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  1. Canary

    Time to say goodbye and take a step back

    I’m thrilled to hear both daughters are happy, that’s the best news to read. I’m sure there will be plenty of dancing opportunities through the University and wish you all lots more happiness in the future
  2. Canary

    After graduation

    Congratulations What an amazing career she will have with the RAD family, take her around the world and earn a proper wage its wonderful good for her
  3. Canary

    RAD Ballet - exam results for graded exams

    We know a few RAD dancers that have taken Adv 2 through their old schools once at Vocational sixth form. If your GDD wants to do Solo Seal then you may find few Vocational schools actually allow for this in the timetable.
  4. Canary

    New pointe shoe woes

    Just an idea try an lambswool ouch pouch plus lambswool in these shoes and get a new pair that you can use and keep them as back ups. As Time goes on you will probably use softer shoes for certain solos when you want to be quiet, medium for class and hard when there’s a solo with lots of hops on pointe. So you have different shoes for different needs.
  5. Canary

    RAD Ballet - exam results for graded exams

    If you look on the website you will see the number of points your GDD will get with UCAS. The new Adv 2 RAD is very demanding and she should be very proud of herself, if she gets a Distinction she will be eligible for the Genee International competition. My DD puts it on her CV
  6. They may not have found enough fee paying students.
  7. Can you come in to Redbridge on A12 or M11 ? there are two brilliant teachers at the Redbridge Classical Dance Studio Both fully qualified and Miriam is a RAD examiner. They have a website with timetable but definitely do privates aswell if you have any difficulties pm me and I’ll give you their mobile
  8. Thank you Sport personality I’ve sent the link on to dancers I think will be keen to complete it.
  9. Canary

    Options for an 18 year old

    This is a very busy time for KS Dance at the moment but I’m sure if you contact the office, take class at the London audition and ask for constructive feedback from Miss Simmons or whoever takes class you will feel more able to make informed decisions for September. Good luck and enjoy
  10. Canary

    RBS Summer School

    Have they asked the children already at WL yet, as they use to get first refusal.
  11. Standards or Level 5. Remember the intake birthdays are different aswell so a child born in October in England will be one of the eldest in the year and in Scotland probably one of the younger ones in their year.
  12. Canary

    Central Audition for 2018 Entry

    Ring them it’s only a short course I’m sure they will understand the issue I think I’ve paid once before submitting forms.
  13. Canary

    RAD vocational classes Crewe area

    KS is Chechetti, if you really want RAD syllabus classes email RAD HQ and they will give you qualified Dance school details in the area you are staying in.
  14. Canary

    Life after a dada award

    Your daughters journey so far is unique to her so I think you may need to research and add up her qualifications and UCAS points. As far as I’m aware a degree is a degree even if it’s only in dance performance.
  15. Canary

    Swiss Ball

    You could message scienceindance.com which is run by Mr Rupert Wiltshire MSc he is a strength and conditioning coach for KS Dance and several other ballet dancers aswell as atheletes. If you explain what your daughter uses a Swiss ball for he will advise, if not your daughter could follow him on Instagram he is theballetstrengthpro and he will answer any questions she wants to ask on there. He is busy at the moment with KS open days but very helpful hope this helps