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  1. margarite

    Too skinny (age 8)

    My daughter has always had a smaller frame than everyone else - she's in the 9th centile for weight. She's now 11 and at vocational school, but even last week at their open day last week I could see she was the most waif-like in the ballet class and lacked some of the power of the other girls. But she's come a long way and I can see she's slowly gaining in strength, particularly since she's entered the early stages of adolescent development. She had problems maintaining turnout so she started floor barre exercises a year ago which helped massively too.
  2. margarite

    London Children’s Ballet: Ballet Shoes

    They’ve always been during the day - latest I ever picked up DD was 6pm.
  3. margarite

    London Children’s Ballet: Ballet Shoes

    Yes if their number is not read out they are not through to next stage. There are roughly 30 girls in each initial audition group with only 7-10 recalled. This recalled group stay to do another audition so the panel can get a better look at them. A week or so later about half of this recalled group are invited back to finals. About half of those at finals get a place. As Canary said, it’s a very happy and positive audition process and even the year DD didn’t get a place she still loved it.
  4. margarite

    London Children’s Ballet: Ballet Shoes

    Just to add to the above - for the last two years at least an invitation to the second (or final) audition doesn't guarantee a place in the company or tour. DD got to finals in 2016 and didn't get a place (but was successful last year).
  5. Everything runs on a Sunday, there just tends to be slightly longer gaps between buses and tubes arriving. The TFL website has a really good journey planner (I still use it even though I’ve lived here for most of my life).
  6. margarite


    Just left Chester - DD has made a new bff already and seems fine. Her room mate is lovely and we remembered everything - phew! I’m feeling slightly emotional but also very excited for her.
  7. margarite

    American teen relocating to London

    I’ve lived, studied, worked and bought up children in London and wouldn’t be anywhere else! It’s an exciting and vibrant place to be. Everywhere has issues in some form or other.
  8. margarite

    How to keep up interest in dance when it starts to falter?

    EYB really helped my daughter to rediscover her love of dance too - she loves performing. Pricey, but worth it!
  9. margarite

    Advice on where to start with a 7 year old please

    And don’t be disheartened if she has a wobble - after a RBS insight day DD decided she didn’t want to audition for year 4 JA despite really enjoying the experience. I stepped back from taking her to anything apart from a weekly Grade 2 class and a year later she decided to audition for year 5 ( she didn’t get in to JA, but went to associates elsewhere and is off to vocational school next week!).
  10. margarite

    EYB Swan Lake Wimbledon 2018

    Hurray! Lovely pics too
  11. DD was an associate with them for two years, it was her favourite class to go to ( and I loved spending Sundays in Battersea Park).
  12. margarite

    EYB Swan Lake Wimbledon 2018

    EYB are in the Evening Standard today, so fingers crossed that translates into a few more sales. They have a strong FB presence, but they definitely need to get on Instagram!
  13. margarite

    EYB Swan Lake Wimbledon 2018

    I've got a tired and happy cygnet slumped on the sofa - glad everyone is enjoying it too! I'm 'recycling' last years t-shirt 😬
  14. margarite

    Living at The Hammond

    Thanks both, DD has been twisting my arm about getting a satchel with a cactus print on it and am trying to persuade her to go for something a little less jazzy 😩