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  1. Thanks everyone. Dd1 in a comp. We have a professional tutu but is a little snug so wanted a back up just in case. I have decided against the DHgate one.
  2. Yes, a diploma is usually a level 5 qualification and is usually viewed as this by most University Admissions tutors. Therefore a BSc is more easily recognised. However, if changing career path it is easier to get degree funding if you previously studied for Trinity Dip as opposed to a degree. There is now funding available to do MSc/MAs and even PhD. They do have to be paid back but is only a small amount each month.
  3. A useful resource: https://balletclassroom.wordpress.com/ballet-gear/how-should-pointe-shoes-fit/
  4. Dd2 had a good fitting in Capezio by a man called Diva. Sadly, she outgrew them a month later. I have never had a good fitting in Dancia. I always find they try to sell pointe shoes that are too big. We always go to Dancique in Birmingham. They stock a very wide range and have knowledgeable fitters. You could go shopping there instead? It is a short walk from there to the Bullring.
  5. I did wonder if there could be an issue.
  6. Has anyone ordered one of these before? They look good.
  7. If you and your Dd have contactless bank cards then any travel is capped at 7.00 a day(each). This is very useful and means you do not have to queue to buy tickets or keep loading up Oyster cards.
  8. They are stating they may still use with the move due to ease of transport across London. They did not know much about accommodation available in the new area yet at Spring course.
  9. The royal ballet school website has MDS calculator for you to work out your contributions. If you have other children you can deduct some money from your income.
  10. Dd1 currently doing their Spring Intensive (permission given to miss school). It is a high standard with lots of vocational/international students. It is for 14-16 year olds. Photos needed not DVD. They also do an autumn intensive so may be worth keeping in mind if summer school is not an option.
  11. This was us a couple of years ago. Dd1 did not get MDS but did get bursary. However, it was still going to be a struggle financially but we thought we could just make ends meet. My husband then got made redundant and we had to decline. Very hard for her but would have been worst if she had gone and then we would of had to remove her due to inability to pay. It is very hard when your dc wants it so much but you just cannot afford it. I hope it works out for you. Good luck to all.
  12. Kings International Ballet Academy Associates does ballet, contemporary and commercial jazz. Auditions are on the 28th April in Barwell. They have 9 classes a term. Ballet every week with either contemporary or jazz. 6 hour days.
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