and are quite violent ❀️
  2. Elmhurst Summer School application

    Thanks everyone! Everything sent off now, so crossing my fingers πŸ™ does anybody know when the results are sent out? Do they come at the same time for everybody?
  3. Elmhurst Summer School application

    I had a skim through previous Elmhurst SS topics, but could not spot an answer (probably one very obvious, sorry!) Just wanted to ask if you need to send money in with your application? It says Β£25 discount before 9th March, but i know with RBS there was an application fee, wondering if it is the same for Elmhurst? Hoping to send the forms off today 😊 thank you ! πŸ’•
  4. Missing classes...

    So, I am in a musical. I have a 2 minute solo ballet/lyrical dance and am in two ensemble scenes of this 2 hour musical. I am really scared because the shows are next week and the rehearsals are 12 hours long. I really don't want to miss class at all! I feel like if I miss classes, my technique will fall behind so much, and I have ballet exams in one month (so we have extra coaching that we have paid for) and quite frankly I wish I had never auditioned for this musical! Any advice please?
  5. RBS Summer School

    We haven't heard anything either, thofugh we are at very beginning of alphabet. I am praying even for waiting list! But if not, there are plenty more summer schools in the sea I suppose!
  6. Well, it's goodbye from me... and goodbye from her

    Thank you so much for helping me and all of us on the forum. We will miss you! I am absolutely sure that your dd will be hugely successful in any path she chooses! Best of luck x ❀️
  7. RBS Summer School

    Hmm... I predict it will come by Thursday... After all, March is in 10 days! πŸ˜±πŸ’–
  8. Wanted degas leotards

    @daughtersdance I would be interested in a photo if possible? ❀️
  9. Deciding whether to apply for RBS junior associates

    Is flat turnout really mandatory ? I thought that 180 degree was just aesthetic? And as long as one had reasonably good turnout then it would be okay? As I started late I cannot acquire flat turnout, and though it has much Improved and my hips/legs naturally turn out day to day now, it never will be perfect. But surely some professional ballet dancers don't have full turnout? I know long legs are meant to be necessary (which I have fortunately!) but I know of a select few classical dancers who have average sized legs? Hurdles can be overcome with good technique, willpower and passion?
  10. Central Spring Course

    Hello! does anybody have any idea whether the Central spring course is first come first served or by selection? Just because you have to send photos in, I'm not sure. thank you! Feel free to add any other info about the course! I'm debating whether to do Central or Ballet Boost, as I can't make MBS dates this year πŸ˜ͺ
  11. Balletdadblog

    Is think that as it was said "why are you scared of me? I love you..." It does sound odd, especially as he must have reasonable English skills to get a job in a school here. But I'm sure it must be really awful to be firsthand in the situation, though it appears a little over exaggerated to us onlookers
  12. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Don't mean to interrupt, but could anybody possibly tell me when the RBS Summer School and Associates results are to come through? Thanks and good luck and congratulations 😊
  13. Hairstyles for male ballet students ?

    One of my friends I met at an SS is ballet minded (an RBS associate) and she had very short hair and wears a false bun too. They are so realistic! They look exactly like normal hair, and I'm sure many dancers have them without one realising!
  14. Anterior pelvic tilt

    Thank you to everybody! I spoke to my associates teacher today and she basically confirmed everything that you have all said. I will do your exercise/s @drdance , is it best to hold the position or keep contracting/releasing? And thank you @Harwel and @Kate_N, your suggestions make a lot of sense. I have always been told to 'pull up out of my hips' too! My Associates teacher gave me 3 points of the body to 'pull in' (lower abs, and low lower back above each leg) and at the start of class told us to lie on our tummies and suck the abs in until there is a gap between the stomach and the floor, and then recreate that position in barre
  15. Anterior pelvic tilt

    Hello wise forum members, i am desperate for a solution to my anterior pelvic tilt (back ward tilt) as the rest of my posture is fine and then it is all ruined by a curvy, sticky out pelvis! Does anybody have any ideas? I try my best to tuck under for all exercises, but especially when I am standing still, in fifth/first position or tendu for example, I cannot get it under. My dance teacher recommended strengthening my lower abs which I am currently doing, but it is really getting me down! She also mentioned that I have little mobility in my pelvis and to practise 'twerking' (which is a bit embarrassing, but if it works..) and my mum has told me to thrust against the wall! It is fine in day to day life, and when I plié or turn in it is absolutely straight and centred... It's just when I am standing still in a straight position. So if you have any pelvic mobility advice and anterior tilt advice, please please please comment/PM/whatnot! Leading on on from that, does anybody have any dance physio suggestions (preferably near the North West?) I thought it may be useful to identify any key problems sooner rather than later, but I don't have an injury, I just want a spinal/pelvic check! I hope this doesn't sound really annoying, happy January to everybody! ❀️