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  1. ArucariaBallerina

    Errol Pickford RIP

    😓 such a lovely man and amazing dancer and wonderful teacher. My thoughts are with all his equally lovely family. I'm glad I had the pleasure to be taught by him. RIP Errol Pickford ❤️
  2. ArucariaBallerina

    Edinburgh Associates 2018/19 (Ballet West)

    About 270 ish auditioning this year if I remember! Good luck to everyone, EAs is an amazing opportunity x
  3. ArucariaBallerina

    Ballet costumes you covet?

    Ah sorry alison, I've just realised that the tutu is not in the main production but danced at galas by Bolshoi ballerinas such as Zakharova, Somova, Lopatkina etc
  4. ArucariaBallerina

    Ballet costumes you covet?

    I am partial to the very classical classics 😊 All of Aurora's tutus at the Royal Ballet Bolshoi Ballet Medora tutu (the purple one especially!) The 'stereotypical' blue Giselle Act 1 dress! Wili costumes, and Swan tutus Juliet Balcony Scene dress All of Marguerite's costumes in Lady of the Camellias (Bolshoi) I did love all of the costumes in RB Frankenstein (a ballet which people seem to hate but i thought was amazing!) :)
  5. ArucariaBallerina

    UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    Well.... Out of the blue.... Elmhurst emailed offering a residential place off the waiting list!!! I don't know whether to laugh or cry! But I very quickly said yes! Thanks all. 2018 has honestly been the best year of my life!
  6. ArucariaBallerina

    English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    @Lifeisgood there is no Pointework in the auditions... All on flat for all groups! You will only need to do pointe at Casting if you get in, but if you are not on pointe there are still Pointework parts for seniors x
  7. ArucariaBallerina

    One last post ....

    Thank you for all your kindness and generosity on the forum. I am absolutely sure that your daughter will have a happy ending sending lots of love and strength to you both!
  8. ArucariaBallerina

    Wanted - Black Practice tutu

    @Sheila Beelam I hope you don't mind me contacting you this way but just wondered what the measurements for an age 11-12 Just Ballet practice tutu would be ❤️
  9. ArucariaBallerina

    Private/small group coaching available

    Can 100000000000000000% recommend drdance. I'm just returning from a 2 hour private coaching session and it was incredible! She goes into so much detail with corrections, but with imagery that is fun and that you can understand. I've got a page full of corrections and physical exercises to help me with issues I really need and want to sort, but previously did not know how to. Honestly, one of the best, friendliest and most helpful teachers I have ever come across. I can't wait to come back again, hopefully, with a lot of hard work, my problem areas almost completely better! (Your muscles will work harder than you ever believed they could! But loved every minute.)
  10. ArucariaBallerina

    How to get a Distinction in ballet exams!

    Received the results at 9:06 this morning! 95/100 for Grade 5 and 88/100 for Intermediate! Both Distinctions I'm glad that I passed, especially with distinction, but feel a bit bad about my Intermediate mark, as I know dancers from summer school etc who received 90 marks plus, even a 97! Is this still a good mark? Does it mean these dancers will become professionals and I won't stand a chance? Thanks!
  11. ArucariaBallerina

    How to get a Distinction in ballet exams!

    Thank you so much everyone for your lovely contributions. I wore those Roch Valley satin split sole shoes and they were very nice! And thank you also for your advice on controlling the down part of the grand battement! My teachers have pointed it out in a good way! The exam went better than I thought, which is great! The examiner lady actually taught Samara Downs of BRB! She showed me a picture of her at the beginning of the Intermediate (after G5) and asked me whether I wanted to dance professionally (my reply was of course "more than anything!") because I reminded her of Samara Downs!!!! I was ecstatic!!! Probably not true, as I have a LOT to work on, but it stil gives me a bubble of happiness. I slipped a tad on my good side in pirouettes (fine on my bad side?) and went the wrong way on a temps levée in one of the free work enchainements she set but other than that I didn't make any giant mistakes (obviously I don't know everything and I'm sure there were others!) Does anybody know how long IDTA exam results take to come out? It has been 2 weeks and 4 days since the exam and every time I hear a phone, email, post at my dance studio I jump up!
  12. ArucariaBallerina

    Midlands Associates

    I have no experience with Midlands associates but can confirm that both Shannon and Peter are some of the best ballet teachers I've ever had.
  13. ArucariaBallerina

    Age 10-12 Wear Moi and other leotards and warm ups for sale.

    Hi could I also have photos of everything still available? Thank you x
  14. ArucariaBallerina

    Wanted - Black Practice tutu

    Thank you everyone for your recommendations! I have never heard any bad reviews of Just Ballet so I will have a look.
  15. ArucariaBallerina

    Wanted - Black Practice tutu

    Searching for a black practice tutu to fit me for as it is required for a summer school! To fit dress size 4 and waist 22" if possible. Height 146cm. Any information or tutus would be welcome! It's hard being a tiny dancer Thank you you all very much in advance!