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  1. Very true! She is a joy to watch x
  2. There was an article posted recently about academics at Hammond: http://www.boarding.org.uk/media/news/article/10011/Academic-and-Vocational-Excellence-At-The-Hammond-
  3. I too would have never considered a private education for my daughter, she is now in her second term at Hammond. I can’t say what the future holds for her, but I can already see the benefit of both the vocational and academic classes. She works hard, but is very average academically so the smaller class sizes benefit her greatly. I feel she would get lost in the average comp, as bobs along in the middle of the class. Dance wise she has improved so much, she only took her Grade 3 last April but is already taking her IF exam in March. I think being with likeminded children has helped spur her on too. It seems to be working for us at the moment, but I do miss her!
  4. I heard that there was only one year 8 place, so it makes sense I guess to be very careful of the numbers they invite to finals so not to raise expectations. Good luck everyone still to hear. I remember the waiting well xx
  5. Whereabouts are you based? Interested in the mirror ...
  6. Last year DD did the audition on the Friday and we got the results the following Saturday - so eight days. Good luck everyone xx
  7. Went to CG today and got DD fitted for new pointe shoes - got a lovely pair of Grishko which seem a much better fit for her narrow D width feet, and no slipping off at the heels! Thanks all for the advice.
  8. Happy Christmas to you too! 🌲🎅✨
  9. I would ring/email them first thing tomorrow to get clarification.
  10. Haha! It's possibly my favourite thread title ever
  11. Sounds to me that’s a place in the main company - for the main production. That’s what DD’s letter said last year ...
  12. She did do the first ribbons on her pair - as I said they were a little wonky - it was like Frankenstein’s ballet shoes 😆 Good tip about the breaking in though, fingers crossed that’s all this pair needs too ...
  13. Yes she’s at Hammond, popping to see her this weekend so will take elastic with me! Luckily we live in London so not too much of a mission for another fitting.
  14. Thanks Sarah, I might well take a trip to CG in the hols if the elastic doesn’t work. She does have little, narrow fairy feet!
  15. I’m so sorry to hear that. Your girls are such beautiful dancers x
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