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  1. I was always told a male child will always be taller than the biological mother yet to meet the exception
  2. Canary

    London Children’s Ballet: Ballet Shoes

    Might have changed but it use to be meet and greet, hand child over and make a note of their number. The children do a warm up - jumps, points etc in a side room with a teacher then go through to the audition room for an audition where a smiley panel will be watching them. Then the numbers of the children staying are called out to waiting parents, the other children are then free to leave and join you and they come out smiling a couple of minutes later. The parents of the children still in the warm up room are then given a time to collect and the results are emailed out after that in one go. Then a second audition is held but all the children present are part of the company this time they are being selected for particular roles. The atmosphere is great and all children are congratulated for attending and made to feel special.
  3. Canary

    American teen relocating to London

    So pleased at the reaction of some, it’s very reassuring for those of us that have worked to make London safer to know that people think this way about our beautiful city. Due to public support around preventing all crime a ‘suspect packages’ and similar calls impact on public transport network regularly, not just shutting stations but the ripple that this has on the buses and roads, halls of residence have had to be evacuated before now as part of something ongoing in the area and a 16 year old travelling in a new city could find this unnerving if they haven’t given it some thought. Some mobiles work on certain underground’s and it’s getting better all the time but the need to google alternative routes and make full use of TFL apps, Uber app etc and walking routes is worth discussing.
  4. Canary

    American teen relocating to London

    Look at the location of ENB Central and RBS think about the journey and discuss the safety of moving round London and your family lifestyle as sadly terrorism is real. All full time schools do similar hours each day and in UK money talks only ever heard great things about the Russian school Masters of Ballet but only know one child there theres some great private teachers aswell depending where you will be living our academic year in England is September to Mid July and birthdays dictate your school year ie after 1st September unless it’s Central who have taken 15 nearly 16 year olds before Explain to your daughter that it’s ok to change schools during these 3 years and many do although there can be costs involved in giving notice
  5. Canary

    UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    If you are looking for organised activities ( the full package) then look elsewhere ENB simply use the empty studios during the holidays. RAD summer was the full package with accommodation, food, Coach to studios, outings etc that was a few years back though so you will need to check One I know ran for 8 days over the weekend if you would prefer an intensive but that doesn’t have accommodation although there’s a cafe on site. My DC always researched where certain qualified teachers were going to teach so we’ve tried a few different ones over the years.
  6. Canary

    Associate schemes - alternatives to RBS JA

    London Junior Senior Ballet can be more demanding than others, they will always see a child and if they don’t think she’s ready now they may well invite you back in the future. They look for potential and that special something, aswell as the physical facility. Good luck
  7. Canary

    Just for the boys...😉

    Maybe Ring London Children’s Ballet in London and ask to go on their mailing list for boys only workshops. They run them every year and your DS will then make some friends for life. Plus Erico does occasionally visit schools. Theres a strength and conditioning coach based at KS Dance in Warrington he runs workshops and trains boys/ men and again it may give your son the opportunity to make friends with other male dancers.
  8. Canary


    We found the easiest (and cheapest) way to take audition photos was during the last week of summer intensives when she was at her fittest, she asked one of her friends to video all the positions performed against a plain background, then her teacher and DC chose the best one of each of the required poses and I printed several copies of the ones they chose.
  9. Canary

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    KS Dance is ballet focused, the principle is known for her teaching ability and taught many of the great teachers who teach all over the world the first years are assisted to be placed in local rented flats and houses with other students and rent is around the £300 pcm plus bills the school is on an industrial estate in a quiet safe area and most students walk or cycle and later drive to classes theyve announced their open days and first audition in November and I suggest you visit the college and get a feel for the place if you can many people know as soon as they walk in that it’s the right place for them Happy, nurturing environment making students feel safe and lots of laughter some students focus on ballet for a ballet career but all students are trained to be confident and versatile One of the UKs well known strength and and conditioning coach works on site if you ring the office next week when summer school is on I’m sure there will be someone that can advise re fees
  10. Canary

    London Children’s Ballet: Ballet Shoes

    Children selected for the company rehearse every Sunday from January to the performances week, plus a week during Easter school holidays. Depending on the choreographer there may be a Sunday your child is not required but you won’t know that until nearer the time. It’s a huge commitment for all the family but so very very worth it.
  11. Canary

    What after junior associate auditions??

    Just an idea as I don’t know what the journey would be like but you could ring KS Dance in Warrington and see if there is a boys programme running, their Strength and Conditioning coach works on site and coaches boys see Science in dance on Facebook and theballetstrengthpro on instagram
  12. Canary

    Time to say goodbye and take a step back

    I’m thrilled to hear both daughters are happy, that’s the best news to read. I’m sure there will be plenty of dancing opportunities through the University and wish you all lots more happiness in the future
  13. Canary

    After graduation

    Congratulations What an amazing career she will have with the RAD family, take her around the world and earn a proper wage its wonderful good for her
  14. Canary

    RAD Ballet - exam results for graded exams

    We know a few RAD dancers that have taken Adv 2 through their old schools once at Vocational sixth form. If your GDD wants to do Solo Seal then you may find few Vocational schools actually allow for this in the timetable.
  15. Canary

    New pointe shoe woes

    Just an idea try an lambswool ouch pouch plus lambswool in these shoes and get a new pair that you can use and keep them as back ups. As Time goes on you will probably use softer shoes for certain solos when you want to be quiet, medium for class and hard when there’s a solo with lots of hops on pointe. So you have different shoes for different needs.