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  1. @HowMuch!, If you live anywhere near the Manchester area and your DD is serious about ballet, take her to Centre Pointe in Denton (if you're not going already). If you want to keep her in the existing school, consider "The Pointe", which is like an associate programme, but it has Ballet, Contemporary and Classical Repertoire.
  2. For the questions about measurement - the evidence is there: Just take a browse through Instagram under hashtag #ballerinasofinstagram. You'll soon find some pretty extreme flexibility in pelvis and spines on show. I think a lot of it is coming over from the "modern" dance world, which is picking up gymnastic techniques. Try the hashtag #stretchitoutladder. The schools that encourage it have videos on their facebook pages of violent and excessive stretching - often in modern dance classes. I'm not putting them up, but they are there. Other schools are starting to speak out against it - I believe that the festivals are starting to crack down on too much "acro" appearing in routines.
  3. Hi @glissade, I agree with you 100%. And when you have an artistic dancer it is SO hard to keep them focused on that aspect. There is a whole periphery of social media industry, which is definitely pulling attention away from what matters. There are now "ambassadors" - children with large followers, who are being given free clothes so they can model them on line. There is definitely a trend towards hyper-flexibility in dance generally. I know some young dancers who value this attribute very highly. This is where our cultural architects like the Royal Ballet, English National Ballet have to stand firm (which I hope they do).
  4. I echo this sentiment. Their standard of training is outstanding. After 20 months with Centre Pointe (coupled with Mid Associates), my daughter has now been offered a y9 place at White Lodge.
  5. Just goes to show - all those who are moaning about British schools not pushing their students hard enough need to take a long look at what is happening elsewhere, and at what price some of the children might be paying for their performances.
  6. Yes, waiting lists for MA do come up. Back in 2017 my DD was offered a Mids place in May after being on waiting list.
  7. They normally last until October. If a place is not available before then, they will need to reapply for the next year.
  8. For those on any short waiting lists, it's worth noting that there's often movement between now and the end of the academic year as full-time vocational spaces become available or existing associates leave (for many reasons). 2 years ago, my DD was put on the RBS Mids short waiting list and a place was found later on.
  9. @MummytoIzzy My DD has been doing festivals for about 18 months, and she loves them. From my observations, it is probably the parents who stress more than the children. Once she's done her first dance, you will be surprised how quickly she gets into the swing of it. There is nothing like a festival to give you feedback on how your daughter is doing. Always keep your perspective. If your DD doesn't win medals, the written feedback you receive can be even more valuable if acted upon. There are plenty of people who tend to fly in for their section, then leave. But if you have the time, I would advise on either arriving early, staying a little later or even going on a day that your DD doesn't dance - mainly to sit and watch some of the older performers. I think this is one of the most valuable lessons you can give - so they can see what they might be doing in a couple of years or so. But most of all, keep it light and make sure she's having fun.
  10. It's worth noting that not all the RBS MA centres have had their assessments yet, and there's still a lot that can happen between now and September for those who make it to waiting lists.
  11. Here's wishing Elmhurst Upper School audition finalists the best of luck for tomorrow.
  12. Relayed to me 2nd hand from a pas-de-deux workshop: "Put her down gently.... she's a dancer, not a bin bag." Sage.
  13. I missed putting it on yesterday, but a friend of mine had Elmhurst Yr7 auditions. Good luck to any boys who were there.
  14. Hi @MrsMoo2 I echo the sentiments of others on this thread. Go to Centre Pointe in Denton, Manchester. Reach out to Simon Gray. He's an excellent teacher.
  15. Hi @ScottishDancerMum DD is currently with the RBS Mid associates. Have always had excellent face-2-face feedback from her teacher, who has been quite outstanding. I have nothing but good things to say about the Associate programme, and would not hesitate to recommend.
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