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  1. You did say earlier that it was your DD's first audition so well done to her for going for a vocational place. As others have said it is not that she failed in any way. There will be hundreds of applications for Tring and only a few are given offers and not all of those will get a scholarship audition. None of us has a crystal ball to know why our DC get offered one thing and not another. The Forum members are many but there will be just as many people out there not on the Forum with experiences of yeses and nos. Everyone has a no at some point, often several in a row but we only hear from those who wish to share this as we do with the yeses. She will have been up against those with and without experience and at this level potential is what they are looking for. She can move on from this with the audition experience under her belt. Ask her teacher(s) for some advice on how to go forward and try again in the future.
  2. Their media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has been quite active for the last year so maybe they have changed their views relatively recently.
  3. To answer my own question, just heard of a girl from Tring with an offer for RBS US.
  4. DD's friend was at Tring and Elmhurst this week and after getting a no from WL finals it left her quite down. Thankfully a last-minute lesson at the weekend perked her up and she has come away from both feeling positive with all thoughts of WL behind her. She wasn't called for physio at Tring and is aware that this is may not be a good sign and she may end up with three nos but is already asking what she would need to do to do better next time round. Fingers crossed for all those waiting on results. It appeared from earlier in the week that Tring hoped to have results out quickly but I take there has been no news today and it will be next week now along with Elmhurst. We are planning something to celebrate her hard work either way so I will we keeping an eye out next week.
  5. This must be disheartening for those at WL, but hopefully the WL training puts them on a good place to audition successfully elsewhere. I wonder why this is more of an issue for the girls than the boys other than generally there will be more girls in training than boys. We suppose we also need to remember that there are a number who leave of their own volition for all manner of reasons. It would be nice to see places being offered to those who have trained elsewhere in the UK. Any news on other offers?
  6. Do you know when they all started at WL? Any news of where the other girls have offers from?
  7. I have seen some dance schools offer it. Which part of London? Maybe someone on the Forum may know of a school close enough to you.
  8. Good luck to all the boys at WL today for Year 7 and 8 auditions!
  9. So this is the extract from Instagram: "We will be notifying students who have submitted a Summer School application of the outcome a week today. ~ If you wish to apply and know by next Friday we must have received your application by Thursday 28 midday. ~Any applications received after this date may be considered and will be notified of the outcome after consideration. " So does this mean that 1st March is no longer the application deadline date? The other day they were still saying 1st March. Hope those applying last minute pick up on this.
  10. This is my concern as if I don't get my dates in I may not get the time off. We are not very confident about a place so will have to start looking elsewhere anyway and dates of what we are looking at are different. If I book leave now I won't necessarily be able to change it. We are starting to feel that this was a waste of time. So many places have already been given out (DD heard recently - through Instagram no doubt - about places being offered to those who did well last year without having to audition/send in videos) and they will no doubt have to keep some for the applications that will come in right up to the deadline. I was wondering if the decision not to move the summer school to the new premises is causing a problem. The change to the new format was predicated on using the new studios. We will remain hopeful until we hear but I will stop refreshing and get back to enjoying half-term!
  11. For those who were at the 2nd Feb audition, is this be the day we need to keep refreshing those e-mails I wonder?
  12. No need to start refreshing your e-mails until the end of next week - they are sticking by the three weeks after the audition date for results.
  13. I agree with Pictures. DD's friend was a No to finals then a Wait List for Mids with a call a week or so later with a place.
  14. Evidenced by places being offered from Summer School and after the start of the school year. Could it be that MDS numbers are limited but if you don’t need funding there are still places for those they want or are from overseas?
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