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  1. Balletforever

    Dance physio

    Shirley Hancock, based in Marble Arch, London is brilliant
  2. Balletforever

    Dance physiotherapist for evaluation

    I see Shirley Hancock for a dance-related back injury and she is phenomenal...no personal experience of physical assessments though. You do have to book in advance as she is very popular.
  3. Balletforever

    Matching floral leotard and skirt

    I have a matching floral leotard and skirt from Bloch in a pink-ish colour (they also do it in black and a bluey/grey colour)
  4. Balletforever

    Books about ballet

    Would anybody be able to recommend some good books about ballet, stretching or dance injury/prevention..I would like to widen my ballet knowledge as I am hoping to become a ballet teacher and just love to read anything about ballet. I’ve read almost every single ballet fiction and autobiography so ideally factual books please😊
  5. I attended the summer school in 2016 and it was amazing with the standard very high..many people on the course were auditioning for the school or were starting in September 2016 and many were already at vocational school..the current students also popped into classes which was nice 😊 we did a good mixture of ballet technique, repertoire, contemporary technique, contemporary rep and some jazz and stretching classes! Everybody was really friendly and welcoming and there were people from all over the world including Japan, Australia and France..me and my friend were the only Welsh girls though! We met lots of new friends and had a great time so would highly recommend!
  6. Balletforever

    Strengthening tips/advice for leg extensions wanted! 😊

    @drdance @Anna C no worries, I would have no intention of doing anything new without my physio’s permission or opinion first..unfortunately I live a 6hour car journey away from my dance physio but are in regular contact over email so no problems with communication! I will probably have an appointment in half term so can discuss the ideas then, if not sooner😊
  7. Balletforever

    Strengthening tips/advice for leg extensions wanted! 😊

    Thank you this is really helpful advice 😊 I will try both! When I go on holiday this year my hotel has a special hydrotherapy pool so water barre could definitely work there! Any advice on any good Pilates DVD’s?
  8. Hi... I’m looking for some strengthening tips to help me get my leg higher in extensions. I have good turnout (full flat turnout) and am flexible (all 3 splits etc) but really struggle maintaining height of leg during adage..grande battlement there’s no problem! I suffered a back injury and as a result had to keep extensions low and no more than 45 degrees for a long period of time..which is why I suspect I can no longer lift my leg higher..something I never struggled with pre-injury..My dance physio now allows me to lift my leg 90 degrees and above but I don’t have the strength to hold it at all!! Any tips on exercises I could do to strengthen would be greatly appreciated😊
  9. Balletforever

    Input requested for a self-care book for dancers.

    I think something about dance injuries e.g. dancing with an injury/not being able to dance because of an injury would be very useful. When I sufferrred an injury myself I know how challenging it was to sit and watch my friends dance, knowing that I wasn't able to and it was also challenging when I was allowed to do small amounts of dance because I couldn't dance the way I used to be able to!