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  1. Questions about Lower School auditions

    I know three girls who have got to WL finals this year and none of them are JAs, so you’re not outsiders xx
  2. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Just got our no as expected! DD has a place already at her favourite school - Hammond - so will be fine! Now fingers crossed for a Mds or bursary ... good luck to those still waiting and congrats to the yeses! X
  3. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    And try and get feedback if it’s a no this time, I received some great advice following a no from another audition this month, which is really going to benefit DD. Good luck to those still waiting - we haven’t heard yet but truthfully not expecting a call back 😀 x
  4. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Ah that’s fabulous news! X
  5. Audition Solo questions (Lower School)

    I agree, we did a festival solo that DD knew backwards so she had less to worry about on the day. She is an August baby too 😀.
  6. The character skirt has now been sold.
  7. Questions about Lower School auditions

    My DD auditioned at elmhurst in November and got a no for finals, having seen the last ten minutes of the class I could understand why - the panel was spoilt for choice! The standard was incredibly high with some beautiful dancers. DD was fine as she realised they could only take a few, and if she wasn’t chosen it wasn’t that she wasn’t any good, just others on the day had more of the ‘something’ the panel was looking for. Well done to all through to the next round and hugs to the ‘not nows’ x
  8. Hiya 😀 it’s cotton
  9. Associates in London and the SE

    I think photos are to help the panel remember who was who when they are making decisions after the audition. I think that if you apply for an associate audition you'll always be seen.
  10. Having a bit clear out so have the following items up for grabs: Pale blue Carla leotard by Arabesque size 2 - tried on, wrong size and forgot to return (!) £12 Pale pink lace detail leotard (M652C) by Mirella size 8/10 years - bought as gift and worn once £12 RAD character skirt with pink ribbons waist 22 length 22 - in great condition £12 Prices include postage. x
  11. Associates in London and the SE

    Also The London Ballet Company has monthly classes at RAD in Battersea. My daughter loves this too as it has a more contemporary edge to mix things up.
  12. Associates in London and the SE

    YDA associates is fab, there's also Ballet Boost in SW London.
  13. English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    I would get in touch with them as we got a confirmation email last month - obviously an admin oversight! X
  14. The Canterville Ghost 2018 by LCB

    I'm so sorry to hear her confidence is low, but getting to the finals is such an achievement in itself. As I see it LCB are looking for certain roles to be filled, and dancers who get cast aren't 'better' dancers, just fit what the panel is looking for in a particular year. I hope she can look back and see with hindsight how well she really did. Personally I think anyone who can dance in a room full of strangers, in front of panel of judges, is just amazing anyway! xx
  15. The Canterville Ghost 2018 by LCB

    So exciting - well done to her!