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  1. National youth ballet 2017

    Does anyone know at what time the 10-11 years olds will be auditioned next week in London? Have letters gone out yet or will it be e-mail? Thanks.
  2. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Just heard about a boy who auditioned for MAs only and been offered a finals audition for WL. Good luck!
  3. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    That is definitely higher than previous years as the total of WL and MAs does not normally add up to that. Fantastic achievement to those who have finals auditions.
  4. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Not all of the 850 are going for WL assuming the figures in their Annual Reports - some only audition for MAs.
  5. Deciding whether to apply for RBS junior associates

    And on the other side not all those with full turn-out, great flexibility, ideal ballet body, great musicality, been through JAs, offered scholarship places for the other vocational schools in the UK get offered a place at RBS. If you don't try you will never know and getting in is just the start as you strive to stay at the top throughout your training and professional life, should you get that far. Good luck to everyone applying this season be it for associates, vocational or summer schools.
  6. Deciding whether to apply for RBS junior associates

    Sorry to hear about your no and all the best for the YDA outcome - from what I have read it is very hard to predict what each school is looking for. A yes for RBS Spring is definitely something to celebrate. Hopefully if she follows the exercises suggested by the physio she can build up strength over time. Good luck to her whatever happens in the years to come.
  7. Deciding whether to apply for RBS junior associates

    @Dancer123 I can see from previous posts that your daughter goes to associates - surely the teachers there can advise you.
  8. RBS Summer School

    Now that there are four weeks in the summer I understand from DD's friends that there were more Associates offered places last year in the context of more places around. We don't know anyone who applied for the Easter course - Associate or otherwise - so they are still waiting for the summer.
  9. Questions about Lower School auditions

    DD just put on a plain matching skirt over the leotard, just to make it a bit different and it fitted the music and choreography, for one of her audition solos. The trouble I had getting the matching skirt - but she was really happy so that helped!
  10. RBS Summer School

    Two years ago it was mid February that SS places were announced which was before places at Finals were known but last year it was after the Finals results, I think, at least a week after the Finals audition (despite saying February). They gave the increased number of applications with the additional weeks as the reason for the delay. So who knows when they will send SS results this year! With the addition of the Easter Intensive and the option to apply for one or other there may be more opportunities for UK applicants. Fingers crossed for those waiting to hear!
  11. Changing seats?

    It was for a different performance so maybe not!
  12. Changing seats?

    We had an incident recently when after already moving people further along the row so we could get our seats someone came to say we were in their seats. She showed us the tickets which were our seat numbers. Despite my rather poor eyesight I picked out that although they were the seats they were for the following week. I have to say we felt very sorry for them as they were all dressed up for a night out with no doubt travel and dinner costs and would have do the same the following week.
  13. Changing seats?

    Recently I turned up to take my rather pricey ROH seat - birthday gift from DH - to find someone in the seat. It was just before 7.30pm but time to settle before curtain up. I had to get an usher to speak with them as they said they had a ticket. They said the same to the usher but when asked to show the ticket said their seat was elsewhere - thankfully they just walked off but no apology. Everyone around was quite shocked at just how brazen she was.
  14. Wool for pointe shoe darning

    We use a thick cotton thread that is soft and similar to wool - works well - from Hobby Craft at around £1.80 a ball.
  15. Technique - Can it always improve?

    Not dance related but DD plays piano and a number of years of grades and not having the technique to play the piano as I had expected (only able to do scales and her exam pieces and very poor at sight reading) I discussed this with her teacher and we gave grades a break and she started to actually learn to play the piano. Unfortunately the teacher moved and we didn't find another one. However after a break she started playing again last summer and was able to sight read well enough to play pieces. She started back with lessons in September with the plan to just play but after a few weeks asked me to buy a grade book and is making great progress. The right teacher with the right attitude is so important. The first teacher accepted the need to back off grades and the new one has inspired her to take them up again! Maybe the new year is a good time to reassess.