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  1. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Is anyone doing the Hammond first round lower audition in March? I requested a later date due to my own health issues. I did want to change to an earlier date but my dd has been insistent I leave it as it'd be unlucky to change it. Last year we had finished all the first round auditions by Jan so it's feeling very strange leaving it so late.
  2. What does this mean? (comment by JA teacher)

    My dd had the same feedback on one of her Elmhurst JA reports. She is very tiny and especially in ballet didn't own the dance if that makes sense. Ballet always made her a little afraid so she never used to perform it out fully with personality. Technique was great but she looked younger performing than the other girls. It very hard to describe but hopefully makes sense?
  3. North east pointe shoe fitter

    @RHowarth the Sunderland shop closed suddenly late last year. There's a dance shop in Newcastle Kickz. They are very good and seen to be incredibly thorough. Not sure if the name of the shop in hartlepool but friends recommend it though I haven't been in myself.
  4. Questions about Lower School auditions

    @balletmummy the JA scheme in Sunderland hasn't extended. Is was discussed last year but they said not financially viable ☹ my dd and about 10 of her friends did the full three years and we'e told they could stay on for year 7. Suddenly in July we all got emails to say no yr 7 could continue and no extended scheme would be available.
  5. Questions about Lower School auditions

    @NicolaP17 my dd has never wanted to try RB. She has friends who go and they find it very strict. My dd is a total livewire and probably not what they are looking for. My eldest dd probably would have thrived with them though as she is the complete opposite to my youngest.
  6. Questions about Lower School auditions

    If she's associate for Elmhurst you can request feedback. It's very useful to have. We are unlucky that Elmhurst chose not to extend the JA to yr 7 as planned so we won't be eligible for any feedback this year 😟
  7. Questions about Lower School auditions

    @NicolaP17 my dd was an associate last year when she auditioned so we did get feedback. They gave brilliant feedback and said her musicality and dance were great. However she is hypermobile and it went against her as they found fault with her muscle tone. She worked so hard this last year to improve her strength and still got a no this time round. My dd is just content that she gave 100% this time as nerves were clearly visible. I though she looked fab at the audition but there were kids who just seemed to have a little bit more spark if that makes sense.
  8. What warm-ups / extras do the cool tweens wear?

    My dd had just looked at the new range of ivy park clothes that have just been released this week. Birthday list is getting longer..........
  9. Questions about Lower School auditions

    It was a no for my dd too. I think she'll be absolutely fine. She tried last year and was quite nervous so felt she had to go this time and show how much better she is. She felt she gave her all this time round so had said she was pleased even if it was a no. We've still got hammond first round to do and she loved that school last year. She's currently part of the CAT scheme and she is thriving there. If it doesnt happen this year she is receiving some brilliant training in the mean time.
  10. How did it all start?

    I've two dd. The eldest asked to start dancing the day after her baby sister came home from hospital. She is a very good dancer but very self critical and always said it is just a hobby. My youngest tagged along to bug sisters lessons from being a week old and it is all she knows. She has watched and copies from being able to walk and has always been adamant she will make it as a performer. The youngest dd is much more confident and outgoing but they are both extremely stubborn. When we do shows/comps they both are just able to turn on a little sparkle and have a very good stage presence. Was very tricky at the end of last year as both made the final of a big local talent competition. Thankfully both wished the other well and big sis was overjoyed when little sis was runner up.
  11. Questions about Lower School auditions

    No post for us either, we were in last Tuesdayat 11am. Maybe they'e reviewing all of last weeks scores together? I think there was auditions on the Thursday too?
  12. Questions about Lower School auditions

    @Dancer123 I thought it would be today too. Hopefully tomorrow
  13. Juggling timetables!

    I'm so incredibly pleased my dd dance school change to fit with associates and CAT scheme. The timetable has been adjusted quite a few times to fit in with my dd training (lots of vocal/social media complaints from other parents though!). Thankfully the teacher will not be swayed by childish parents and my dd has just been given a main role in a new group dance.......the teacher put a post out on our group page aswell to highlight the fact that the place was fully deserved as my dd works much harder to keep up with everything. It means a great deal to my dd as she had felt a little excluded recently. I had noticed some teachers had issues with CAT for some reason. My dd teacher is a massive supporter of them but local schools say how awful the teachers are. I've found the CAT staff to be so amazing in all areas. The teachers have been in contact frequently the last week awaiting the results of last weeks Elmhurst audition.
  14. What warm-ups / extras do the cool tweens wear?

    @Confuddled my dd is 11 but currently wears age 8-9yrs and a leotard size 2. She's got a few ivy park pieces in a xxs they do some Capri leggings which are more like full length on her and they were reduced in the sale. Leotard wise some of the xs ladies or petite are worth trying as some are tiny. I'd never thought my dd would fit in them until my local dance shop said to as the fittings vary for each style.
  15. What warm-ups / extras do the cool tweens wear?

    My dd is tiny and was desperate for a pair of wool warm up trousers. She finally found a pair on move dancewear a few months back and wears them all the time now. She alternates between these and a pair of yoga pant/leggings we found for a bargain price in tk max. She's got a wardrobe full of vest tops and hoodies to wear on top of her leotards. Managed to find few pieces of ivy park stuff in her size but she's patiently waiting until she fits into the pink range from Victoria secret (we did try some last week after Elmhurst audition but still far too big for now). The warm up booties have to have been our best ever buy, they are worn to death now (She does wear from the car to studio but I can drop her right at the door).