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  1. ArucariaBallerina

    Harlequin cascade vinyl flooring for sale

    Ah brilliant! Is it portable or permanent? Could you roll it up and and transport it? I have been looking for something like this for ages and this seems ideal for An early Christmas present
  2. ArucariaBallerina

    Harlequin cascade vinyl flooring for sale

    Hi, can this be placed on flat carpet?
  3. ArucariaBallerina

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Hello! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm auditioning this year for upper schools! I have a large document with funding, photo requirements, audition dates and anything else (eg personal statement, doctors note etc). im hoping to get everything sent off, photos taken after EYB which is next week. I'm wondering if anybody could help with the personal statements required by KS Dance and RCS? I'm guessing the KS dance one is much shorter? What exactly should I put on it? My mum is very experienced as I have lots of siblings, but not for a dance/performance course, so some extra help would be appreciated! Also, does RCS have set publicised dates or do you just get sent one randomly when you apply? Sorry for all the questions! I am applying for Elmhurst, Ballet West, Central, RCS, Moorland, NBS and KS Dance I'm both beyond excited and beyond nervous!
  4. ArucariaBallerina

    Ballet West Edinburgh Associates - parents' breakfast get together

    We won't be coming this month because of English Youth Ballet, but it is a fab idea! My mum will check the calendar and I'll get back to you!❤️
  5. ArucariaBallerina

    English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    I'm absolutely loving EYB rehearsals at the moment (I have to say ballet class is amazing too - it's meant to be a warm up, but they give so many meaningful corrections! I'm getting consecutive triple pirouettes again, phew!) Tickets aren't selling enough though, so if any of you lovely forum members would like to come to watch Sleeping Beauty (Aurora's Wedding) and Ballet Etudes in Carlisle on 21/22 September you would be very welcome! ❤️
  6. ArucariaBallerina

    Advice on where to start with a 7 year old please

    I think the best starting point would be to have a little chat with her ballet teacher (with your dd present too ideally) and see what she has to recommend. When I started getting 'serious' I did this and my ballet teacher gave me a list of exercises and stretches that I could practise at home to increase my strength and flexibility. 7 is very young, and so they will be looking for 100% potential - physical attributes, flexibility, and most importantly love of dancing I have friends who did Elmhurst JA programme (albeit in the North west) and they loved it - they got to take class with Darcey Bussell one week! Apparently there were a couple of girls there who hadn't even taken a ballet class before - they were gymnasts, but they ended up getting very good too. I do the Ballet West senior associates and love it - it has definitely made me a better and more versatile dancer! If you want any info on BW feel free to send me a PM
  7. ArucariaBallerina

    Royal Ballet School holding more international auditions

    @Dance*is*lifeThat is so interesting... I hope you don't mind me asking, but is it true that the dancers of your day were less technically advanced than today's dancers? I know styles have changed, but when dancers in the 1960s did a developpe a la seconde say, would their feet touch their ears with nothing seen but the heel because the leg is so turned out? Could the ladies all do 3+ pirouettes and as students do the 32 fouettés en pointe? I am very interested in ballet history, and readin Fonteyn's autobiography and Pavlova's biographies, they both seem to believe that their technique was comparatively lacking. And yet people couldn't take their eyes off them!
  8. ArucariaBallerina

    Royal Ballet School holding more international auditions

    (Thanks everyone for all their kindness and support! Nicola, I'm sorry for angering you in any way, but I forgive you for what you said. Wish you all the best .) I like the diversity in English schools and companies.... Without international auditions etc, our stages wouldn't be blessed with Marianela Nunez, and other beautiful dancers! And said dancers are always hard working, talented and passionate, so they definitely deserve their place! I'm sure lots of English dancers are just as good, but perhaps their technique takes longer to flourish... Foreign dancers are more like bubbly, fizzing champagne, and English dancers are like fine red wine that blooms with age!
  9. ArucariaBallerina

    Royal Ballet School holding more international auditions

    I'm not quite sure where this came from? All I've said is that dancers are more technically advanced at an earlier age abroad and thus go en pointe earlier? I do happen to know about dance anatomy, and I feel that this comment was really quite rude and hurtful towards me, a young girl who just loves to dance?
  10. ArucariaBallerina

    Royal Ballet School holding more international auditions

    Dancers from other countries are INCREDIBLE (I know a 'famous' young dancer from abroad that can do 7 flawless pirouettes on pointe who is only in the equivalent of English Year 6 (and in England, most girls aren't even en pointe yet at that age.) i don't think in England that the public understand how much ballet dancers need to train, but at the same time, I suppose a good solid education is good for those thousands who never become dancers. But I'm holding onto the hope that if you work really hard and love what you do, your dreams will come true 😊💕 I've decided not to audition for RBS or ENBS next year, though I would love to do a summer school there one day. There are plenty of other amazing quality ballet schools around!
  11. ArucariaBallerina

    Pointe shoes

    I think most Pointe shoe brands provide for all shapes of feet, but I LOVE Bloch. I have very narrow ankles heels, widening out to narrow-medium at the ball and toes, and have worn Bloch Aspiration and European Balance, both of which have fitted me wonderfully at different stages of my journey! (in the narrowest width - X) Just a note to remember to wear the support you will wear at the fitting (my dance teacher requires us to wear a certain padding), as otherwise the shoe may not fit perfectly x Happy dancing (to your dc... and to you!)
  12. ArucariaBallerina

    English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    I’ve just returned from casting and I am the white cat!? Anybody know what this entails ?
  13. ArucariaBallerina

    IDTA Ballet Awards

    Before class today my teacher took me out of the studio and told me that my ballet examiner back in April had rung earlier nominating me for the IDTA ballet awards?? Along with 2 of my friends? Even my teacher has no idea what this is/means, so would love if anybody could shed even a small light on it? I'm very very happy! Honestly, this year gets better and better
  14. ArucariaBallerina

    English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    Hello, just a quick question (I think!), What parts are available in 'Aurora's Wedding'? I presume it is act 3 of Sleeping Beauty? If so, is it roles like Bluebird etc? Thank you everyone!
  15. ArucariaBallerina

    Errol Pickford RIP

    😓 such a lovely man and amazing dancer and wonderful teacher. My thoughts are with all his equally lovely family. I'm glad I had the pleasure to be taught by him. RIP Errol Pickford ❤️