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  1. Thanks unfortunately doesn’t have either
  2. Summer school/mid lower school
  3. Any suggestions for a male variation for a video audition?
  4. FOR SALE Saturday 16th Feb 12pm Amphi - A47 & 46 £43.00 each
  5. I have the following tickets for sale for the RBS and RBC - Two pigeons Tuesday 12th Feb Amphi A55 & A54 £43.00 each Thursday 14th Feb Amphi A53 & A54 £43.00 each Saturday 16th Feb Amphi A47 & A46 £43.00 each
  6. Monday 7th Jan Amphi F72 £35.00 Tuesday 8th Jan SCS D44 £10.00 Wednesday 9th Jan SCS D10 £10.00 Friday 11th Jan Amphi J58 & J59 £50.00 each
  7. I have 2 for Friday 11th Jan £50 each, amphi Centre J58&59
  8. I have the following for sale - Tuesday 8th Jan - Amphi F51 £67 Wednesday 9th Jan - SCS D10 £10 Tuesday 15th Jan - SCS D44 £10
  9. Ticket for sale Wednesday 12th December Amphitheater E74 £35.00 The Nutcracker Royal Ballet Company
  10. I have 1 ticket for sale for 3rd Dec Amphi F42 £35.00
  11. The student completes a written journal alongside their practical teaching can work, the journal covers 6 areas, performance skills, technique, choreography, teaching, physiological and cultural. Although there are no set answers (as it’s the candidates own personal research and opinions) there are guidance questions for each area. The journal itself is not marked but their is a brief interview on the work presented at the end of the exam which is awarded marks
  12. Oh sorry to hear you are having homesick trouble, it’s heartbreaking when your child is away and upset. In my experience (I have a child at vocational Ballet school, for a few years now since year 7) it is better to leave them. I always found the more mine came home, or I went down to visit the worse they got, and only really settled when were left. So now it’s only home at exeat or half term (which works out as 3 weeks - 2 weekends at school) which is manageable on both sides - wouldn’t want to go any longer. Is your child in year 7?
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