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  1. English Youth Ballet Nutcracker etudes, Wolverhampton.

    Awww thought so your DD is a wonderful dancer and has a great future ahead I'm sure xx
  2. English Youth Ballet Nutcracker etudes, Wolverhampton.

    Aww is your DD going Ballet West ? If so think we were speaking to your hubby on Sunday
  3. English Youth Ballet Nutcracker etudes, Wolverhampton.

    Hi my DD loved it too. Would definitely recommend and would do this again. My DD is missing it already xx
  4. EYB -Nutcracker - Ballet Etudes

    Hi yes DD really enjoyed today and cannot wait for tomorrow x
  5. EYB -Nutcracker - Ballet Etudes

    Thank you so happy it's Tutu's
  6. EYB -Nutcracker - Ballet Etudes

    Hi my DD has been cast as a Reed Flute, a trio and soft shoe spots. Can anyone fill me in on what she might be doing, wearing etc ? I'm just too excited to wait and see. Thx xx
  7. Cinderella Dreams Project BRB

    I wasn't quick enough to write down dates all I remember is 2 days in Oct, 2 in Nov and 2 in Dec did you write them down ?
  8. Cinderella Dreams Project BRB

    Really can't call it, but it would be lovely if they all got in wouldn't it. Keep me posted if you receive any news - how exciting xxx
  9. Cinderella Dreams Project BRB

    My DD got call back for morning slot. We are over the moon. Not sure what happens next just keeping everything crossed she gets cast. Good luck everyone x