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  1. Good luck to those auditioning today 🍀
  2. HollyLou

    For sale: Leotards XS-M

    Could you send me photos of the small ladies leotards the bloch dress and the sansha overall please.
  3. I did contact them as my eldest dd would love to try as they added a Newcastle date for next year. She is however two weeks too young and they will not budge on this. Very unfair as all her dance friends in same year group can apply as they have earlier birthdays ☹
  4. HollyLou

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    I've had a refund too
  5. HollyLou

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    I'm still chasing mine up. Had one email today to say they are a week behind with orders but they still haven't confirmed they have my order. They asked for my order number which was all included on my original email.Shocking customer service
  6. HollyLou

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    Those that received orders did you get a emailed confirmation? I'm not having any luck getting through to the store.
  7. HollyLou

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    I'm having same issue. No email recieved and I can't get through to then via email or phone?
  8. HollyLou

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    Thankyou for sharing. Got some great bargains
  9. The dates aren't the best either, the venue closest to us is scheduled in the middle of exam season.
  10. Such an amazing opportunity. My eldest dc misses out by just two weeks, 16th birthday is just outside the requirements
  11. HollyLou

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    @TEE my dd will hopefully be starting September. We're waiting for the written confirmation of bursary offer so we can start looking for sponsers/grants. She would be starting yr 8.
  12. HollyLou

    Living at The Hammond

    My dd attends the CAT scheme at Newcastle, it's a mix of ballet and contemporary with weekend classes focussing on group work, fitness, yoga/Pilates and choreography. It's a brilliant scheme if there's one you can get to. My dd has been working with the scheme physio since she started CAT to help with her hypermobility. I'd highly recommend.
  13. HollyLou

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    @Flash1410 it's an awful feeling being so unsure of what a happening. I've no idea if my dd is near the upper end of reserve list as it's not very clear on how many were actually on reserve. What I do know from last year though is that a few kids were very lucky and ended up with MDS in July! @Seaside H I hope your dd tries again next year, she did so well to make it this far. My dd was lucky enough to get a place on our local CAT scheme last summer and really enjoys her lessons there.
  14. HollyLou

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Congratulations @Anxiousdancemum85 amazing news
  15. HollyLou

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    My dd is just a few places higher than your dd. I'm certain though that there was only 62 kids auditioning (my dd said 40 yr 7&8 were there last week and the remaining 22 were yrs 9&10). Her and her friend both came out and said that there was 62 kids after funding which tallies with the figure given today by Janet.