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  1. That's great news! Congratulations xx
  2. Hi Bean73, we have had an offer for sixth form this week (very pleased) with a wait list place for boarding. I think we got the letter on thursday so it was two weeks and two days after audition. Good luck!
  3. Thanks for replies, Bedes and Moorland are very far away, and probably too expensive (we get means tested out of any scholarships, but still can't afford them!). I don't think she would be interested in YDA, she has had some interactions with girls that have gone there and so I don't think she would be comfortable. I'm probably getting on for leaving it too late to apply to other places now anyway, maybe if we don't get Tring it's just the universe telling her to take another path for now! x o
  4. Thanks for that, I've never even heard of Russian Ballet School! I'll have a look x o
  5. Hi, My dd is in a bit of indecision about what to do next year as she really wants to carry on with A-levels and dance. We didn't get in to Elmhurst, waiting to hear from Tring. She is now saying she's not sure she wants to audition at Central or Rambert as they don't offer any academics. Does anyone have any experience of doing academic study at either of these schools and how to go about it? I don't feel very positive about her Tring audition and I'm really trying to keep as many doors open for her as possible for as long as possible. Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks, xx
  6. Thank you, I will try to get in touch with school. I know at other schools they are expected to be reasonably independent at sixth form. Plus she spends most of her time on her own in her room anyway!! xx
  7. Hi, I'm also looking at Tring for DD next year. She only wants to apply there as she sees it as the only place where she may be able to get A-levels and she has decided that that is important to her too. I don't think we can afford the fees to board, but we are just a bit too far to drive every day. Has anyone ever found any other option like boarding in the town with anyone, or even living on their own in a flat? I think that would take fees to around the £20k mark which is at least less than I earn (though only just)!
  8. Wow, this video has made me feel better about myself and the decisions that we made!! I took my dd out of Elmhurst in year 8 for a number of reasons, and posts like this make me even more certain that we did the right thing. The lovely Errol Pickford also supported us, as he thought that experiencing other sports and a normal life was very important too. I have always wondered what happens to those that start in year 7, how many of them go on to become dancers? Would be an interesting piece of research to interview some older people who have gone through the system and see how they think it affected their lives.
  9. She's doing GCSEs and she's a stress head, and we left vocational because I wanted her to focus more effectively on her exams so I feel I would be a bit hypocritical if I then did this. Never mind. Thanks for replies xx
  10. No, I've just realised that!! What are the chances of there being any exams the week before half term though? They are also required 20th to 25th all day. Feeling like the right thing to do for the sake of her exams is not audition!! But it would be such a good experience
  11. We would be applying for Northampton which is May 27th to June 1st 2019 performance dates. There is no way there won't be GCSEs or A-levels in that week so they are essentially saying that only year 12 pupils or those that are just left school can apply! I called New Adventures to check that I had interpreted this correctly and she said that all performers had to be available for that week completely, so there's no point in us applying. Such a shame, as it would be an amazing opportunity.
  12. They sent out the forms with the email I got, and one of them was applying for the license. I don't remember a section that talked about any absences required. They said they wanted a letter from the school and gave guidelines on what the letter had to say. I think the only issue is that they only feel you need one half day off school (and that is providing you are within half hour of the venue), and as someone coming from much further away it will be two half days (to get to the friday 4pm rehearsals) and the whole of friday (as we are supposed to be there thursday night, then 12.30 on friday). So I will be asking for much more time from my school. I have sent the school through the timetable as well so that they can see what it is all about and a link to the website. I think I will leave it to them to sort out, and hope that's enough.
  13. Okay, should I email to EYB to ask about that?
  14. Thanks for that Pups-mum, not negative, practical. We chose Oxford because granny lives there so I have asked her to take on some of the rehearsals and have my daughter overnight for some of the weekends; will make it a lot easier for us in terms of hanging around! I have emailed school to ask for the time off, hopefully they will be okay with it all x
  15. Very excited to get an email this morning to say that my daughter has a place on this (she's 13). Any top tips, thoughts from people with previous experience would be really welcome. It seems to be very intense for September (rightly, the performance is in October!!). We will have to take more time off school than it suggests as we are coming from Northamptonshire. Is anyone else travelling a bit for this? Also on the weekends of the rehearsals will it be okay to miss mid-associates or should we bust a gut to do both? I'm really excited about this, I hope it is fun!!
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