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  1. Sorry to hear that Marcelino Sambe is injured and do hope he is on the mend. Alexander Campbell and Francesca Hayward will I'm sure be wonderful - so pleased to have a ticket for 9 February.
  2. I'm sure I'm not alone in finding a very welcome email today announcing that the revised Kenneth MacMillan website is now available. I'd been wanting to look at it during the recent celebrations and it's great to have it back. Wonderful to have the final moments of Song of the Earth in Darcey Bussell's farewell performance embedded in the Song pages. December 11th 2017 would have been the 88th birthday of the celebrated British choreographer Sir Kenneth MacMillan. Today we are relaunching this website dedicated to his life and work. Please visit www.kennethmacmillan.com
  3. Apologies for repetition and linking to the Radio 3 Sound of Dance thread but the final minutes of Song of the Earth are so utterly exquisite that I cannot but be moved to tears. Monica Mason talks us through these in a wonderful commentary, some 37 minutes into the programme: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09j0rg4 The whole programme is an absolute gem, including Ed Watson on Romeo and Juliet and Mayerling and both Ed and Monica on the Rite of Spring. Only 28 days left on iPlayer. And Katie Derham is a perceptive interviewer/presenter.
  4. Ballet on BBC Radio 3

    I caught part of today's Sound of Dance in the car and have just enjoyed the whole programme on iPlayer. Wonderful to hear Monica Mason and Ed Watson talk so eloquently about dancing Kenneth MacMillan's choreography. A gem of a programme which I will certainly listen to again but it's only available for 30 days. So many highlights but Monica Mason talking through the last few minutes of Song of the Earth whilst the music is playing is utterly captivating.
  5. Thank you Penelope I'll never forget the Domingo/Price/Kleiber Otello - the whole of Act 4 had been in tears. Tears of joy throughout Haitink's Meistersinger, Act 3 in particular. Many very special debuts - we've been so fortunate in the last couple of years seeing Francesca and Yasmine. Nutcracker and Clara's recognition that she has her pendant - Francesca and Anna Rose. And the closing minutes of Song of the Earth.
  6. But surely Francesca danced both Clara and Sugar Plum Fairy last year as Principal. I'm delighted she's still dancing Clara - a fabulous part in the Royal Ballet Peter Wright production and in my opinion better than the Sugar Plum Fairy. That said I'll look forward very much to her and Yasmine's SPF with Anna Rose as Clara.
  7. Thank you - and Yasmine Naghdi as Rose Fairy, hopefully in the cinema broadcast?
  8. Back from Sylvia on Friday night (Marianela Nunez cast) and Saturday matinee ( Lauren Cuthbertson cast). I'd not seen Sylvia before and having seen the comments on the Forum and various reviews was very much looking forward to the performances. I certainly enjoyed much of the dancing and will be keen to see the final performance when back in London in a couple of weeks (Natalia Osipova cast). There’s so much intricate footwork which is a delight to see and there’s a rather quaint old fashioned feel to the sets and design - enjoyed the Act 2 transformation. I'm less enamoured with the score than a number of commentators, for my ears rather ponderous and not a patch on Tchaikovsky whatever he may have said when hearing it. I have to say in seeing a narrative ballet I much prefer stronger characters and wanting to care about what happens to them. I’m afraid with Sylvia that doesn't really happen for me and some of the caricature is pretty thin, not even two dimensional. As regards the dancing, I thought both performances became stronger in Acts 2 and 3. I very much enjoyed how Lauren seemed to hold her balances effortlessly with the music. Both Vadim and Reece were commanding as others have so eloquently commented. Great dancing from Orion’s slaves, particularly David Yudes and Calvin Richardson. But the dancer who really caught my eye, although not on the cast sheet, was Anna Rose O’Sullivan leading the corp de ballet. I just think her whole dancing exquisite - so fleet of foot, crisp timing, wonderful poise.
  9. And what happened to the Alina/Johan Cinderella, a BBC broadcast a number of year ago? I don't recall a second broadcast and it has not been released commercially. A wider question is the treasure trove of filmed performances held by the Royal Ballet in its archive, and I'm sure many other companies. I believe it's primarily a source for dancers but it would be great to know more about the collection and whether there is any chance of footage being released.
  10. Thank you Floss. I'm afraid I've never seen Sylvia but the more I hear about it, the more I'm looking forward to the forthcoming performances.
  11. Thanks zxDaveM - very much looking forward to seeing this. A lovely vignette, just a couple of minutes, but guaranteed to bring a smile from a very wet Cumbria: http://www.roh.org.uk/news/watch-marianela-nunez-rehearses-the-royal-balletssylvia-with-darcey-bussell
  12. Is it too early to start a Royal Ballet Nutcracker topic? I very much enjoyed the recent Insight: http://www.roh.org.uk/news/watch-live-rehearsals-for-the-nutcracker-with-the-royal-ballet-on-16-november-2017 I like seeing Christopher Saunders coaching: to me he just exudes confidence, energy and a great understanding of the detail and characterisation of the roles. And it's always such a pleasure to see dancers rehearse - Mayara, Tierney, Bea and Nicol in this Insight. There's also some cast changes: http://www.roh.org.uk/news/cast-changes-the-nutcracker-201718 Do hope dancers recover quickly from any injuries. But I think this means over the main Christmas period Anna Rose will be dancing Clara on 20, 23, 28 & 30 December and 1 & 2 January. Do hope she'll have time to enjoy the celebrations.
  13. Thanks Riva. I've seen some Anna Rose O'Sullivan/William Bracewell photos on Instagram but is it possible for someone who attended to say a little more about the master class? Is Le Rossignol being performed?
  14. Thanks to all for sharing such a range of opinions. I see Jillykins refers to the Nutcracker and Wind Insights. I don't know if she has had opportunity to see the Twyla Tharp Insight but it's still on line and I would strongly recommend it. http://www.roh.org.uk/news/watch-live-royal-ballet-rehearsals-for-twyla-tharps-the-illustrated-farewell-on-25-october-2017 I also thought Jan Parry's Dance Tabs review very perceptive - it's good to have the space to develop a fuller appreciation of the Triple Bill. http://dancetabs.com/2017/11/royal-ballet-the-illustrated-farewell-the-wind-untouchable-london/
  15. Whilst Clement Crisp is indeed scathing in some of his comments, he did award 3 stars. I think it's also interesting to see some of the dancers' comments. I can very much appreciate how stimulating it must be for dancers to work with choreographers like Twyla Tharp and Arthur Pita and the two Insights rehearsing The Illustrated Farewell and The Wind I think are excellent - good to see key sections from The Wind without the wind machines, with Francesca, Ed and Tomas Mock. James Hay and others have been incredibly positive about the experience of dancing Untouchable. Inevitably some new dances will be more successful than others and there are opportunities for revisions etc both during a performance run and at subsequent revivals. Like zxDaveM, I thought Farewell excellent, genuinely uplifting, and I would hope that it will be regularly performed. On Sim's point, I thought the ending perfect, precisely because Sara and Steven were held back for the very closing moments with Joseph Sissons who had just said farewell to his two main partners. Worked beautifully with the music for me.