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  1. So: Naghdi replacing Hayward as Irina on 18th Dec and 4th Jan. Mendizabal replacing Heap as Olga on 19th Dec and 20th Dec eve. Both keep their scheduled performances and are now dancing in two casts. Acri replacing Corrales as Blue Boy on 19th Dec and 20th Dec eve. Yudes replacing Hay as Blue Boy on 20th Dec mat and 2nd Jan. Edit to add cast changes for the Two Pigeons mixed bills: Dixon replacing Corrales in Asphodel Meadows on 19th Jan mat, 2nd Feb mat, 5th Feb. Zucchetti replacing Montaño as Gypsy Lover on 2nd Feb eve, 13th Feb. Naghdi replacing Hayward as Young Girl on 12th Feb and 16th Feb mat.
  2. Some pictures from the rehearsals for the Les Patineurs mixed bill were posted on the ROH flickr page today. Those with more knowledge about the ballets than me maybe able to divine some casting information. It looks like Naghdi is rehearing with the Nuñez cast for Winter Dreams. Also, Hamilton/Clarke and Kaneko/Bracewell appear to be Pas de deux couples for Les Patineurs. Yudes rehearsing Blue Boy? It's idle speculation, but I know there is an appetite for more casting information than the meagre diet we are currently being fed.
  3. I have always felt sorry for Clara’s Partner in the RB version. They seem to be getting on so well at the party and he leaves with such hope for their relationship, only to be callously tossed aside when a Nutcracker doll comes to life. He doesn’t even get a name! The BRB version solves this by getting rid of Hans-Peter. Also, I am a fully paid up member of the Anna Rose O’Sullivan fan club. She has always stood out for me in the corps and soloist roles, I loved her as Clara when I saw her at the ROH 2 years ago, loved her Alice last year, loved her in the cinema on Monday, and am looking forward to her Juliet. Don’t understand all this talk about her lacking charisma, she does it for me. Takes all sorts.
  4. It would appear to be more drastic than that. According to my records (and the pdf), O'Sullivan and Hay were scheduled three performances: 7th, 9th, and 15th Jan. They have been replaced by Gasparini and Ella on 7th and 15th Jan. Hay has been replaced by Sambé on 9th, but O'Sullivan is still cast. If I was being cheeky, I would note that these dates are around Bonelli's scheduled performances. Maybe they need a new Prince... Edit: Also, O’Sullivan and Sambé are replacing Gasparini and Ella for 28th Dec Matinée. Keeping up with casting is becoming a full time job! I have PhD corrections to do!
  5. We should also probably mention that Blommaert has announced that he will no longer be teaching at his company as he will be joining the teaching staff at Elmhurst. Hence Bracher taking over. Exciting opportunities for both.
  6. I found this site a while back. It was selling recordings of the Royal Ballet that were cinema broadcasts but had not been released as dvds. I contacted the ROH to check if it was legit and was told that the information would be passed on to Opus Arte and the cinema team to look at. Shortly afterwards the Royal Ballet recordings were removed. That probably confirms Sophoife's suspicions about piracy. It would have been nice if Opus Arte had passed the information on to the other companies involved.
  7. Is this still available? If so, I would like it.
  8. "Next debuts coming up are... the Young Girl in Frederick Ashton’s The Two Pigeons." Interesting...
  9. By my count: Original - First - Second Benjamin - Katsura - Hinkis Choe - Maeda - Dias Cuthbertson - Takada - Stix-Brunell Galeazzi - Magri - Bracher Hamilton - O’Sullivan - Kaneko Nuñez - Naghdi - Pajdak Cervera - Dyer - Kay (replaced by Dyer) Hirano - Sambé - Donnelly Kay - Acri - Sissens Underwood - Bracewell - Edmonds Watkins - Serrano - Junker Watson - Richardson - Ball Please do correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. For what it’s worth Sunrise, I completely agree with you. La Bayadere clearly contains Orientalist attitudes in its approach to, and depiction of, Indian culture, religion, and history. How could it not? It was made in the 19th century when such attitudes were the norm. To use the opium example: both Albrecht and Florimund are able to see visions of their loved ones without opium, so why does Solor need it? It's use in La Bayadere fits the 19th century use of Oriental settings as an excuse for over-the-top, debauched, or wanton behaviour that could not, at the time, be depicted in ballets using romanticised European settings. Can you imagine Giselle picking up a knife and trying to stab Bathilde rather than just dying like a good peasant? This is how Orientalism worked, a whole culture reduced to an excuse for exotic titillation. None of this, however, prevented me from enjoying a performance which I imagine will be one of the best performances of anything I will ever see. An astonishing Muntagirov, Osipova bringing a little bit of Giselle to Nikiya, that balance from Nuñez, Sambé making the final act worth waiting around for, and an extraordinarily moving Shades scene from a corps de ballet on top form. With the Royal Ballet giving performances of this quality, I hope La Bayadere returns soon, despite its problems. I don’t understand why some seem unable, or unwilling, to acknowledge the problems as well as celebrate the performances. It seems that some perceive a threat that needs defending against. I have seen no threats. No-one calling for La Bayadere to be removed from the rep, no-one calling for major changes, no accusations, no censor. All I have seen is an attempt to start a discussion about how we, in the 21st century, should respond to a 19th century work enshrining a deeply problematic 19th century worldview. I don’t think that denial, dismissal, and derision is the answer.
  11. I spy a cast change. Paul Kay was initially listed as performing in the second cast, presumably reprising his role from the original run. It looks like he has been replaced by Dyer, who is now performing in both casts.
  12. Casting for Symphony in C has changed. 22nd Nov, previously listed as TBC, is now the Osipova cast. 23rd Nov, previously listed as the Osipova cast, is now the Cuthbertson cast. This means that each cast now has three performances. Cuthbertson on 20th, 23rd, and 28th. Osipova on 22nd, 26th, and 29th. Is this the change you were expecting to see Capybara?
  13. Just to be clear, the replacements for Hayward and McRae are being shown as: Naghdi and Hirano on 7th Dec, Kaneko and Bracewell on 21st Dec.
  14. Thinking of Bonelli, he is currently away on his Clore Leadership Fellowship, returing for Frankenstein in the spring. Presumably this means that he wont be available to dance in Nutcracker at all, be that with Naghdi or the two performances he was scheduled to dance with Morera. More cast changes we are waiting for...