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  1. DDs teacher says NOT to 'break in' your first pointe shoes, because until you dance in them, you don't know how they feel/should feel. They should have been correctly fitted and will be fine to dance in as they are. If they need to soften too much, then you should have been fitted with a 'softer' ( not sure If that is the technical term! ) shank. DD liked the firmer shank, but the fitter and DDs teacher said a firmer shank would do all the work for her, and she needed to learn it for herself and then she could have a firmer shank. DD has not done anything other than dance in her shoes/ or practice exercises at the bar. She was also encouraged NOT to wear them around the house etc as that can apparently shorten the life of the Pointe shoe. I know nothing particuarly about pointe shoes, just what we have been advised.
  2. DD also has incredibly wide feet, and her first pair of pointe shoes were blochs. Can't remember style though! Sorry! I wish all dance shoes came with such a choice and variety of size/width/etc! ( in fact, i wish all shoes came in such a wide range of choice! )
  3. Me too! Only it was 3 yrs over 25 yrs ago! I still miss Sydney!
  4. DD did musical theatre last summer. They split the students into 3 groups and there appeared to be a good number in the older group ( DD was 13 and in the 11/12 - 14 yrs group ... about 30 i think ) I know that isn't dance or Easter, but i hope it helps!
  5. There isn't much info available about YDS, as scholars are told that they must not discuss/mention YDS on social media. YDS is weekly, on a Saturday. DD auditioned and was offered a place, but we choose to stay with Renaissance Arts Scholars in Leeds. We prefered the flexibility of classes once a fortnight on a Sunday afternoon.
  6. DD hasn't/isn't auditioning for lower schools as that is not what she wants to do, we're starting to think about/look at upper schools, but she'd rather wait till 18plus to further her training as she is looking at musical theatre rather than classical ballet and I am already scared of what the future may or may not hold for her. But as you say ... you just have to support and encourage them to follow their dreams. ( whilst holding a happy smile on your face! )
  7. What lovely things, clever girl. My DD suggested 'arty insta posts' ... I'm not really on/into social media so I have no idea! Good luck xx
  8. DD wanted leather ones as she wears through the canvas ones quite fast ... but she couldn't get a good fit for her feet and said they were uncomfortable to dance in, so we've gone back to the Capezio canvas half shoes.
  9. Congratulations. You are an inspiration. Wish i could think of a way to help with finding grants. Does your local authority/district or local council have any funding available for educational purposes? Could you talk to Lions or Rotary clubs? Good luck x
  10. DD did the York Scholars Summer school a couple of years ago and loved it. She would go again, but has other commitments. DD also did OPES, which i know isn't running anymore, but the Parkers are running something, near Nottingham...i just can't remember what it is called!
  11. LOL! I was going to say that DD wears Silky 60 denier convertible tights and they appear to last brilliantly! ( albeit in random shades of grey pink! )
  12. Not Jazz .. but have you seen their tap version of winter wonderland? Amazing!
  13. I've seen some lovely solos to some of the songs from Chicago. bye bye blackbird is another jazz type song I've seen done as a solo dance. i think it helps to have a story in your mind as you dance. good luck x
  14. wonderful .... and they didn't mention the parents you meet as well !!! 😂
  15. I have nothing to add particuarly, but wanted to say that since starting Acro, my DD has majorly improved her core strength and overall strength and stamina.
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