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  1. junedancer

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    What it means is that we don't have enough places for those for whom we liked what we saw on the audition day or from short course photo applications. RBS create short wait lists for all programmes and when a place become available they will review those in their lists. As others have said places do become available from wait lists (places are given up for all sorts of reasons) and a no doesn't mean a no later down the line. Good training is good training irrespective of the particular programme so I hope your son enjoys his new associates.
  2. Sent a PM to ask what you still have available - looking for at least two for Friday if still available. Thanks.
  3. junedancer

    Longest couru?

    He took the entrechat record away from Nijinsky, no less! It was an entrechat-douze and as far as am aware he still holds it.
  4. junedancer

    National Youth Ballet Final Auditions 2018

    Will they get told one way or another as they haven't been told yet. They thought it was not until this week that results would be out so were surprised to hear they were out.
  5. junedancer

    National Youth Ballet Final Auditions 2018

    No she hasn't done NYB before and from talking to them at the weekend she is saying they might not do it. Her friend was at Main Company finals and is in the same year group but they haven't heard anything yet so we are thinking that she is waiting for her to know before being happy about it. Does anyone know how Main Company finals work? They were thinking that as she wasn't kept back she isn't through but then again I know a boy who wasn't kept back last year but did get in. Is it age related as to who is kept all day or do they only keep those who they are considering longer?
  6. junedancer

    National Youth Ballet Final Auditions 2018

    Junior company e-mails have gone out and it is a yes for DD's friend - any other good news out there?
  7. junedancer

    Opinions on Ballet Boost Associates?

    Thanks for clarifying - that must be disappointing as they do purport to give individual attention.
  8. junedancer

    Opinions on Ballet Boost Associates?

    Sorry but what do you mean by "the regulars feature A LOT of favourites"?
  9. junedancer

    YBSS application 2018

    So to answer my own question - well not really but an analogous one - over a glass or two this evening DD's friend's Mum and I have done some research on summer schools. We don't have class sizes but have worked out some figures on the daily costs of around 10 courses, in some cases residential and non-residential. The range is from a start of £58 a day for non-residential to a top cost of £153 for residential. Within this the non-residential goes from the £58 to £106 and residential from £103 to the £158. However if you take into account NYB this goes down to £85 for residential but from what we have read there are other costs to factor in with NYB. We have done our best to take account of those courses which run shorter days but as our joint knowledge is limited (even taking into account our avid reading of balletcoforum ) and please do bear in mind the this is all just a rough guide.
  10. junedancer

    How to get a Distinction in ballet exams!

    One of the many tips you can find on You Tube. Good Luck with your exam.
  11. junedancer

    YBSS application 2018

    What are the class sizes at the various summer schools?
  12. junedancer

    JA Auditions

    To paraphrase @Picturesinthefirelight in the topic below, just don't go there! Good luck to DD for her audition!
  13. junedancer

    YBSS application 2018

    I’m with @Newdancermum on this one. DD saw some photos of the Easter workshop and commented on the age of those taking part and asked why I had said she was too young - admittedly I hadn’t seen that they had reduced the age or may have called to ask if she would be eligible. However I held back as this time last year I was berated by another dance Mum when I was saying that DD would be working on two grades at the one time so have been over sensitive about being seen to be pushy. Also I hadn’t fully appreciated that we could use the suggested level in preference to the age limit. Anyway last week I called YBSS Admin about another matter and asked about the Easter days and had a helpful conversation and in summary as you suggest @MAK call them if in any doubt. Good news is they plan to run further workshops.
  14. junedancer

    Matching floral leotard and skirt

    I agree with @Scottishballetmum sounds very like Ainsliewear possibly Victorian Garden collection
  15. junedancer

    WANTED: Pancake tutu for 10 year old

    Will send a PM.