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  1. Dance uniform every day, academic uniform and own clothes once a week. DD has two sweatshirts, four blouses and two skirts. XX
  2. I bought DD a plastic trug-style carrier to store and transport shower gel/shampoo into the shower. Def get a topper, some of the mattresses are a bit on the thin side!
  3. Scarf and coat compulsory but hardly ever worn, so I would try and get secondhand if possible. Tracksuit is compulsory too. Only thing DD hasn’t really worn is jazz shoes as she prefers foot thongs. I know nothing about dance belts so will leave that for someone else to fill you in!
  4. I know two girls who attend, and they seem very happy with the classes.
  5. Hiya, All the years are on the reserve list together and any awards that are handed back are offered down the list. Year 7 and 8 are priority. Of the 5 awards I know were handed out to those on reserve last year, 4 were Year 7 and one was Year 8. I do have this information secondhand though, so it might not be 100% accurate. Last year when I discussed with the school DD's position on the list, I was told she was above all the older years, apart from a couple of Year 8's.
  6. I’ve heard of a year 7 yes too. Good luck to those still waiting x
  7. I gave DD two thinner duvets so she could layer up if cold or just use one if too hot. They do have the heating up v high though.
  8. That’s exactly what I was thinking - she hasn’t failed. There are just so many dc going for such a few places. A lucky few get what they want on their first try, others have to keep at it for longer. Last year one of dd’s friends didn’t get past the first round of auditions at Tring, but then got to WL finals and given a Mids place - go figure!
  9. They all seem to lose things regularly but luckily everything seems to reappear - only casualties so far this year have been a few pairs of jazz tights ...
  10. My best tip - start labelling uniform as soon as you get it. You have to name EVERYTHING from dance kit to sheets to every single bloomin’ sock else it can go missing. And casual weekend clothes too. I left it until last week of August to label stuff and nearly had a sewing-induced meltdown.
  11. So pleased for you! DM me nearer September and I can put your DS in touch with my daughter and others in her year if he wants to say hi before he starts x
  12. They can give you an idea of whether your child is close enough to the top to be in with a chance of an award. My daughter was in the top third of the reserve list last year, so she did well, but unless everyone turned down their MDS she wasn't going to get one! That clearly wasn't going to happen so we came off the list and accepted a bursary instead.
  13. p.s.if you ring up they can give you an idea of where your child is on the list
  14. Don't forget that there will be some movement as offers for elmhurst and Tring go out - last year to my knowledge about 4 or 5 children got MDS off the wait list.
  15. Nothing to add cream-wise, just sending best wishes and hope you get better soon.
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