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  1. Dancing feet

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    My DD is auditioning in London. We tried for a year 4 place last year and she almost didn’t go in as she got very nervous. She has said she wants to try again and i’m Just hoping that she enjoys it.
  2. Dancing feet

    Winter training

    I would second that Nicola is a fantastic teacher.
  3. Dancing feet

    UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    We haven’t heard anything yet either.
  4. Dancing feet

    Elmhurst Summer School application

    If we haven’t sent the application by the 9th will they still consider you? I can’t see a closing date.
  5. Dancing feet

    UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    Can anyone tell me what Central’s summer school is like? My DD would like to apply for this one but I wondered what other posters have thought of it? Xx
  6. Dancing feet

    What warm-ups / extras do the cool tweens wear?

    My tween has a knitted all in one thing that she loves. She says it is comfortable over tights. I got it online from the Porselli website.
  7. Dancing feet

    Technique - Can it always improve?

    I completely agree Harwel. It is such a difficult position to be in, and having recently had a friend going through something similar. Whilst they have chosen to take a break from Dance the ramifications from the damage that the teacher has inflicted are huge. It has effected their whole family and destroyed something that should be fun.
  8. Dancing feet

    Christmas Intensives or workshops

    Woodside Dance Retreat has a 3 day course.
  9. Dancing feet

    RBS Junior Associates 2017

    We haven't heard yet ?
  10. Dancing feet

    RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Just seen a Facebook post announcing a London result!!! Not had our email yet. ?
  11. Dancing feet

    RBS Junior Associates 2017

    We were on the last day as well. As they said July I haven't thought about it until I read on here that results were arriving. I'm now reshreshing my emails constantly!!!
  12. Dancing feet

    RBS Junior Associates 2017

    We were there today. My little 8 year was a bit overwhelmed by it all and teary before going in. She did enjoy the class and came out happy. Good luck everyone
  13. Dancing feet

    RBS Junior Associates 2017

    We are auditioning in London. We have the Friday. I'm nervous for my DD as she's only 8 and never done anything like it before x
  14. Dancing feet

    Royal Ballet School SS

    I have had that problem too.
  15. Dancing feet

    ENB youth ballet workshops

    My daughter attended a Nutcracker workshop, she found it really inspiring as the company were warming up and watching the workshop. She did say that the workshop itself wasn't challenging but the experience was amazing.