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  1. margarite

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Girls results came out on Tuesday 20th last year. I got DD’s year 6 result at 4.15pm.
  2. margarite

    Starting Year 7 at Hammond this September

    We couldn’t make the Induction Day today - please can people that did go let me know any details and if you got told anything new?Hammond said it was fine that we didn’t go ( DD away on a residential school trip). thanks x
  3. It can be quite daunting talking to dance teachers and school principles, but from my experience it always helps. For example, I couldn’t understand a few years ago why my daughter was in a grade with children a year or more younger than her, turned out the dance school had her birthday wrong. As she’s small for her age it wasn’t obvious, it was only when I discussed it with the teacher that the error came up. She was then moved up a grade!
  4. margarite

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    That’s brilliant - am so pleased for you xx
  5. margarite

    YDA associates leotard for sale

    This is now sold.
  6. margarite

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    I’ve seen all types of girls offered places - my daughter is small and has a gymnasts build but never got offered a place! I don’t think there’s anyway one can analyse it. I think they just see a certain something they like?
  7. margarite

    YDA associates leotard for sale

    Hiya, yes it is
  8. margarite

    English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    Last time we found out on the day x
  9. Age 10-12 white skirted Wear Moi leotard with YDA logo stitched on back. Only worn a handful of times as DD never properly grew into it. Very good condition - only thing is a small ‘pull’ in the skirt at the back but hardly shows. £10 + postage
  10. margarite


    May I have the blouses please?
  11. margarite

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    And don’t despair if it is a no, my daughter was never offered a Rbs JA place but successfully auditioned for vocational school. And friends of hers who were never JAs have now been given MA places. Xx
  12. margarite

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Yes, it’s either yes, no or swl. Good luck to everyone waiting, such a stressful time I remember it well!
  13. margarite

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Am pretty sure it’s always centre by centre, but am guessing that people tend to post about the ‘yeses’ more than the ‘nos’ ? Which is why it seems the nos haven’t come out yet?
  14. margarite

    EYB Swan Lake Wimbledon 2018

    Oooh where is it? Not at home today ...
  15. margarite

    Wanted- character skirt

    I’ve had the skirt on eBay for a week without any interest from anyone - and someone has just bought it! Apologies if it was what you were looking for 😩