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  1. Good news for those waiting. In previous years the whole process was later and the wait longer so looks like they are at least getting better organised under the new head for intensives.
  2. This year's deadline is two months earlier than in previous years so maybe they haven't received as many applications as expected. At £32 an application I am sure they have a budget projection for this, or am I being cynical?
  3. For all those hoping to hear back about the Summer Intensive before Christmas it looks like the wait will be into 2019. RBS have just announced that they are extending the deadline from today to 2nd December.
  4. I was surprised to read this as the summer school applications are still open so went to look and they have now changed this to say it is for the Spring course.
  5. junedancer

    Prix de Lausanne 2019

    Beatriz Kuperus a 3rd year student ENB is in the 2019 list of those competing.
  6. junedancer

    Christmas present ideas 2018

    We have an off cut of this type of flooring and it is basically a non-slip linoleum - it the same as the flooring you might get in a studio just not stuck down - so should be fine for pirouettes and pointe. As noted by DancingShoes it will depend on the carpet and also the actually flooring you buy as some of them - the non-flexible ones - are more rigid so the carpet wouldn't impact as much. DD's friend has a solid board for tap that sits on carpet but not sure what it would do for the carpet.
  7. ENB are also casting the net further this year with auditions around the world and in the changes to their summer school programme.
  8. junedancer

    RB Mayerling 27 October £9 scs D15

    Sent you a PM but yes interested but looking for a second ticket also.
  9. Thank you - I need two so was hoping to pick-up another one.
  10. I am looking for SCS tickets for Mayerling on the evening of Saturday 27th October. Thank you.
  11. Thanks - Chrome works for me but not Explorer for some reason.
  12. Help - I still can't get anything - none of the links work for me! Where do I go please?
  13. junedancer

    Which RAD grade for a 6 year old beginner?

    If the teacher is happy with her in the class then this seems sensible and better than her dancing with younger children. There is no requirement to have done any of the grades as a pre-requisite until you get to the vocation grades. Grade 1 for a six year old is probably the average as the youngest you can sit the actual exam is age 7.
  14. junedancer

    October half term workshops or classes

    Ballet Boost do an audition prep day for two age groups in the half term holiday but as noted by @Picturesinthefirelight not all schools have the same week.