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  1. RBS Junior Associates - travel from Scotland?

    We travelled about 2 hours for 2 years every Saturday to JA’s on the train and yes it is quite nice to have a couple of hours on the train and then a day out in whichever city JAs is in. Quite missed it when it ended my child is now in full time ballet training as a result of JAs - definitely worth it good luck!
  2. I have 2 sets of 2 tickets but don’t want to sell them separately
  3. Pointe shoe ribbon help!!

    They don’t have to go under the foot you can cut them and sew like normal ballet shoes
  4. Swayback legs

    Knees together, slight gap between heels
  5. RB Nutcracker 10th Jan

    I have a stall circle standing D48?
  6. I have one but I’m not in London so would have to post it, not sure it would get to you in time?
  7. 2 tickets wanted for RB Nutcracker Wednesday 3rd Jan - any sitting seats - Thank you in advance !
  8. RB Nutcracker 30 DEC eve wanted

    Yes I have D47 SCS standing for sale £10, not in London before then though so will have to post it
  9. I have a Stalls circle standing ticket for today D29. (Central good view) if anyone wants to meet me and buy it off me £8.
  10. RB Nutcracker, 1st Jan

    I have 1 stall circle standing if any good?
  11. I have a SCS ticket for this performance D53 £10.00
  12. Ticket for sale D53 stalls circle standing £8.00