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  1. Pixiewoo

    Ballet shoes for wide feet

    DD has wide feet !!! She likes so danca SD16 split sole in canvas, who do a wide fitting, and I think capezio also do a wide fit. A few years ago, she had a lovely pair of bloch split soles with leather at the front and neoprene at the back and heel. They were expensive though, and she only got them as needed shoes ASAP and they were the only ones the shop had, that fitted. ( LOL, that was the last time we went to that shop, as i can't believe they didn't have ANYTHING else in her size except these ones! ) I now tend to buy starlite flexi canvas shoes, and although they are not very wide, they do seem a good fit, and I order several pairs at a time! good luck!
  2. Pixiewoo

    UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    slightly off topic ... but i didn't know where else to ask! DD is off to Tring on Sunday for the musical theatre summer school, and as we've got a long drive, i'm planning on heading off early and stopping for lunch and then maybe having a walk /afternoon tea/cup of coffee before dropping her off at 5pm. Any suggestions for places to go to eat/walk/visit? Thanks x
  3. Pixiewoo

    When to go for associates?

    Still non residential as far as I know! One of DDs friends has been staying with a CAT friend who lives locally, and as they are older, they have been getting the bus/train.
  4. Pixiewoo

    When to go for associates?

    DD has friends who go to Northern CAT ... 3/4/5 days a week ... usually one day at the weekend and the rest after school ... not sure on timing but say 4-7ish. PLUS obligatory Summer/Easter courses and extra rehearsals for events. Great training and experience but HUGE commitment from families.
  5. And as a volunteer in a classroom, it isn't just the child who misses some lessons each week, it is the whole class who can suffer, IF, the teacher then has to spend lesson time going over something the class has already been taught, or working one on one with a student who has missed a class, which means the whole class is missing the teachers support. ( there is a child who misses a fair amount of school in the class i volunteer with, due to family issues, and I usually spend a a chunk of my volunteering time, helping this child get 'up to speed' once the teacher has 'taught' the lesson ( again for this child ).
  6. Pixiewoo

    Sussex/Kent dance shops

    Sorry i can't help you with dance shops in your area. I have to drive 45 mins to a park & ride, and then a bus, so about an hour plus to a dance shop, but I'd rather drive 1 hour 20 minutes to the really good dance shop! OR, if i am heading to see family ... 4 1/2 hrs drive to family, then 20 mins an excellent dance shop! But i do live quite rurally, and do most dance shop shopping online!
  7. Pixiewoo

    TIGHTS Colour, Ballet pink vs theatrical pink

    And ... as far as i can tell, no matter what you wash them with, all tights eventually merge into the same greyish purplish tint! ( except a random pair, that we have no idea where we got them, or what make they are, that have stubbornly stayed a very yellowy pink colour !!!! 😂 )
  8. There are lots of secondhand tutu/costume pages on facebook ... i think you need someone ( or admin? ) to join you. I'm not on facebook, but my friend is, and often shows me things she'll think i ( DD ) will like/want/need !
  9. Pixiewoo

    Ballet West -New Lower School to open

    very interesting x Thank you.
  10. York Dance Scholars summer school is very good and very friendly. i'm not sure of exact dates, but think its beginning of august and is 4 days long this year. DD went a couple of years ago and loved it.
  11. Pixiewoo

    Oliver’s story

    I'm so sorry. signed xxx
  12. Pixiewoo

    Best way to dye/paint pointe shoes black?

    😂 i too was laughing at the 'need' for next week ... although knowing a week in advance is a luxury! i suspect my DD KNOWS a week before what she needs, but doesn't tell me until a day or 2 before ( if i'm lucky! ) good luck colouring ballet shoes, i too was going to recommend sharpies! x
  13. Pixiewoo

    IDTA Ballet Awards

    Well done you, that is fantastic xxx
  14. Pixiewoo

    Errol Pickford RIP

    Oh my, I am so sad to hear this. He taught DD at OPES last year, and she loved him and his classes. sending much love and sympathy to his family.
  15. Pixiewoo

    Not going to vocational school!!!!

    I know how you feel. DD is going into yr 9 in September, and would love to go to vocational school, but we haven't auditioned, as I feel she is still too young to be away, and actually, when we discuss 'the future' she is really only thinking about going somewhere at 18 ... we'll see. I do worry about them going away so young, and also I agree with the 'what is it all for' as careers are few and far between in reality. DD dances 10/11 hours a week, with a scholars class every other week, and a private lesson/practice space in the hall on her own ( without teacher - just space to dance! ) most of the other week she doesn't have scholars.