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  1. balletbean

    Help with Funding

    Hi AlicK, I've just sent you a PM. 😊
  2. balletbean

    Miko Fogarty

    Not to forget bucket loads of stamina that can't be matched by those who have pursued a more traditional academic route.
  3. balletbean

    Miko Fogarty

    There must be an attraction from Ballererinas to swap thier tutu's for their white coats. Another dancer that I know still occasionally returns to the studio to teach ballet whilst balancing studies in her 2yr at Medical school. She's in her early 30's having graduated from RBS and then performed professioanlly for about 8yrs before changing career.
  4. balletbean

    Make up at Upper schools

    My eldest was hauled up in front of the whole class by one of the teachers on her first day at MT college because she wasn't wearing enough makeup! She has always been one of those teenagers that doesn't see the point in the studio as it just melts away. Different for stage but as thats for only a few hours there is obviously a slight difference to 8hrs all day everyday. Needless to say she had to succumb. Youngest off to US this Sept and appreciates its part of the grooming presentation process (actually factored into the timetable to teach the girls) but far more subtle in appearance than MT requirements. Really does depend on the school/course.
  5. balletbean


    We used the A level Photography teacher who offered her services for my DD. Taken in the corridor at my sons school against a white wall. Yup odd combination but it worked successfully 😉
  6. My DD has had the privilege to be taught for the last 8 yrs by a past pupil of Dame Ninette De Valois. Even after 60yrs teaching, tradition lives on, none of the pupils are taught ‘variations’ for festivals and competitions just age appropriate choreography (and music) recorded in great detail in her treasured book. Some pieces are years old, just ‘tweaked’ to match the pupil’s level and ability at the time. “If it ain’t broken why fix it”. The older pupils love listening to stories about Dame De V and her method of teaching. So important that in the busy hectic world of 21st Century living that tradition lives on, even if it’s just a corner (ballet) of the Performing Arts Industry.
  7. I am so pleased to read your comments. I have thought the same for so long of why a young child (they are certainly not teenagers) are performing what can only be described as adult roles. Some International schools are training their pupils just to compete in competitions to win and in a performance that lasts about 2 1/2 mins but UK Vocational Schools are training their pupils for a professional career. Many starting their careers as a junior young dancer within a company. Not the soloist in Don Quixote or similar.
  8. balletbean

    UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    Ditto here. DD completed two weeks last year at ENBS SS. I was invited to both reviews on the Fridays. The experience certainly helped my DD when it came to the audition season.
  9. It wasn’t taking the mick. That’s what was so shocking. A genuine question which was raised by a local politician in the middle of a formal meeting about funding. I thought I was so prepared on my facts and figures but that one question just reduced me to a jibbering idiot. And this was the Politician responsible for Education. I think she needed to look closer to home of who needed Educating. You can’t argue with stupid. Heaven help us all.
  10. balletbean

    UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    We were provided a list of hotels and b&b’s in the area. However, as all of the hotels wouldn’t take under 16’s without an adult we sourced a private flat to rent through TripAdvisor. Both options still work out costly if staying within walking distance of the school. Such a shame as even when they move they will still remain non-residential. Not many parents can commit to 2 or even 4 weeks during the summer to chaperone their DC.
  11. Sadly the can’t be said for those in our local Education Dept . Having recently been asked ‘What is Ballet?’ When engaged in a conversation about qualifications & funding!! 😩😡
  12. Channel Islands.
  13. balletbean

    Musical theatre or Contemporary

    BA (Hons) Theatre Dance Previous dance experience is a prerequisite when applying for the BA (Hons) Theatre Dance degree programme. A-level Dance is desirable but not essential. Applicants under 21 years of age must have obtained a minimum of two A-level passes*, plus three different GCSE passes of grade C or higher (or equivalent qualifications) including GCSE English Language, and have accumulated 96 UCAS points. This is direct from LSC webpage. Which strongly suggests 18 is the min age.
  14. balletbean

    When to go for associates?

    I agree with you. Mother Nature does have a strong hold on Ballet unlike other genres. To introduce other genres into the schedule is a wise idea. 1)Enhances the skills of the child/dancer. 2) Ensures that the true love is ballet and not just Dance. 3) Allows the flexibility later on. Puberty........... 4) As well as personal choice. Should they change their mind. Looking back at my DD when she was little and started in Modern, Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Greek she was no different to her classmates at her studio. It really wasn't until she turned 14 that it became apparent that she was going to go down the Ballet route technically and physically, rather than MT like her peers at her local dance school. Even though she dabbled with MT (workshops etc) this only confirmed her choice that ballet was right for her. Off to Vocational School in just over a months time... You just never know.
  15. I'be been told that Japan definitely fund their teenagers. Italy, Gremany and Spain also support their teenagers when training in England. Whilst coming under the umbrella of the EU and therefore a DaDa these countries also independantly support their teenagers. Which could go someway to explain some of the choices for the schools overseas auditions. I doubt very much if it would be financially viable for the schools to travel to these locations for auditions otherwise. It's such a shame that not everyone from GB qualifies for funding through the DaDa scheme, just those within the UK/EU.