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  1. balletbean

    Taking Ballet Exams as an adult

    As an adult I totally agree with you but nothing appears to phase the younger generation. My DD has taken 4 ballet exams since June 2017, G6, G7, G8 and Intermediate. The last two were taken on a Thursday and Saturday in June with GCSE's on the Tuesday, Wednesday and the Friday. Completely nailed it all, I was in complete shock at just the thought of what she did. it makes me break out into a cold sweat, the more I think about it. 😙
  2. Depending on the age of the applicant there maybe space to comment if the main carer/parent/chaperone has difficulty for access. An important factor if the specific requirements means a child has to be signed in and out daily by an adult and that adult can't access the facilities.incl the theatre/hall used for the end of week performances ie ENBS is a classic example
  3. balletbean

    Ballet vs academics

    My DD was spending an average 12hrs per week in the studio aswell as maintaining her grades throughout the recent GCSE season. Her school teacher paid credit to her and other dancers in the year group at a standard academic school stating that those pupils who trained in Ballet and other genres were statistically better off in the classroom.Striving to be a high achiever, dedicated, polite and time managed all their home work commitments. She actually wanted to Bottle those skills and share with others. Dancing not only trains the body but also trains the brain As long as they maintain a healthy diet and sleep pattern as well as access to fresh air, then any increase in studio hours shouldn't cause any dips. My DD is a July baby so was always one of the youngest. Never held her back. It could be as simple as different teachers or change in the household environment/routine which can have an affect even if the child concerned isn't directly involved. well worth a chat.
  4. balletbean

    Too skinny (age 8)

    My DD was like that, videos of her a few years back her arms were thin but without control.Teapot arms I called them. She totally understood and appreciated the feedback as it was done in a supportive manner, oh and watching the videos. Move forward two years, she is still a skinny minnie but has developed strength and has control over her slim arms. Muscles have developed and she has 'grown' into her body type. It is truly amazing how the body changes with increased time in the studio and maturity. As long as your DD is healthy and maintains a balanced healthy diet she will develop at her own good time and in her own way. If she does become very conscious of her body in a negative way, you could encourage her to use a resistance band or a bottle of water to use as a weight. But try not to fret, encourage your DD to embrace and love her physique There will be many in and out of the studio that are envious. Too much focus on obesity nowadays can back fire on those at the other end of the weight spectrum and little girls can become more body aware than we ever did at their age and create an issue where there wasn't one. Good Luck
  5. balletbean

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Hi. My DD auditioned at NBS last year. Her application photos were in soft canvas ballet shoes. She also wore a simple cotton plain leotard with a belt. Except for the usual pointe shoe position obviously. Taken in the corridor of the Art Dept at her brothers school! Nothing fancy. Auditioned and accepted the place offered. Absolutely loving it. Good Luck. X
  6. balletbean

    pointe shoe hardner HELP

    Hi. I would definitely have her feet/shoes checked by the teacher. I appreciate you have had your DD’s Pointes fitted by Bloch but you may well find that another brand is more suitable for your DD’s needs and abilities. Try Dancia Int’l if you can. It’s only across the road from Bloch London. The shop stocks many brands so enables a one stop shop. Pointe shoe shopping can be a challenge as you cover a lot of pavement back and forth searching and comparing. Is your DD at vocational school or after school dancing? Every 10 days does appear rather excessive for any pupil going through Pointe Shoes. Defintely worth a refit/rethink. But whatever she does end up wearing, asuggested. Ensure shoes are air dried between use incl ouch pouch or whatever liners are used this simple process extends the life of shoes. Good Luck. 🙆‍♀️
  7. balletbean

    Tring Park sixth form auditions

    I totally understand where you are coming from. That part did scare me slightly, this time last year when my DD was completing the application forms. Whilst NBS do not offer A levels, they do offer accommodation (Uni Halls) literally around the corner from the school. 6 minute walk to be precise. It does mean that the pupils are living independently from just 16yrs old but there is 24hr on-call staff, cleaners, inclusive of fees and free wifi in a purpose built block. Up to 5 pupils per flat. each with their own ensuite shower room and shared kitchen/living room. So far so good. The block may well be for the University students but the pupils from NBS have certainly been treated like Princesses by all the "Unite" staff that run the property. Nothing has ever been too much effort for them. The girls have already discovered the joys of shopping with Amazon Pantry for many goods and have plenty of stores in and around the area for fresh food. The staff even txt the pupils to let them know that they have a parcel. There are a few vocational schools in London that it is quite the norm for their pupils to take a 45 minute commute across London daily between the school and the accommodation block. Which is challenging both mentally and physically after such long days in the studio. I understand that there are many that cope with this set up but it's not for everyone. A very personal choice between parent and their teenager to know what is right for them. It was rather a challenge when completing the research for vocational training as there doesn't appear to be a like for like comparison between the vocational schools as they all appear to offer something slightly different. It really is such a personal choice what works for the individual.
  8. balletbean

    Ballet summer schools for 2019

    Hi, Thank you for all the details of SS in Oz. Any details on schools out west. Perth in particular. Youngest DD would love to visit her big bro who lives just south of the city. Seems a good idea if she did travel that far was to utilise the time wisely. Thank you
  9. balletbean

    Happiness is:-

    Aawww thank you. So reassuring when older pupils put themselves out for younger/newbies. Makes the big wide world a smaller friendlier place to be.
  10. balletbean

    Happiness is:-

    New term new beginnings for many can be so challenging. We all worry whether they will settle/enjoy their course/makes friends etc. What we don’t expect is the BBC Strictly...... pros and celebs training in the empty studios at RAD HQ this week as 2nd and 3rd yr students haven’t started. First year students are totally star struck 🤩 Even more exciting is that Darcey is also making an appearance. 🙆‍♀️😊 I’m not so sure that the 1st yrs are doing much work though! Lol. Bless them all. Lovely start to the term. 😍
  11. balletbean

    Tring Park sixth form auditions

    From their own website the fees incl Boarding are £34,000pa.
  12. balletbean

    One Year Ballet Course - any out there?

    Hi Anna, out if interest do you know the lower age limit for the Foundation course? From my research (except for the obvious juniors) I thought LSC only accepted 18yr olds +. thank you.
  13. balletbean

    Tring Park sixth form auditions

    Hi. I know of two 16yr olds that have just started at Tring. Both boarders. One is there for 6th Form (A Levels) and MT Foundation course. Another is there for the 3yr classical Diploma + A Levels. Both were offered 50% scholarship. However, without being too personal and asking the parents directly I’m not sure if the 50% was for fees only and the families still had to cover the full costs of Boarding or whether the scholarship was towards the full all inclusive costs. Many Vocational schools do bury their fees well inside their websites. Probably trying not to put parents off! Whilst not wanting to dampen any teeenagers dream the harsh reality of life (££££’s) doesn’t help the old blood pressure (and bank account) for the parents. 😩
  14. balletbean

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Good Luck. My DD has just started at NBS this week so if you have any direct questions regarding the audition process I’m happy to help. If I can. 🙆‍♀️
  15. balletbean

    Rambert audition music 60 seconds?

    Hope all went well on your DD's first day. Exciting times. ☺️