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  1. Pixiewoo

    Errol Pickford RIP

    Oh my, I am so sad to hear this. He taught DD at OPES last year, and she loved him and his classes. sending much love and sympathy to his family.
  2. Pixiewoo

    Not going to vocational school!!!!

    I know how you feel. DD is going into yr 9 in September, and would love to go to vocational school, but we haven't auditioned, as I feel she is still too young to be away, and actually, when we discuss 'the future' she is really only thinking about going somewhere at 18 ... we'll see. I do worry about them going away so young, and also I agree with the 'what is it all for' as careers are few and far between in reality. DD dances 10/11 hours a week, with a scholars class every other week, and a private lesson/practice space in the hall on her own ( without teacher - just space to dance! ) most of the other week she doesn't have scholars.
  3. Pixiewoo

    Anyone got dc who love tap?

    dancing in the street have got 25% off ALL tap shoes ... TODAY only! Typically .... only bought DD some last month and what she likes/wants changes every 2 minutes, so I dare not buy some more!
  4. Pixiewoo

    How to get a Distinction in ballet exams!

    well done! fantastic news x
  5. Pixiewoo

    What type of feet do I have? Help!

    DD drives me demented with this ... her feet are still growing ... they grow out, making her shoes too tight, but almost appear too long, then they grow in length, so the shoes are then too baggy or fall off her feet! this is with cross elastics AND ribbons! and typically, one of these happens just before an exam or something, usually about a week or so after I've bought new shoes! I've taken to having several pairs of shoes in a variety of sizes, and we go with whatever fits best!
  6. Pixiewoo

    UKA / RAD equivalent grade levels?

    I would say that your DD is in grade 3,as when she has taken her grade 3 exam, she will then be in grade 4. my DD is currently learning intermediate grade, so that's what grade we say she is.
  7. Pixiewoo


    I have to share ... I have 2 cats ... siblings ... born on a farm. We live rurally, but not on a farm. One cat hunts and catches the occasional bird ... in the past 7 days the other cat has brought us 3 baby rabbits, a frog, several mice/voles/shrew, innumerable birds and today ... a mole!!!! There can not be any wildlife left! How I long for the days when the only thing he could catch was a worm! The only positive I can find is at least he kills them and doesn't bring them home to play with!
  8. Pixiewoo

    Knee injury

    Wishing your DD all the best, and hopes for a speedy recovery.
  9. Pixiewoo

    New pointe shoe woes

    Wow! Sophie, That's really helpful. Thank you. DD isn't in Pointe shoes yet... teacher said she didn't think it would be too long! And although we'll go to a fitter etc, I like to know HOW they should fit and now I feel as if I have some understanding. Are you able to say where you fit shoes? Or PM me, as we're in Yorkshire and will have to travel an hour or so at least to get shoes! Thanks x
  10. Pixiewoo

    Low levels of Vitamin D and dancing

    I was only thinking about this the other day, as DD has been very tired lately, and been inside a lot with school work or dancing! what supplements does anyone take? are there any 'nice' tasting ones? !!! ... more chance of DD taking it if it tastes ok!
  11. Pixiewoo

    Wanted - Boys Ballet Costume! 👍

    There is a seller on ebay called festival dance fever ( also known as 'macopa' ) who sells boys ballet shirts , I don't think she does lilac, but they are nice satin ones! ( my friends DS has one! ) could you maybe add lilac sequins?
  12. Pixiewoo

    Help with hair please!

    DD learnt to do her own hair because she didn't like the way I did her buns! We started with hair in a ponytail, or a plaited ponytail, which was twisted round and then held with a couple of pins. DD dances 4/5 days a week and although she uses a bit of gel and sometimes hairspray, she just brushes it out and puts her hair in a ponytail for school. It is much easier to put in a bun ( or French plaits etc ) when it is a bit dirty. At the end of week of performances DDs hair would pretty much stay in a bun without anything helping! I'm also a childminder, and I'm sorry, but I would not have time afterschool to do anyone's hair before dropping them off at a dance class. I used to come home with 8 children, who all needed tea before some went home and I then dropped 3 ( including DD ) at dancing. They all did their own hair, or helped each other. Practice is the key here! Good luck x
  13. Pixiewoo

    English Youth Ballet 2017-18

    Lovely news. Congratulations x
  14. Pixiewoo

    Any current York scholars

    DD is auditioning for York Scholars tomorrow. (She was meant to be auditioning last year, but circumstances meant she couldn't make the audition in the end) One person on the forum replied to a previous thread about York Scholars and they thought it was good and worth doing. DD did their summer school a couple of years ago and loved it. The teaching was excellent. DD has friends who did it before it all changed, but I don't know anyone who attends now.
  15. Pixiewoo

    How to get a Distinction in ballet exams!

    Good luck. DD says smile, relax and enjoy! She got a distinction in her IDTA grade 5. I would make sure you've got a warm tracksuit and thick socks to put on and do some gentle stretching whilst you wait. X X X