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  1. Under leotard - what's good for a child?

    I'm going to suggest nude/flesh pants to our dance teacher too! Last dance show was hilarious for the white knicker spotting! Especially those parents who obviously thought it didn't apply to their little cherubs ... multicoloured/spotted/striped with added bows under pale leotards!
  2. Costumes for Boys

    a friend recommends dancing in the street, move dance wear, and festival dance fever for her DSs dance wear and costumes. Other than that, her mils friend makes assorted top/shirts for her DS, or she adapts regular clothing.
  3. How much (if anything) should I be doing?

    Oh goodness, that makes it hard. And like other posters have said, she is probably too tired to think about it. Good luck x
  4. How much (if anything) should I be doing?

    not dance related, but my ( not dancing ) DS is yr 11 and has to make decisions about next year ... in fact, we are just off to a school 'post 16 opportunities' evening ... he can't decide and left to his own devices, will just follow the herd to local 6th form college that does not offer A levels or any courses in anything he is actually interested in! I can see I will be collecting application forms/advice. DD on the other hand ... is only in yr 8, but has already decided what GCSEs she wants to do, and ideally where she wants to go to do A levels/Btec ... She doesn't want to look at vocational colleges until 18 plus, and then who knows! I'm already feeling a bit panicky about it! Good Luck Pictures!
  5. It was lovely. Reminded me I needed to book tickets!
  6. Male dancer prints??

    I can't search properly as I'm on my phone, but my DS uses 'All posters' online shop for posters of everything and anything. Have fun searching x
  7. Renaissance Arts Scholars

    Hi Sparkly, did your DD enjoy the classes yesterday? my DD did, and was buzzing with it all. She was still wide awake at 9pm - I thought she'd have been asleep by then! ;0)
  8. Pointe shoe fitting

    We went to Dancia in Crowthorne today. A lovely shop with friendly helpful staff. If only it wasn't a 4.5 hrs drive away! Think it will be a regular visit when we are ever down this way. 💜
  9. The 'C' word (dance themed gifts) 2017

    Been to a dance shop with DD today ... I have been sent photos of lots of leotards that are wanted for Christmas!
  10. Panto Season...

    For the past 3 years DD has done 2 pantos each year! Rehearse from September with performances in December and Rehearse from October with performances in January! It has required much juggling of children, time and brain power. Usually there are a few other DC doing it so multi lift shares going on and all parents generally chaperone too. This year DD is having a year off! I can't wait!
  11. Renaissance Arts Scholars

    Hello! Nope ... not a word! Although we did see and chat to them at Can You Dance. I had already sent a reply back accepting the place. They just said they were looking forward to seeing DD in September. I have a reminder to pay fees on my calendar! DD can't wait, and is also doing the vocal class. Think I'll be taking a good book! 😆 X
  12. Summer school 2017

    Was it a 2 day workshop? Maybe they'll do a little performance at the end?
  13. Knee drops!?

    Me too! Have shown DD!
  14. Summer school 2017

    Picked DD up this afternoon too! Super performance and a very happy, but tired little girl! She loved meeting new friends and was so busy watching everyone that she forgot she was meant to be on the stage at the start of the last number and so everyone had to wait for her!!! Oops! Thank you OPES team from us too x