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    Masters of Ballet students seem to do really well. We go to Nicola Moriarty based in West Kingsdown and know she has some students that travel from London.
  2. AMP you should just ring them as often I never received emails. When you go into that account top left is 3 little white lines that has drop down menu and you can view messages in there
  3. I never got emails sometimes but if I went into my Open Apply account you set up when you applied you could click on Alerts and Notifications and messages were in there. Good Luck sure they would not mind you calling them
  4. I would call Royal Ballet as it sounded as if all the results had gone out x
  5. That sounds so stressful. We think it’s bad trying to get in! I guess it’s really hard when you are actually there. Really admire all these amazing young people.
  6. Wow! richieN that’s amazing news 🤩 think I remember reading your posts before. My daughter got finals for year 7 no place SWL for MAs last year. Gives me hope to just keep going!
  7. Going back to the post if he has been offered Tring and Hammond and wants to go and you can afford it I would probably let him. Could he try for Royal sooner than 16? Try for an associate place? I don’t know much about Hammond but aren’t Trings academics really good. I think like other posters said if he does not go to a vocational school you have to be a really good local dance school and try to get into an associate scheme.Do holidays courses etc as the hours will probably never match those at a vocational school. I think by year 10 perhaps you do have to be at a vocational school to keep up but sure there is probably always exceptions.
  8. Be led by your child. Not sure we will be able to keep up with what we are doing forever. As time progresses we will constantly reassess the decision that was right for our child. We can audition each year for other things and we trust our teacher and will be guided by them. As to be honest I have no clue about dance! No decision is irreversible. If you pick one path and it does not prove to be the right one you can change. Although harder as they get older I am sure a bit of luck/fate is involved. Good problems/choices to have. What’s right for one child is not necessarily right for another.
  9. On the other hand we took up our place at a selective school and have a really great local dance teacher. It’s a lot and tiring but dd is really happy which is all I can go by. We turned down a place at a great Vocatinal school with a 50% bursary it still was too expensive and dd decided she wanted to live at home. We will re explore her options when older.
  10. Nobag that’s sounds like good news!!!
  11. I just need the statistics to make myself feel better 😂
  12. Any good news out there?? Did anyone get finals for year 8 place??
  13. Thanks Canary. That’s really kind. She has got an amazing teacher now as she goes to Nicola Moriarty-Woodside School of Ballet. She started in September with her and has improved loads already and is really happy. She would just love a Mids place. We always get so close. Lots of wait lists! But never a place! She is happy so that’s all that matters but reading those No emails is tough for us parents!!
  14. My dd was fine! It was the impossible audition really as 14 girls already in year 7 at WL already. My daughter just text as happy as she got 77% in science test at school 😂 she will always dance and got finals last year but just don’t think it’s her destiny! But I am sure we will have our annual trip to Royal each year! It is a lovely day out and class.
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