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  1. My Dd got Year 5 JA SWL Year 6 JA No Year 7 finals and SWL Now Year 8 MA SWL! Never got a place before!! Crossing everything in the hope perhaps this year is her lucky year!! X
  2. Will keep you posted!! Everyone on the forum so kind and supportive!!! X
  3. We are a Year 8 place though so not sure if the place you create is a space in the group.although think the group is year7/8 who knows!!!
  4. We are London SWL. I am crossing everything. Well done to your DD. We are not at a vocational school and DD would love to get a place but never happens.This is 3rd SWL we have been on!!! Been to finals and spring/summer course but think our luck is all run out!!!! Not sure we can go through this again!! Well done to everyone that got places and to the rest of us with fab children that keep peservering!!
  5. We just got wait list from LONDON1 on the 20th xx
  6. Has anyone heard from LONDON1? On the 20th??
  7. We were London 20th January before Manchester will that just come with a London results then? Will that potentially be tomorrow? 😬😱
  8. So sorry to hear of the No’s.I hope your DD’s are ok.Sounds like so few places that it will be the outcome for the majority X
  9. My DD has an audition in May has anyone else been before? Any advice gratefully received x
  10. Anyone else apply for the actual school? Just had an email saying my DD has been accepted for an audition. What a lovely day out that will be!!!!
  11. I emailed and got an automated response which said results would be out Week Commencing 8th April. It did not specify a day. Hope that helps x
  12. The results I heard of had 2nd class stamps on!! So it’s basically luck that some people’s have already arrived x
  13. Year 10 was a girl that we know of. Fingers crossed for you all xxx
  14. My dd friend has a year 8 place 🤩 so happy for her! Have heard of a year 10 place too 🤩
  15. That was brave of you!! Well Done at least I can stop refreshing my emails now! Thanks for the update
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