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  1. This year they had 15 year olds. The year before they had some 14 year olds.
  2. It states on linked in MA in performing arts from Hammon (note spelling). She was also President of IADMS so perhaps was a physio but her bio does not state this.
  3. We were Birmingham group 1 and had our result for WL-no. Good luck if you are still waiting.
  4. Enjoyed the finals. I really thought 119 would get through. She was a very confident and lovely lilac fairy.
  5. We received Birmingham group 1. This was years 10-11. We had a no and email stated 650 children had applied. Good luck to your dc.
  6. Hi Wiz, Where are you in the country? There are other Russian based schools. Presumably, you would be looking at LRBS when your son is 16 as their younger courses are after school? I can highly recommend Bristol Russian Ballet Easter and Summer Courses, if that is closer. Chika and Yuri could also discuss your son’s potential with you.
  7. The assessment emails come before the last term, if I remember rightly.
  8. Thanks for sharing. This cheered my Dd up😸
  9. We had a similar conversation recently with Arucaria ballerina worrying about her height (not sure I know how to link to prior threads). My Dd is 5ft and 14 so it is a concern. We were going to apply to some of the German schools but I then realised many German companies have min heights of 5ft 6-which she won’t reach. I am 5ft 2 on a good day. It has not stopped her being associate or being accepted to lower school but we are aware it will be harder to succeed. Good luck with future applications.
  10. We stayed at Premier Inn Holborn-about 25 minute walk via Covent Garden. Handy if you need to pick up last minute dance supplies. Farringdon is nearest-approx 10 minutes walk.
  11. My Dd may wear mascara and very light eyeshadow or none at all. She is 14-it does state make up for 15 year plus.
  12. Merry Christmas to all🍾🍾
  13. There is a small amount of pointe in audition so pointe shoes will be taken👍🏻
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