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  1. 100th anniversary special Now That's What I Call A Correction from Merce Cunningham. Trust the contemporary world to stand the whole concept on his head: https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2019/apr/15/merce-cunningham-dance-centenary-pupils-recall-teacher
  2. "The capacity to endure is very similar to happiness."
  3. "Are there any Brazilians here? No? I want you to think of the lady of the house and her maid. *Shrieks in a hoarse, high pitched voice* ISAAAUURA!! ...a beat.... ..another... ...[as the maid, with an extreme, overdone accent, taking as long as possible, and sounding completely pissed off] senhora? It's class consciousness...better than Marx." the point was about rocketing up to passé and delaying on the way back down. he kept yelling "ISAUUURA!!!.....Senhora?" through the next barre exercise.
  4. First is infancy. Fifth is adolescence. Centre is adulthood. Jumps are second childhood. After class is death.
  5. I just noticed a Sansha shop in Barcelona offering 50% off new pointes if you trade in the old ones so I am now wondering if they are recycling them somehow
  6. Tangential, but I just saw this on the twitters. Gabriel Figueredo, of Stuttgart, won the men's title and is showing some serious, scowling, head up and back attitude: https://twitter.com/Szenik/status/1095001278743281667
  7. Bloody hell. On intensive week last year we did the grand rond en l'air in every barre, which was handy as it was in one of the rep pieces, but turning with it sounds challenging. Not as much as turning *against* it would be, but enough.
  8. "Don't wait - close the arm. God doesn't exist and even if He did...he'd have better things to worry about than your pirouettes."
  9. Not sure if it counts as a correction or just general exhortation, but it's from Niki Tsiskaridze so it probably qualifies: http://melmoth.blog/post/182213550753/news-segment-about-vaganova-ballet-academys-2019 "La Garde meurt mais ne se rende pas!" (the guy who said it swore more and went on to surrender a couple of hours later but never mind)
  10. OK so I had a dance-related dream last night, with the extra feature that I can remember the choreography: prepare croisé 4th tombé pas de bourré piqué arabesque, arms to 3rd sissoné fermé repeat 2x, adding a small cambré attitude derriére, on a relévé, allongé ditto a la seconde grande battement failli through and repeat twice from the tombé do a waltz turn with an allongé arm second side Also there was a whole staging - two parallel lines of big wooden boxes/sheds/some kind of cubical, light frame structure, set down in a hole, with the audience seeing it from above and behind my right shoulder. There may have been more dancers on the far side of the boxes; I was heading down the lane between them. I don't remember any music, but it wasn't silent as such, just missing the audio. The boxes are definitely nicked from Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and the down in a hole thing from Pina Bausch. Various bits of the choreography came up in class recently but I think the little cambré came from the documentary on Nureyev. I am crushed that my subconscious mind is such a plagiarist.
  11. So I promised Kristian Ratevossian I'd take his class, and today, after doing Nina Thilas-Mohs' at Danceworks, I did. This is my first experience of Russian style and bloody hell, that's a hell of a barre. Also lots of turns, grandes battements, and assemblés. The legs feel like I usually do after a whole day on intensive week.
  12. "Stand on it!" ("It" is the supporting leg; if you don't you will be not quite in balance and losing turnout as you close 5th.) "Think condor!" (you're dancing in centre. open your arms more and wider and engage the back.)
  13. 50 mins is the traditional format for a psychoanalyst's appointment. Are they trying to tell you something?
  14. [Tendu dégagé] "Reach forward but resist...offer your foot to the fetishist...but deny him it at the last moment possible. Ballet is a sensation and it's that sensation. In fact, it's a moral sensation. Like all art, ballet is a moral act. You'll probably not understand this unless you've watched Barry Lyndon. You know the Reverend? The moment when the guy comes back from the wars missing a leg? [mimes a strange gurning wink] It's just a bit wicked." Who else could it possibly be but RP? He followed up by baring his operation scar like a gorilla in order to demand greater effort from us.
  15. Renato Paroni de Castro is BAAACK from his heart operation.
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