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  1. Christmas at vocational school

    My DD is at WL..last full ballet class is today but then busy with rehearsals and performances for The Nutcracker.. yr 10 & 11 are busy with the big choreography competition which is on Tuesday. The school finishes on Wednesday although most are very busy with The Nutcracker from then on .. ( my dd gets one week rest for Xmas .)
  2. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Hi, I have posted my DD story before so apologies... but please don't give up.. myDD got a flat no for JAs(and CBA Tring) in yr 4:SWL for yr 5 JAs & much to our surprise JA place for yr 6... in the year we gave up other associate places to cut back and do ballet for fun...& then got a place at WL for Yr 7 despite not getting finals anywhere else!!She and us just try to enjoy the roller coaster as much as possible and never take it for granted that she'll end up dancing as a career.xx
  3. WL auditions for 2017

    Congratulations to your DS! I found liberal side of wine helped with the shock????!Enjoy celebrating !!
  4. best ballet schools for children in London

    Can I just also add as a recommendation, Sarah Toner in North London. Many of her students are at the top vocational school including RBS both at WL and the Upper School. She has danced with BRB and many other ballet companies. My DD went to her after she failed failed to get finals for Elmhurst and Tring . Just 3 months later,dd was offered a place at WL...For us what makes Sarah so unique, apart from her astounding credentials and contacts is her absolute passion and love for dance combined with the most wicked sense of humour and fun. Dd has never laughed so much during lessons and also has never made as much progress. For us it has been like hitting the lottery jackpot of ballet training and we are forever grateful to another forum member for recommending her...
  5. WL auditions for 2017

    We had our e mail around midday on Tuesday after the Friday audition..so hopefully not long to wait.. good luck to everyone...????
  6. Royal Ballet School SS

    Well last year the result for the SS was emailed at the same day as the results of the prelims ..so at that point no decisions had been made I think. She is very much in the minority not having done the SS!! Most of her class have! This year she will be doing it but we do chuckle that in order for her to experience the SS she has had to attend the school itself!!..such is the weird world of ballet !
  7. Royal Ballet School SS

    Last year my DD did not get a SS place (she was SWL) but she did get offered a place at WL!
  8. WL auditions for 2017

    Couldn't agree more with Vonrothbart's comments..myDD also born on last day of August and when auditioning we felt quite frustrated that her friends just a week younger than her would have a whole more year to prepare... but she was still offered a place at WL & is the youngest girl student there at the moment ..so I would forget about the ages ...
  9. WL auditions for 2017

    Well enjoy .. our one day was very long and tiring so it's probably much nicer and fairer for the girls to have two days !! Good luck and chat to the lovely PTA who normally have a stall , we gained a very clear picture of the school from them which helped too.x
  10. WL auditions for 2017

    Hi my DD was at finals last year for year7. You do get sent a thorough outline of the day(s). I am not sure but this year there are 2 days of finals according to my friend whose dd has got through. Last year we had a brief intro from the AD then the girls did their class in front of the panel which lasted at least 1 1/2 hours poss longer. then they had an academic assessment: an interview with senior academic staff and the physio assessment . ( As my dd was a London JA they did this the week before after her JA class to save time.)The girls had a tour of dorms and school. Finally there was a call back class at 4.15 which lasted until 5.30pm. Parents were allowed to go away and return at 4.00pm. It sounds intense but my dd and friends had a fabulous day and even made new friends so I hope your dd really enjoys it !
  11. WL auditions for 2017

    Congratulations Newbiemum and everyone else who has made finals, enjoy the moment and the finals!!xx
  12. Questions about Lower School auditions

    Cheers Newbiemum , Thankyou for your support, it is much appreciated !Good luck too and best wishes to your dd .!xx
  13. Questions about Lower School auditions

    Can I just post as a mum of a current year 7 at WL to please ask for a little compassion when speculating about available places and to be sensitive to the families of current years who are just about to take appraisalsand who might be reading the forum .Yr 7 and 8 children can definitely be assessed out although unlikely and nobody takes it for granted that their child will make it through to year 9 .
  14. Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    Allnewtome ... YES ...definitely go to WL audition!! My dd got no for both Elmhurst finals and Tring funding audition... and then got offered a place at WL last year .. we only kept going after support from this forum and her ballet teacher! We have never really got over the shock !
  15. Sambucol all the way- it's an elderberry syrup fortified with Vit C : Zinc and minerals with a antivirus action according to their bottle... a friend recommended to my 11 yr dd who always gets Virus flu at this time of year... probably all sugar & placebo but seems to do trick and I have now converted my hypochondriac of a sister( who is a nurse) to it too!