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  1. balletbean

    RAD Intermediate Exam

    Probably a good idea as we bought them ages ago for just that reason. Somehow they didn’t leave the bottom draw and now she tells me ‘mummmmm my soft blocks are a bit tight’ yup the usual, just 10 days before exam dress rehearsal. The phrase ‘you will have to make do’ was mentioned. Bless ‘em all 😉😂🙆‍♀️
  2. balletbean

    Travel to and from vocational school

    Hi. There is an Ibis Hotel on the same road as Elmhurst (Not sure exact distance) Last year around the time of the SS the hotel was advertising rooms for just £35pn. Not bad for parents visiting. Rather than trying to travel home in a short time is definitely a good idea. Chance to visit and become familiar with their new surroundings.
  3. Thank you. Very much appreciated. She is by far the youngest one there. Challenging. But a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow both personally and as a dancer.
  4. DD at audition as we speak. 30 altogether. 22girls, 8 boys. Looking for 5 of each. Ps. Majority appear to be either 1st or 2nd yr in pre-professional training. MT & classical.
  5. balletbean

    RAD Intermediate Exam

    Yes. They’ve been wedged in the bottom draw for ages but now with the exam looming they’ve started wearing them everylesson. As they were supposed to from the beginning but as usual back to back lessons of different Grades they just kept their flats on. 🙆‍♀️
  6. balletbean

    RAD Intermediate Exam

    Hi. DD taking intermediate in the next few weeks. Soft blocks are needed. Not flats. Hope that helps.
  7. balletbean

    Repeating the year at vocational school

    Hi, Without knowing if your DD is in LS or US can affect a response or advice. I know of a pupil that took time out for personal reasons during her 2nd yr of US rather than mentally struggle during the year, possibly extending the concerns she had Fully supported by the school. She then returned and joined the year below her old one as they started the new academic year without any noticeable issues. Slightly different but you may be surprised how many times this occurs across the schools. LS, whilst it is challenging as the child is younger and not mature enough sometimes to understand and appreciate the reasons for the change. It can be turned around and presented as a positive. Acknowledge her feelings but look atthe time strengthening her academnic grades which can only be a good thing as well as allowing her to embrace the additional year of training and better to be middle to top of one year group rather than linger at the bottom end and therefore place more pressure on her every single day of the term and possibly be at the centre of attention of her teachers but not for the right reasons. And be grateful of the opportunity rather than the other scenario of being "assessed out". Good Luck but please look at it as a positive, things happen for a reason.
  8. balletbean

    RAD Ballet - exam results for graded exams

    My DD is 15 (turns 16 in July). As some others have already mentioned, SS courses for the 15/16 age group tend to base their classes on Adv 1 grade. Application forms seem to consistently request Int Foun for the younger age then Adv 1 but appear to lose the Intermediate in the middle for the 14 yr olds. It can be challenging to know which box to tick, age or grade. However the auditions for US appear to be based more at Intermediate level . Knowledge at that Grade and execellent technique will be expected and makes for a more confident DC on the day. Familiar exercises and phrases will go some way to allow the DC to showcase their abilities to their best rather than focusing too much on unfamiliar work. Which does nothing for the nerves........☺️
  9. balletbean

    UKA / RAD equivalent grade levels?

    Hi, If the form is asking for the dancers grade I would honestly enter the exact details of the examination board and the current level for your DC Sorry I can't help you on the equiv to RAD Unless it specifically asks for RAD equiv I wouldn't assume that is what they are asking. For ballet competitions/festivals I have never actually been asked for my DD's grade just her age. Good Luck
  10. balletbean

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Hi Boogalou Just to provide some additional information for your research Level 3 (equiv to an A Level) are RAD Grade 6 and above, RAD Inter Fou and above LAMDA Grade 6 and above ISTD Grade 6 and above, all genres. There maybe other dancing examination boards that also are Level 3. Someone else on this forum may be able to help as I'm not familiar with those. Diploma Level 6 is the Vocational equiv to a BA (Hons) Degree. There are some Education Authorities that don't know this as well as the equiv qualifications. Sad but true. Good Luck on your research. My only hint/tip would be, don't try to compare the different schools/colleges as they are all so unique in what they offer, just research each throughly. Qualification and course content, audition dates and process, graduate employment (closed auditions), accommodation, travel. The other research I did was to look at the profiles of dancers within each company (that fits your Dd style) and see where they trained. More out of interest rather than a deciding factor. Just on an additional note, whilst a qualification (Diploma/Degree) is important at this stage of research in reality when it comes to graduate employment most auditioning panels don't look at the Dancers profile (open auditions) and therefore have no idea what they were awarded. They are looking at the dancer themselves. PS RBS do not offer an qualification but then just having the school on any CV opens doors....... Good Luck
  11. balletbean

    RAD Ballet - exam results for graded exams

    Hi. My DD wouldn’t be where she is now. As in heading off to Vocational School in Sept. Her age group are just about to take Grade 6. Whilst my DD will be taking her Grade 8/Intermediate next month. Her teacher fortunately saw the potential and decided to take the unusual step and encourage my DD to take each exam over a shorter period of time. Focusing on abilities rather than her physical age. 😊
  12. balletbean

    RAD Ballet - exam results for graded exams

    I agree, my DD was the youngest in her year group when she started ballet. Gradually over the years if she had remained within the same cohort she would not be where she is. She proved her worth in exam results attendance and ability and was suitably rewarded by being put forward for exams when she was ready. Separate from the others. Resulting in Grade 6 last June, Grade 7 Dec, Grade 8 just two days before Intermediate in early June this year. 🙆‍♀️
  13. balletbean

    Visit to Ballet West

    Absolutely, not that long ago a graduate of the RBS having performed professionally for 8 years has gained entry into medical school to train as a Doctor. A comment from the interview board was that a classcially trained dancer has a high degree of stamina, perseverance, dedication, attention to detail and never ever giving up. Something that some pure academics may not possess (qualities that can't learn it from a book) but needed in the field of medicine.
  14. balletbean

    Trouble at Italia Conti

    Thank you. A move just intime for GCSE’s might not be ideal if they are experiencing certain issues. Hope it all works out for their pupils.
  15. balletbean

    Trouble at Italia Conti

    Any more news on the school? Especially news for pupils starting in yr10. Thank you.