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  1. CAT Audition Interview (Birmingham)

    When do they decide on groups? My dd has at place at Newcastle but we've very little info as yet.
  2. Sports Day - Love it or hate it?

    It was more desperation I think. They had very few kids that agreed to participate so thought because my dd dances she'd have great stamina (which she does). She finds any distance running extremely boring though, she came back in a great mood.........school came second overall for all events.
  3. Sports Day - Love it or hate it?

    I hate sports day, my youngest dd just about to leave junior school and hers was cancelled due to rain.....such a shame. She is a fantastic sprinter and easily out runs the boys in the 100m. School enrolled her on the athletics team last year and she was listed for 1500m race........distance runner she is not, she found it to be torture. Shes also fantastic at jumps and often underestimated as she's the size of an 8 year old. My eldest dd is an extremely classical, graceful dancer: loses all her co-ordination when it comes to sports though. Shes 14 and given up on ever been able to run. Shes exactly like Pheobe from friends when it comes to running ?
  4. CAT Audition Interview (Birmingham)

    Has your dc had final audition yet Point-less? My dd had just been offered a place at Newcastle CAT scheme, she's absolutely delighted. The interview was very relaxed and my dd answered everything herself. We were told she'd have to cut back on dance classes at her current school as she does a lot of hours already. She can't wait to start though and has full support of her dance school.
  5. EYB Casting Day Question

    Well after an extremely tiring weekend my dd has finished her run in EYB. Been awful being backstage in this heat so no idea how they manage to dance! Super proud of my dd as she received the junior award from Miss Lewis at presentation. She's delighted at being chosen from so many talented children.
  6. Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    Aw how brilliant dancingshoes. Congratulations.
  7. CAT Audition Interview (Birmingham)

    My dd is at Newcastle recall this weekend. Is the dance class similar to first audition?
  8. EYB Casting Day Question

    The team at EYB are brilliant. My dd wasn't disappointed at casting day just very self conscious about her height. My dd was given a little solo section during rehearsals though so shes very happy, the made it harder to go with her capability (I'm yet to see it so probably only seconds long ?).
  9. EYB Casting Day Question

    My dd is doing EYB for the second time. She's absolutely loves it. She's made lots of friends and learning so much. She finds the casting days quite difficult though. She's very tiny for her age so felt she was never given the same opportunity for some if the roles as the girls the same age/ability who are taller. I know they have to consider costumes etc but definitely makes my dd more self conscious about her height. Some of the best photos I have from EYB are what the kids have taken themselves during rehearsals. Kids look so happy (though sometimes sweaty/red faced from working so hard ?).
  10. Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    That's brilliant. Good luck! My dd will be fine she's got recall next week for CAT scheme so shes got lots to keep her busy. Plus I get to keep her at home another year. Hopefully you won't wait too long for results
  11. Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    No audition for my dd. Oh well we best get planning/saving to start the journey again next school year. Hope some of the other forum dc get another chance to try.
  12. Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    Emails will be sent this afternoon. I've just checked as my dd needs to let her school know asap, shes meant to be taking part in a dance festival with them.
  13. EYB Swan Lake

    I do agree that the schools don't feel able to make decisions themselves. Originally my dd school said they weren't allowed to do a letter as local council wouldn't allow them. After speaking to EYB they did do it happily. My friends dd is still battling with her school. Don't think it's an issue now of school refusing point blank as another girl at the same school had hers done straight away. I think it's likely to be an issue with attendance/behaviour/school work. I'm very lucky my dd school have given us all the days we've needed this year for auditions etc. A few teachers have really supported her and are watching the show next week as they've never seen her perform properly.
  14. EYB Swan Lake

    Brilliant Thank you for the information. It's not for my dd her paperwork all in order. It's my friends dd. She's trying to sort it today so I'll share this information with her. I did advise her to sort this before she handed over the payments as her dd doesn't have the greatest attendance and she's had a fair few detentions this year (She's in secondary school). I've tactfully tried to say she can quote all the legislation but if her dd doesn't reign in her cheeky attitude then the school have good grounds to decline permission.
  15. EYB Swan Lake

    Thanks for replying. Our local council is an absolute nightmare. They've refused to accept license form without letter of support from school. I'm unsure if there's an issue with attendance etc as the same school has did a letter for another child in the cast?