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  1. Stellar

    Btda intermediate exam

    The student completes a written journal alongside their practical teaching can work, the journal covers 6 areas, performance skills, technique, choreography, teaching, physiological and cultural. Although there are no set answers (as it’s the candidates own personal research and opinions) there are guidance questions for each area. The journal itself is not marked but their is a brief interview on the work presented at the end of the exam which is awarded marks
  2. Stellar


    Oh sorry to hear you are having homesick trouble, it’s heartbreaking when your child is away and upset. In my experience (I have a child at vocational Ballet school, for a few years now since year 7) it is better to leave them. I always found the more mine came home, or I went down to visit the worse they got, and only really settled when were left. So now it’s only home at exeat or half term (which works out as 3 weeks - 2 weekends at school) which is manageable on both sides - wouldn’t want to go any longer. Is your child in year 7?
  3. Stellar

    Advice on where to start with a 7 year old please

    Yes both my children did the RBS insight day, they enjoyed it very much. It is just like an associate class and good to do as an audition prep to see what is expected and what the other standard of children is like as parents can watch
  4. Could I have the nutcracker one please
  5. Stellar

    Drop-in classes in London

    Ballet Boost with Emma Northmore do classes at pineapple, at the end of Aug. excellent classes, look at the website, you have to prebook though
  6. I’m watching the matinee tomorrow so will be in Holland Park from about 12 ish as havIng a picnic beforehand, what time are you thinking of getting to Holland Park as going for something to eat close by afterwards
  7. No probs, are you there at all before tomorrow night? Or I could see if I can leave at box office?
  8. I have ticket for Holland Park Saturday 30th. 7pm G45 £20
  9. Stellar

    Associates South East

    Royal ballet have associates in Eastleigh?
  10. Stellar

    RBS Junior Associates - travel from Scotland?

    We travelled about 2 hours for 2 years every Saturday to JA’s on the train and yes it is quite nice to have a couple of hours on the train and then a day out in whichever city JAs is in. Quite missed it when it ended my child is now in full time ballet training as a result of JAs - definitely worth it good luck!
  11. I have 2 sets of 2 tickets but don’t want to sell them separately
  12. Stellar

    Pointe shoe ribbon help!!

    They don’t have to go under the foot you can cut them and sew like normal ballet shoes
  13. Stellar

    Swayback legs

    Knees together, slight gap between heels